Smurfs going into retirement in 2015

Every year Schleich introduces a new range of smurfs for us to enjoy. The flip side to this is that every year Schleich retires a number of smurfs from their production. 2015 is no exception to this, however this year it will be a large number of smurfs going into retirement.

By the end of 2015 there will be 29 smurfs going into retirement. This is made up of 22 regular smurfs and 7 Super smurfs.  This number far exceeds 2014 where only 4 smurfs went into retirement. So why so many?

Though these smurfs will no longer be made after 2015, the good thing is that you will still be able to find them without any trouble.

Regular Smurfs:

Smurfette with Baby20192 Smurfette with Baby

First  released: 1985




Baby Smurf with Teddy Bear20205 Baby Smurf with Teddy

First released: 1985





20421 Smurfette with flower

First released: 1993




sm2044920449 Lead Guitar

First released: 1998





20466 Scuba Diver

First released: 2000





20469 Bouquet

First released: 2001





20533 Classic Papa Smurf

First released: 2005





20534 Classic Smurfette

First released: 2005





20536 Classic Brainy

First released: 2005





20708 Champagne Bottle

First released: 2008





20729 Papa Smurf with Bag

First released: 2011





20730 Clumsy

First released: 2011





20731 Dreamy Smurfette

First released: 2011





20732 Gusty

First released: 2011





20733 Grouchy

First released: 2011





20734 Brainy with book

First released: 2011





20754 Papa Smurf

First released: 2013





20755 Dreamy Smurfette

First released: 2013





20756 Vanity

First released: 2013





20757 Vexy

First released: 2013





20758 Hackus

First released: 2013





20759 Gargamel & Azrael

First Released: 2013




Super Smurfs:



40226 Smurf in hammock

First released: 1985





40240 Smurf in bed

First released: 1984




40252 BMX Bike

First released: 1999






super4026140261 Smurf on Holidays

First released: 2001






40263 Smurf with Laptop

First released: 2001






40264 Wild in Leaf Car

First released: 2001





40265 Smurfette in Mushroom car

First released: 2001



The other good thing is that Schleich have now officially announced 2016 smurfs on their website

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Kath B

Gold Cord Smurf Christmas Set!

Like any special smurf releases, the Gold Cord Smurf Christmas Set is highly collectible and sought after by many collectors, including myself.

The Gold Cord Smurf Christmas Set is made up of twelve smurfs, with each one having their own unique reference number. I do not believe the set was never sold as a complete set, only as individual smurfs.

sm51910Each smurf has a metal loop attached to them upon where the gold cord is tied through. If you like to collect smurfs based on their markings, the Gold Cord Smurf Christmas set of smurfs all have the marking: Made in Portugal Schleich S Peyo (c) 1981. I do not think any of these included a mustard paint dot.

However it is possible to find any of these smurfs without a metal loop. It is also not unusual to find variances of where the metal loop is attached to the smurf. This is handy to know if you like to collect different marking variations.

Around the same time, some of the Christmas Smurfs were made out of Hong Kong. This is where you need to be careful as some of these are considered fake.

The complete set of the Gold Cord Christmas Smurfs include:

5.1901 Smurf with Christmas tree
5.1902 Smurf with present
5.1903 Papa Smurf with toy sack
5.1904 Smurf with toy sack
5.1905 Christmas Carols Smurf
5.1906 Christmas wreath
5.1907 Smurf riding candy cane
5.1908 Smurf with drum
5.1909 Christmas Carols Smurfette
5.1910 Praying Smurf
5.1911 Praying Smurfette
5.1912 Smurfette with candy cane


As these smurfs were released as a special set, it is unlikely you will see them in any Wallace Berrie catalogues. This was quite common for any special or seasonal releases by Wallace Berrie. Though by looking at collector’s websites it seems that they were sold in the USA between 1982 to 1985.

For some reason in the Maia & Borges catalogue from 1985 display the smurfs that make up the Gold Cord Christmas Smurfs though none of these shown in the catalogue have a metal loop attached to them. The other really odd thing is that Maia & Borges have given them their own reference numbers these include:

20801 Papa Smurf with toy sack
20802 Smurf with toy sack
20803 Smurf with Christmas tree
20804 Smurf with present
20805 Christmas wreath
20806 Christmas Carols Smurf
20807 Smurf riding candy cane
20808 Smurf with drum
20809 Christmas Carols Smurfette
20810 Smurfette with candy cane
20813 Praying Smurfette
20814 Praying Smurf

sm51907Maia & Borges also included some other Christmas themed smurfs and once again used their own reference numbers.

20811 Christmas Smurfette (Schleich ref# 20200)
20812 Christmas with Lantern (Schleich ref# 20201)
20815 Christmas Smurfette (Schleich ref# 20208)

So this year if you are looking for something smurfy to hang up on your Christmas tree or to decorate your house, why not try the Gold Cord Christmas Smurfs.

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Kath B

A Smurfy Christmas for Everyone

Back in 1981 BP Australia was selling a variety of smurfs in their service stations for Christmas. Regular smurfs for 99 cents, Super Smurfs for $1.75, Greeting Smurfs (sockels or smurfs-a-grams) for $1.99, Playsets for $3.99, Mushroom houses – small $3.99 and large $12.85. Unbelievable but true!

sm20135 I recall receiving a Tennis Smurfette (Schleich Ref# 20135) at around this time. The Tennis Smurfette stands on a white base holding a red tennis racquet while wearing a white tennis dress with matching white tennis shoes. I have no idea what happened to her more than likely I buried her in the sandpit I used to play in.

If you were lucky enough you may have received the Fireman or Photographer Super Smurfs. The Fireman was the version sold with a red hat and a yellow jacket (Schleich ref# 20416). It is not unusual to find the Photographer (Schleich ref# 40217) today without the camera. Like a lot of Super Smurfs many people are unaware that the Photographer came with a camera.

greet20040aGreeting Smurfs were advertised as “Smurfy greetings for any occasion”. These included at least eight different ones available. For example Flower & Gifts smurf on an orange triangle stand with the saying “I love you” written in a cursive writing style.

A selection of eight different Playsets were also on offer. One of the most popular ones was the Snail Carriage. Even though the playsets did not include any actual smurfs, the Snail Carriage became a popular choice as it could be used as a way to transport your smurfs.

The choice of two different sized mushroom houses also was popular choice. Sadly now many of these small houses that you see for sale today do not include the yellow butterfly that was attached to the roof. The detachable dull dark yellow butterflies is a great way to identify the age of the mushroom house.

All of these items sold by BP Australia were all made by Schleich and came from Hong Kong. BP Australia did not just sell Schleich made figurines, they sold an unlimited supply of smurf merchandise.

Last year by chance, I saw smurf figurines for sale in a BP Service Station in Woodend, which is approximately 60kms out of Melbourne. Just the sight of seeing them for sale, brought back nostagic memories.

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Kath B