Who are the Smurflings!

Snappy, Slouchy, Sassette and Nat are affectionally known as The Smurflings. Snappy, Slouchy and Nat used to be regular smurfs, then one day they became trapped in Father Time’s backward running grandfather clock and became Smurflings. Sassette was then created by the Smurflings, so Smurfette could have a friend.

The four Smurflings are:

Snappy wears a yellow tee-shirt with a storm cloud on it. Snappy has both arms raised with his fists clinched, he appears to be one very angry. Schleich gave this reference number 20401

Slouchy wears a loose fitting red shirt and slouched hat. Slouchy appears fairly laid back. Schleich gave this reference number 20402.

Nat is short for natural, who loves the outdoors and cares for the wildlife. Nat wears brown overalls and a straw hat. Schleich gave this reference number 20403.

Sassette wears her hair in piggy tails and is seen in pink overalls. Was considered a tomboy like character in the cartoon series. Schleich gave this reference number 20404.

The four Smurflings were first released by Schleich in 1987 along with Puppy. These were all available right through to 2000.

In 1990 Applause which was a division of Wallace Berrie produced their own version of the Smurflings. Though it appears the same mould was used, small differences can be found with the paint colours they used especially with Sassette.

Sassette is probably the most interesting one for those of you who like to collect variations. Sassette can be found with bright red hair and freckles, dark red hair with or without freckles and light orange hair & no freckles. The version with the bright red hair is considered extremely rare by most collectors.

Snappy can also be found with two different versions; one with the storm cloud painted onto the shirt and one with an outline of the storm cloud visible.

Both Slouchy and Nat only have slight variances from dull to shiny paint colours used.

In 1995 Schleich released Slouchy with a surprise cone (Schleich reference 20434) and Sassette with a surprise cone (Schleich reference 20435.  Both of these were sold by Schleich up until 2001. Though these were only released Schleich as by 1995 Applause were no longer producing smurfs.

It is a little unclear if the Smurflings were originally created just for the American cartoon series back in the 1980’s or as a comic. Though since then cartoon books can be found with stories about the Smurflings.

One of the cartoon smurfs episodes to feature smurflings was Papa’s Day Off / The Smurflings

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Gargamel: The villain that never wins

What makes someone so desperate to capture a smurf? So desperate in fact that no matter how many times they fail, they become even more determined. No – I am not talking about a die hard collector, that’s another story for some other time.  I am referring to the evil wizard Gargamel and his flea bitten cat Azrael.

Gargamel was introduced in a smurf comic written in 1959 called “Le Voleur des Schtroumpfs” which loosely translates as The Smurfnapper. The first time Gargamel sees a smurf is at wizard school, upon where he captures Brainy Smurf. Gargamel releases that a boiled smurf is the missing ingredient to his potion that turns a base metal into gold.

Luckily Papa Smurf saves the day by saving Brainy Smurf. However from then on Gargamel has always sworn to capture the smurfs. Through Gargamel’s own incompetence the smurfs always find a way to escape.

sm20232aWhen Bully first made their version of Gargamel, it was given the German name of Gurgelhals. Bully sold this between 1976 to 1979 and was never sold by Schleich.  This version is highly regarded by collectors and can be hard to find in mint condition.

Around 1982, Schleich changed its name to Gargamel. This may have  been to coincide with the cartoon series being shown in the USA at around this time.

It was also around this time that Wallace Berrie sold Gargamel & Azrael as a Supersmurf (40211). Like a lot of smurfs of this time, there are different marking variations to be found. Wallace Berrie sold Gargamel & Azrael between 1982 to 1985. This Supersmurf was also sold in Europe.

sm20232pinkOver the years Schleich has released a number of different Gargamel & Azrael figurines. This has included individual figurines, Supersmurfs and also playsets. For collectors who seek playsets, the Gargamel Castle is considered a must!

Here I have included some information about the Gargamel and Azrael figurines that have been released by Schleich.

Gargamel with net, #20181 released in 1984 to 1986/1990 to 1991. There are two versions to be found, one with yellow net & rod and one with a yellow net & brown rod.

