2014 Pirate Smurfs

2014 Pirate Smurfs

The theme for the 2014 Smurfs is Pirate Smurfs! Arrrgghh!! There are 8 new models for 2014. A great set of new Smurfs for 2014! All the Smurf are beautifully crafted and all hand painted. The Pirate Smurf figures for 2014 are:

20760 Papa Captain  РSpies the treasure map to seek out his loot
20761 Pirate Smurfette – Even girls could be pirates!
20762 Pirate Smurf – With his cutlass always at hand
20763 Ship’s Boy Smurf – Someone is needed to scrub the decks
20764 Cook Smurf – After a hard days pirating the chef cooks up a hearty meal.
20765 Look-Out Smurf – Always on the look out for others at sea.
20766 Treasure Smurf – Sitting on a huge pirate treasure of gold coins
20767 Free-Booter Smurf – Quick with a cutlass and a musket

Toy Dreamer has the full range of 2014 Pirate Smurfs in store!2014 Pirate Smurfs

 Interestingly enough, these would have to be some of the meanest smurfs to date, carrying swords, guns and a meat cleaver! Still very cute though.


Pirate Smurfs If you are into pirates, also of interest might be the Pirate Smurf 20104. There are two versions of this smurf, the normal pirate smurf and the rarer one with a yellow belt.




Pirate SmurfsThis the special painting pirate smurf. It is different from the regular smurf as it’s belt is painted all yellow with a black buckle. The regular smurf has a red buckle.




There is an episode in the Smurfs Cartoon series called Marco Smurf and the Pepper Pirates

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