Torchbearer Smurf

With 2016 being an Olympic year, I thought I would like to share some information on Torchbearer Smurf with you. (Ref #20030) The Torchbearer Smurf is an interesting smurf as not only are there two different mould variations to be found but also two different emblems to be found on the singlet. Then there is the discussion on whether or not that Torchbearer Smurf is a Promotional Smurf.

sm20030teleThe Smurfs were the mascots for 1980 Belgium Olympic Ski Team. This version of Torchbearer Smurf was referred to as the Olympic Smurf, wearing white shorts and a white singlet with the Belgium lion emblem on it. The mould used has a narrow face.

It was also called Olympic Smurf in the Schleich catalogues from 1979 through to 1982. Typically Promotional Smurfs are not displayed in Schleich catalogues or promotional posters, so in my opinion this is not a Promotional Smurf.

At some stage in 1978 Schleich produced a new mould for Torchbearer with a much wider face than the previous version. Also around this time, the shorts were changed from white to red.

sm20030btTo promote the Olympics in the UK, National Petrol also had a version of Torchbearer with the Union Jack on the front of the white singlet with red shorts. This was produced with the newer mould. If you are looking to add this version to your collection, don’t forget to check it has the mustard paint dot under it’s foot.

When Torchbearer was first made in Hong Kong, it was originally made with white shorts and singlet, with the wider face mould. It was then changed to red shorts. The version with white shorts is harder to find. Generally you will find 9 with red shorts to 1 with white shorts. Surprisedly Torchbearer was only sold in the USA for 2 years, 1980 & 1981.

As part of the 20th anniversary for the Smurfs in 1985, Torchbearer was part of this special Jubilee series representing the year 1978. With this they used the version with red shorts. These are highly sought after especially if they are still in their blister packaging. I am still looking to add this to my collection.

We last saw the Torchbearer Smurf in the 1997  Schleich catalogue.

For those of you who have very little interest in watching the Olympics, you may find solace in The Olympic Smurfs first published in 1979.

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Celebrating Yoga Smurf

Brussels and Yoga Smurf have come together to promote the International Day of Yoga organised by the Embassy of India. Celebrations in the form of mass yoga sessions will be happening around the world. 21st of June was designated the International Day of Yoga by the United Nations General Assembly in December 2014.

One mass yoga session caught my attention more than any other. In Brussels as part of their celebrations a commemorative t-shirt featuring Yoga Smurf will be sold to raise funds for UNICEF.

sm20423The Yoga Smurf figurine was first produced in 1993 by Schleich (Ref #20423). Sitting in the lotus position with his legs crossed with his arms out to the sides. Yoga Smurf is wearing his customary white pants and hat. Yoga Smurf was only available until 1996.

All of the Yoga smurfs share the same marking Made in China Schleich S Germany (c) 93 Peyo CE. But the early ones that were made, had a marking that was barely visible. The later Yoga Smurf version that was produced had a bolder marking. I do not believe it was never produced with a black paint dot. (painted in Portugal or Tunisia)

In 1998 Schleich released the Mushroom Playset ( Ref #40622) that also included Yoga Smurf. This new playset combined two old playsets; Mushroom Playset (old number 4) and Snail & Cart Playset (old number 8). This was the last time we saw Yoga Smurf produced by Schleich.

I wonder with the increase of people participating in yoga and with things like International Day of Yoga, if we will see the return of the Yoga Smurf figurine by Schleich. I hope so as he has such a relaxing, soothing and calming influence on anyone who sees him.

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Bodybuilder Smurf – like no other

There is no other smurf like Bodybuilder Smurf, flexing it’s muscles in a bodybuilder pose, wearing tiny bathers. This smurf not only catches people’s eyes but has also creates a lot of talk.

sm20417The Bodybuilder Smurf was first created as a promotional smurf keyring for the bodybuilding clubs in Europe around 1988. Posing in a bodybuilder position, wearing red bathers with the words Sport and Fitness written in black writing on it’s white hat. Bodybuilder is also a blue injected mould with painted white hat.

In the beginning Bodybuilder was given the Schleich reference of #20228. Shortly after this Bodybuilder Smurf was pulled from production as supposedly Peyo did not approve of this smurf. Apparently only 5000 of the original Bodybuilder were produced.

In 1989 four new figurines were released by Schleich. This included #20229 Foreman, #20230 Wild, #20231 Hula Smurfette and #20228 Fitness. Fitness Smurf had replaced Bodybuilder!

Fitness Smurf can be found wearing red bathers and be found doing his stretches by pulling on his spring chest expander.

What is interesting to see is the similarities between Bodybuilder and Fitness! Both were blue injected moulds with white painted hats, wearing red bathers. It is also not usual for collectors to get these two smurfs confused with each other.

sm20228It wasn’t until after Peyo’s death in 1992, that Bodybuilder was reproduced by Schleich and given a new reference number of #20417. This time Bodybuilder was wearing gold bathers.

Bodybuilder was produced by Schleich between 1993 to 1996. As far as I am aware during this period it was only sold as a regular smurf and not used as a promotional smurf.

It is unclear why Peyo did not like Bodybuilder and requested Schleich to pull it from production. Perhaps he felt it did not fit the right requirements for a smurf. However it’s also as interesting that after Peyo’s death that Schleich reproduced Bodybuilder.

There has been no other smurf produced like Bodybuilder and perhaps there never will be. This is probably a good thing as the last thing we want is for a smurf to look something like teenage mutant ninja turtle!

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Winter Smurfs

sm20453I am always looking of ways to display my smurfs, so with Winter now upon us I have decided to display all my Winter themed smurfs together. Winter is excellent excuse to spend those cold, wet, wintery days rearranging smurfs or searching for those elusive smurfs. It may even include rediscovery your own smurf collection stored away in a forgotten box.

Right from the beginning, there has been a number of smurfs made with a Winter theme. It wasn’t until I started to arrange my display that I found that each one had unique story behind it’s making.

sm20091Shiver was the first one I initially thought of, being wrapped up in a comfy scarf to stay warm. Shiver was first produced in 1969 and can be found with a yellow or red scarf. Shiver was last made in 1987, though can still be easily found. (Ref #20004)

To complement Shiver, I went in search for my Skier Smurf. Skier Smurf was originally made by Bully in 1976, wearing a yellow scarf and red ski’s. Like a lot of other Bully Smurfs there is a touch of cheekiness about Skier that makes it simply adorable. (Ref #20091)

The first Super Smurf made by Schleich back in 1978 was Bobsled. The smurf lies on his yellow toboggan while holding for his dear life, with his scarf wrapped around his neck. This was made with both an orange/red and yellow scarf. The yellow scarf version is considered rare by most collectors as it is harder to find. (Ref# 40201)

super40201Also in 1978 Schleich produced their Skier Smurf. This Skier Smurf was more based on cross country skiing compared to the Bully one which looks like a downhill skier. Both Bobsled and Skier were produced until 1993. (Ref #40205)

In 1998 two snowboarding smurfs were produced. This was an honour of the Winter Olympic Games in 1998 in Nagano, Japan and the debut of snowboarding at the games. Snowboarder Smurf was produced from 1998 to 2006 and can be still be easily found today. Snowboarder Smurfette was only produced from 1998 to 2002 which makes it highly collectible.  (Ref# 20452 & 20453)


So if you are needing excuse to add to your Smurf collection this Winter, just blame it on the weather!

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