Smurfs retiring at the end of 2017

This week I had the opportunity to get a sneak of the 2018 January to June Schleich catalogue. I already knew about new football themed smurfs  due to be released in January 2018 but what I find more interesting is what smurfs will be no longer made by Schleich. Sadly the Jungle themed smurfs will be retired at the end of 2017.  

The Jungle themed smurfs were first released by Schleich in 2016 to mixed reviews by collectors.  Here are some observations and my thoughts on the Jungle themed smurfs. 

#20776 Jungle Smurfette

It was disappointing to see the approach Schleich had with Jungle Smurfette as ” what should a woman do in the jungle if not putting on make-up”. 
For those who love to find paint or marking errors, Jungle Smurfette can be found with a couple of marking errors. On cavity number instead of © Peyo on the back of hat is Pevo and on cavity number 2 instead Schw on the back of the hair it displays Scnw.  

#20777 Jungle Papa Smurf
I must confess I am a little disappointed with this Papa Smurf as I would have liked to see something that looks new. Sadly this Papa Smurf looked like #20760 Captain Smurf and #20769 Manager. 

#20778 Jungle Brainy
If it wasn’t for Jungle Brainy wearing his black glasses I would have thought this to be Vanity Smurf with what looks like a mirror in his hand. I think it was meant to be a magnifying glass!

#20779 Jungle Tired Smurf
I always thought this one reminded me of New Hiker but with a jungle theme. Perhaps it was the sweat on the cheeks. 

#20780 Jungle Explorer
With this smurf, the suitcases are secured to the side of his shoes by a small notch. This was something that Schleich did when they re-released Miller Smurf as part of the Decade smurfs back in 2011.

#20781 Jungle Nature Watcher
This is probably my favourite one out of the Jungle themed smurfs. 

#20782 Jungle Adventurer
Where is his traditional white hat and trousers? 

#20783 Jungle Native
This smurf always looked like a cross between Angry Smurf (small mould) and Jungle Smurf. Some thought it looked a Swoof. 

I must confess I was little surprised that Schleich has decided to produce the Occasion themed smurfs for another year. As avid collector I found these smurfs a little disappointing. Bring on 2018 Football themed smurfs!

Keep on Smurfin

Kath B


Artist Smurf

Nothing beats a good clean up and this week we decided to give the site just that. So what better smurf to discuss than Artist Smurf. Artist Smurf can be found holding two paintbrushes and a paint palette in his right hand while holding a raised paint brush in his left hand. 

I recall when I was first collecting smurfs, I found Artist one of those confusing smurfs as it was also used as a Super Smurf; Artist with Easel #40239. It wasn’t until I started collecting smurfs based on their markings and flicking through old catalogues did it make more sense. For some of you this may not be a big deal but I like to know the origins of my smurfs that make up my collection. 

artist smurf

#20089 Artist Smurf – adding the final touches to his masterpiece

Artist Smurf was sold by Bully between 1976 to 1979 and then 1980 to 1984 by Schleich. In around 1979 Schleich won back the rights to produce all the smurf figurines. It is interesting to note though that Schleich did not change the Bully markings on the smurfs until late 1984. Possibly something in an agreement made between Bully and Schleich. With this in mind, Artist Smurf is typically found only with Bully markings. I have seen a picture of this Smurf with Schleich markings but this is considered very very rare. 

Artist Smurf was as never sold in the USA as a regular smurf but only as a Super Smurf, Artist with Easel between 1984 to 1986. After this time, these moulds were later sold in Europe with blocked out Hong Kong markings.  As a general rule you should never find Artist with Easel with Bully markings because Bully never made Super Smurfs. 

Artist Smurf or Painter Smurf?

It is not unusual for people to get the Artist and Painter Smurfs confused. Similar names and activities but the big difference is Painter Smurf is right handed and Artist is left handed. Of course the true artist of all the smurfs would have to be Peyo, creator of the blue little guys.

