Christmas Smurfette which is which!

When it comes to giving Smurfs names that celebrate Christmas you kind of limited to what you call them. Perhaps this may explain why there are two Christmas Smurfette’s. A good thing for us collectors is that they don’t look like anything alike.

Christmas Smurfette – #2.0200

Wearing a long green gown with white shoes, while holding out a white parcel with a red bow around it. This Christmas Smurfette was first released in 1985 in both Europe and the USA.

After this it was only sold by Schleich in 1986 and 1990. There appears to be no changes made during this time and can only be found with the one marking – Made in Portugal Applause Schleich Div WB and Co Inc © 1984 Peyo. 

When Applause (formerly known as Wallace Berrie) sold Christmas Smurfette they paired this with Christmas Smurf with lantern #2.0201. This appears to be a common trend with how Wallace Berrie sold their seasonal special release Smurfs.

Christmas Smurfette – #2.0208

Out of the two Christmas Smurfettes this is probably my favourite. Wearing a short red coat with a white trim and hat with a stem of holy on the side while carrying a green box with a red ribbon wrapped it. The markings on this Smurfette are Made in Portugal W. Berrie Co Schleich S © 1982 Peyo. So its possible it was first released in 1983 or 1984 in the USA. Then later by Schleich in 1985, 1986 and 1990 like the other Christmas Smurfette.

When Applause (formerly known as Wallace Berrie) sold Christmas Smurfette they paired this with Christmas Smurf #2.0207. This appears to be a common trend with how Wallace Berrie sold their seasonal special release Smurfs.

A version of Christmas Smurfette was also sold by Joux Joux in Switzerland. Joux Joux makes potato chips and gives away a free miniature toy, a bit like what Kinder Surprise does. There are a total of ten Christmas themed Smurfs, Joux Joux released.

In France in 1985, both Christmas Smurfettes were sold as a Christmas decoration with eyelet and gold cord.  So there is no need for alarm if you end up finding one with a small slit in its head.

Whether you love Christmas or it’s not really your thing, both of these Smurfette’s are a nice addition to any collection because of the beautiful colours they both offer. 

Keep on Smurfin

Kath B

Santa Smurfette

Santa Smurfette is wearing a long red hooded coat with a white trim and white shoes. In her hands she is holding a rectangle green present with a red ribbon with a bow around it. Santa Smurfette was given the article number #20153 by Schleich. 

Santa Smurfette is unique as it was one of only a few Christmas Smurfs made out of Hong Kong. When it was released by Wallace Berrie in 1982 it was sold with Santa Smurf (#20124) as a seasonal pair. Santa Smurf was also made out of Hong Kong.

When Santa Smurfette was first sold by Schleich in 1983 it was also sold as a Christmas pair with Santa Smurf. In the 1983 Schleich catalogue they started to promote their seasonal Christmas Smurfs. The Christmas Smurfs were given the article number 20833 and their own special counter display box consisting of 36 Smurfs. 

By 1984 Schleich added two more Christmas themed Smurfs to their special seasonal Christmas Smurfs . This was Christmas Smurf (#20207) and Christmas Smurfette (#20208) 

Both Schleich and Wallace Berrie released other Christmas themed Smurfs that included a gold cord. Wallace Berrie released a beautiful display box that was in the shape of a Christmas tree that displayed the gold corded Smurfs hanging like baubles. 

It is unclear why Santa Smurfette was never included in this special release.  So from my understanding Santa Smurfette was never officially released with a gold cord. 

Joujoux Smurfs from Switzerland

However Santa Smurfette was included in a special release by Zweifel for their Joujoux potato chips in Switzerland. A bit like Kinder Surprise these Christmas themed Smurfs came as a surprise toy within your packet of chips. They are approximately 3 to 4cm high and are made out of a hard plastic. There was a total of ten released as part of the series.  

If you are ever looking for a Christmas themed Smurf, Santa Smurfette is worthy for consideration. Not only is it a very cute looking but the red colour of her winter coat means she stands out when displayed with other Smurfs. 

Keep on Smurfin

Kath B

Plumber Smurf

Plumber Smurf is wearing his customary white trousers and hat while carrying a silver wrench in his right hand and his red-brown toolbox in his left hand.

We first see Plumber in the 1984 Wallace Berrie catalogue. It appears only the tools in the back of his toolbox are painted silver. The paint used is more glossy than the Schleich made ones.

In the same year Plumber Smurf is sold by Schleich in Europe with the article number 20187.  The same mould appears to have been used by both Wallace Berrie and Schleich. Schleich produced Plumber Smurf from 1984 to 1989 and then again in 1999 and 2000.

In the beginning when Schleich made Plumber Smurf it was made out West Germany and Portugal. The version made out of West Germany I believe is the only one where all the tools in the box are painted silver. Also typically the Portugal version is painted with more dull paint colours.

When the Plumber Smurf was re-released in 1999, Smurfs were painted a brighter blue colour. By this stage Schleich only produced Plumber Smurf out of Germany.

Not to be confused with Handy Smurf

It is easy to be confused when collecting Smurfs. Sadly but not surprising people use different names when referring to particular Smurfs. A good example of this is referring to Handy Smurf as Plumber Smurf and vice versa. This may have something to do with Wallace Berrie as when they released Plumber Smurf they referred to it as Handy Plumber.

Handy can be found wearing his grey overalls , while carrying his brown toolbox with a white handle in one hand and a grey hammer in the other. He also has a yellow ruler tucked under the arm and an orange pencil tucked behind his left ear.

Plumber Smurf may not be the most colourful or exciting Smurf available but it is still a nice addition to any collection. I like it because of the many marking variations that can be found.

Keep Smurfin

Kath B