Gargamel with lab glasses, ref#20232 released in 1992 until 1999. Gargamel is pouring a pink lab glass into a purple lab glass.

sm20411Gargamel with arms raised up, ref#20418 released in 1993 until 2014.

Gargamel with hands on hips, ref#20425 released in 1994 until 2000.

Party Gargamel, ref#20702 released in 2008 until 2011. This was part of 50th anniversary themed smurfs released in 2008.

Azrael ref#20411 released in 1993 until 2014. The early versions can be found with blue on the end of Azrael’s nose. These early versions can be found with a notch in Azrael’s ear.

Azrael sitting ref#20439 released in 1996 to 2000. This can sometimes also be referred as Frightened Azrael .

sm20703To go with Party Gargamel, there is also a Party Azrael ref#20703 released in 2008 to 2011.

Gargamel & Azrael, ref#20759 released in 2013 as part of The Smurfs 2 movie release. This is a two part mould.

The other interesting thing is that Schleich has also released two smurfs mimicking Gargamel.

The first is Gargamel Mask ref#20199 upon where we find a smurf wearing a Gargamel mask. This was originally released by Wallace Berrie as part of a Halloween special in 1985.

super40247The second is Jokey with a Gargamel head in a box ref#40247. Jokey carries a yellow box that when it opens Gargamel’s head pops out! This Supersmurf is extremely hard to find especially still with its original box and in mint condition.

Whenever I ask my husband why some task has not been done, he just blames Gargamel.



Gargamel’s theme music from the cartoon series

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Top of the Black Forest – that’s Schonwald

Between September 1998 and September 2009 the Schonwald Tourist Board released their own promotion smurf on a pedestal (sockel).

The Schonwald Smurf advertises a resort in the Black Forest in south west Germany. All Schonwald Smurfs stand on a blue triangle base that reads, “Schönwald – Top of Black Forest” and were released in limited numbers.

So what makes this promotion interesting is that it is understood that the Schonwald Tourist Board became disillusioned with that many of their smurfs would be purchased and then resold at a higher price. Perhaps the other reason was that they were concerned that people may try to sell fake copies of their smurfs.
There are two editions of Schonwald Smurfs, with the difference being with the fir tree in the lettering on the label. In the first edition, the fir tree is white and in the second edition the fir tree is green.

Here are the details of all the Schonwald Smurfs issued over the years, including the dates and how many were actually released.

greet20469Edition 1:

  1. St Patricks Smurf (20176) – September 1998, 180 pieces
  2. Snowboard Smurf (20452) – November 1998, 25o pieces
  3. Snowboard Smurfette (20453) – November 1998, 250 pieces
  4. Signboard Smurf (20459) – April 1999, 800 pieces
  5. Tourist Smurf (20455) – July 1999, 400 pieces
  6. Santa Smurf (20124) – December 1999, 500 pieces
  7. Golf Smurf (20460) – July 2000, 400 pieces
  8. Chimney Sweep Smurf (20467) – December 2000, 400 pieces
  9. Umbrella Smurf (20118) – July 2001,  500 pieces
  10. Bouquet Smurf (20469) – February 2002, 500 pieces

The Signboard Smurf also included an autograph of Christof Duffer who was a famous German ski jumper.

greet20547Edition 2:

  1. Tenor Horn Smurf (20482) – July 2002, 600 pieces
  2. Gift & Flowers Smurf (20040) – December 2002, 800 pieces
  3. New Hiker Smurf (20473) – March 2004, 600 pieces
  4. Workaholic Smurf (20522) – June 2005, 600 pieces
  5. Witch Smurfette (20547) – April 2006, 600 pieces
  6. Devil Smurf (20213) – February 2007, 600 pieces
  7. Angel Smurf (20214) – November 2007, 500 pieces
  8. Champagne Smurf (20708) – March 2008, 500 pieces
  9. Papa Smurf in tails (20706) – September 2009, 600 pieces

Unfortunately,  the Papa Smurf in tails, was the last Schonwald Smurf  released from the Top of the Black Forest. Let’s hope one day they decide to release more!

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