I would appreciate hearing your thoughts on Artist Smurf or any other  smurf that tickles your fancy

Keep on Smurfin

Kath B



Butterfly Catcher Super Smurf

Today, we find the Butterfly Catcher walking along with a butterfly in his net. What a way to spend your day catching butterflies. If only we could find the time to do such a thing. 

The Butterfly Catcher is wearing his customary white pants and hat. The butterfly net & stick and butterfly are made from a yellow plastic. The yellow plastic used can vary from a really light to a dark yellow shade. Sometimes the net can be found painted brown. The butterfly’s wings can be found painted with tinges of red or not at all. The butterfly’s eyes can be found painted in red, black or not at all. It is also quite common to find only one side of the butterfly’s eyes painted. Not sure why they did this!

The Butterfly Catcher was only sold by Schleich between 1979 to 1984 and was given the article 40209. The Butterfly Catcher was never sold in Australia or the USA. So I do not believe this Super Smurf was ever made in Hong Kong. Perhaps there was concern that it posed a safety risk with the net & stick being removable.

The differences you will find with this one is to do with the net and the butterfly. It appears little changed with the actual smurf. When looking around at other sites I have found at least four colour variations. 

1. Light brown net, unpainted eyes, red painted wings
2. Light brown net, butterfly with black eyes, wings unpainted
3. Dark brown net, butterfly with black eyes, red painted wings
4. Brown net, unpainted eyes on one side, red eyes on the other side, red painted wings

So far I have only come across three different marking variations. I have never really understood why they positioned the markings Schleich S © Peyo between it’s legs and the W.Germany under it’s right foot. Very strange!

1. W.Germany Schleich S © Peyo
2. W.Germany Schleich S © 79 Peyo
3. W.Germany Schleich S © 79 Peyo + mustard paint dot

Sometimes the Butterfly Catcher can get mixed up with Traveller #20088. The big difference between the two smurfs is that Butterfly Catcher holds his net in his left hand and has his mouth open. Traveller holds his stick in his right hand and has his mouth closed. 

Keep on Smurfin

Kath B


2018 Football Smurfs

What’s more exciting than finding out what new smurfs Schleich will be releasing in 2018? Some would say, the Australian Matilda’s Girls football Team beating USA, Japan and Brazil at the Tournament of Nations. For me, both are exciting as each other.

This week we heard about Schleich’s new releases for 2018 and I am excited. I am very curious to see what these 2018 Football Smurfs will look like. Will they be remakes of past smurf moulds or are we going to get completely new smurfs. I wonder if Brainy Smurf be the Coach or the Referee? Or do we see the return of Papa Smurf as Coach! What will Football Smurfette look like? Will she be wearing the Matilda’s colours. 

The 2018 Football Smurfs

#20804 – Football Smurf Coach
#20805 – Football Smurfette
#20806 – Football Smurf with Ball
#20807 – Football Smurf with Trophy
#20808 – Smurf Goaly
#20809 – Smurf Referee
#20810 – 30 2018 Football Smurfs

The 2018 Smurfs are available at for purchase.


This really should not be really surprising considering that Russia will be hosting 2018 FIFA World Cup. Schleich has had a long association with producing football themed smurfs, with the first one produced back in 1978. Bully also produced their own football themed smurf with Kicker. 

But then again Schleich might decide to release smurfs half way through the year like they did in 2016. Who would have thought that the Halloween Smurfs would be produced again. The Halloween Smurfs were first produced in 2006 and were only made until 2008. So it was quite surprise when these appeared out of no where. 

It is also unclear at this point of time if new versions of Gargamel and Azrael will be released. Maybe they will re-release Angry Gargamel (#20425) or Azrael (#40211) as both these were quite popular. 

No news what smurfs will be retired at the end of 2017. My guess is possibly the Lost Village themed smurfs, since the movie really didn’t up to expections. Only time will tell.

Keep on Smurfin

Kath B

P.S: Last night I was emailed this anonymously. 

2018 football smurfs

Still no pictures but at least we now have a date of when they will be released. We also know Papa Smurf will be the Trainer and not Brainy Smurf.