Advent Calendar – Day 25 – Merry Xmas

Merry Christmas

Christmas Smurf

There are many Christmas Smurfs in the Smurf world of figures, but the actual first to be released was Papa Christmas Smurf, Smurf number 20124. This figure shows Papa Smurf dressed up as Santa Claus with a sack over one shoulder with a horn and a doll poking out of the top of the sack.

Christmas SmurfThere are two versions of this Smurf available for collecting. The major difference is the colour of the horn poking out of the top of the sack on Papa Christmas’ back. The more common version has the horn painted yellow, but the rarer version of the two has the horn painted all white.




A never made Christmas Smurf

This is one of the most expensive smurfs, “never” made. The smurf was featured in the 1985 catalogue, but never went into production. The only figures available for it must be the prototypes and these are probably limited to just a handful. Good luck finding this one!


What makes a Smurf Cry – Crying Smurf

Crying Smurf

Ever wondered what could possibly make a smurf cry? Gargamel and Azrael are one thing, but there are not are not a lot of other things as Smurfs are such happy little fellows. Smurf number 20018 is crying Smurf and was first released in 1972. He was made from 1972 -1974 and then again in 1977 -1984.

crying smurf

20018 crying smurfThe main release version of 20018 Crying Smurf shows the Smurf holding a yellow hanky and wiping away a tear from one eye, whilst a white tear rolls down the other cheek. This is the most common version, but is still quite a hard Smurf to find for your collection as often the hanky was damaged on these old models and broken in some way.




Smurf Crying 20018The variation of 20018 Crying Smurf shows the Smurf figure holding a white hanky. This is the rarer variation of the two figures and worth approximately 75% more than the yellow hanky Smurf.




There is an episode in the Smurfs series entitled Crying Smurfs which is all about crying smurfs. Many Smurfs have a cry in the episode… and even Gargamel has cry.

Quotes –

Gargamel: [Crying] Believe it or not, no one respect me. Not my fellow wizards, not my mommy, not even Azrael. [Cries out in tears]

Azrael: [Meowing in confusion]

Weepy Smurf: Ah you poor wizard you…


But things all finished far more happier!

Excuse me waiter

Here comes the waiter with my drink…….

Like a lot of smurfs released this one is based on an occupation rather than a character from a story. Carrying a drink on his tray in his right hand and a white servette in his left hand.

The red cup on silver tray was first released in 1983 through to 1985. It was later released with a CE marking in 1991 through to 1993. It has the markings W.Germany Schleich S (c) Peyo 1983

sm20162s The version with the red cup on a silver tray is harder to find. sm20162

The white cup on brown tray was released in the USA in 1983 and 1984. This colour version white cup on brown tray was never made in Europe. The markings are Hong Kong W Berrie &Co Schleich S (c) Peyo 1983. The Schleich reference number is 20162.

Brainy Smurf

Probably one of the most recognised smurfs is Brainy Smurf. There are three genuine colour versions black, red and yellow. Brainy has the Schleich reference number of 20006.

Brainy Smurf was first released in 1969 with black glasses with the markings Schleich emblem under the foot and Peyo (c) on the arm.


Brainy Smurf with yellow glasses was especially released in the UK between 1977 and 1984.  It can be found with the markings W.Germany Peyo (c) + mustard paint dot. This version is considered the hardest one to find out of three colour versions.

Most commonly found is the version with the red glasses. This version was produced in West Germany, Portugal and Hong Kong.


Advent Calendar – Day 17

Cake Smurf is Smurf number 20100. It was first released in 1977 and was made all the way through till 1992. The figure was made in Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, West Germany and China. The main release cake shows a red cake with white icing and some coloured lollies in the icing. There are many variations of the figure, with different colour lollies in the icing and even one version of a yellow cake on a red plate.


Cake Smurf 20100


Cake Smurf 20100The main variation of Cake Smurf 20100, is the Smurf carrying an orange cake.

It’s party time with Disco Smurfette

Everybody loves a good party especially Disco Smurfette!

Disco Smurfette was first produced in 1997 and was only available until 2000. With this release Disco Smurfette wears white underwear.

Disco 20445

Later in around 2010 a new version with green underwear was discovered as a bonus figurine, when you purchased either a Dutch Schlumpf magazine in Holland or a DVD of the cartoon series in Australia.  The Schleich reference number is 20445

Advent Calendar – Day 15

Smurf Quiz Questions.

So you think you know a whole lot of stuff about Smurfs? We’ve got some simple questions to test your Smurfy knowledge. Answers are in small print at the bottom of the page. If you enjoy this quiz, there are lots more on this Smurf Quiz Page.

1. What colour are Smurfs?

2. Who Created the Smurfs?

3. What year were the Smurfs created in?

4. What is the name of the Smurf in red with a white beard?

5. What is the name of the main enemy of the Smurfs?

6. What is the charming (annoying?) two letter phrase that Smurfs keep on singing all day long?

7. What is the name of the girl Smurf?

8. How tall are Smurfs?

9. What is the name of the Smurf who is always complaining?

10. What do Smurfs love to eat?


Smurf Quiz


1 Blue 2. Peyo 3. 1958 4. Papa Smurf 5. Gargamel 6. La, la, la… 7. Smurfette 8. 3 Apples high 9. Grouchy 10. Smurfberries

Advent Calendar – Day 13

Mermaid Smurfette is Smurf number 20142. The figure was released in 1982 and in production all the was through to 1986. There are two main versions of Mermaid Smurfette, the more difficult to find version features Smurfette on a rock with a green tail as the waves lap against the rock she is sitting on.

Mermaid Smurfette


Mermaid SmurfetteThe main release version of the Smurf, features Mermaid Smurfette on a rock with a blue painted tail. This is less valuable than the Smurfette with the green tail, but both Smurfs are still hard to find items and a great addition to any collectors collection!

There are some other Mermaid Smurfette release items for collection, which include a Keyring and also a larger bath toy figure.


Trumpeter Smurf

Do you ever feel like blowing your own trumpet?

What makes Trumpeter an interesting smurf for collectors is that it displays the mould year 1974 on it where as in factual it was not released until 1978. The first version was produced with red pants and then this replaced with white pants. Trumpeter was available until 1986.  The colour of the trumpet can vary from yellow to mustard.





This version is also sometimes referred to as the Schleich Trumpeter (20047) as Bully also released a version  playing a trumpet (20072). It was made in both in West Germany and Hong Kong. sm20047