Who is that masked Smurf?

It’s Spy Smurf of course! Behind that silly black mask, wearing a red cape to hide his identity as he places his finger up to his mouth as if to say shhhh!

sm20008Spy Smurf was first produced by Schleich in 1966 and the figurine is based on a character from The Smurf Adventure –  The King Smurf. There are a large number of characters from this story that became figurines. So for the passionate collector you may want to find a copy of the story; its well worth a read.

Spy was produced from 1966 through to 1984 by Schleich and Bully. It was later released in 2011 as part of the 1960 Decade Box set. Spy’s number is 20008.

Spy was also one of the first smurfs introduced to Australia in 1979 by BP. There were originally ten released in the first release. These were generally made in Hong Kong.

If you look close enough at Spy you will see that they used spray paint for the eyes & mask. You may even find a Spy Smurf that looks like its cape is pink on the underside instead of white. This has always created debate amongst the die hard collectors; was it intentional or was a bad batch of paint.

I will let you decide…….


Keep on Smurfin

Kath B