History Smurfs markings

I know what you are thinking does anyone really care about a Smurfs markings. But if you are like me the answer is yes. The History Smurfs were a series of six smurfs all based on historical explorers/inventors of the United States of America. These included the following: 

#20501 Paul Revere

#20502 Benjamin Franklin

#20503 Christopher Columbus

#20504 Thomas Edison

#20505 George Washington

#20506 Abraham Lincoln

Hong Kong marking

The History Smurfs were first sold in the USA in 1985 and were one of the last Smurfs made out of Hong Kong. When they were sold they also included a small leaflet detailing each one. This leaflet was titled – The Untold Story of HISTORY according to the Smurfs – Volume 1. 

One of the odd things is that they never included a Wallace Berrie or Applause marking. By 1986 they stopped using the Hong Kong marked ones and started to mark them Macau. 

Macau marking blocked out Hong Kong

In 1986, the History Smurfs were also sold in Europe. These ones were made out of Macau. If you look close enough under the feet where the markings are located, you will possibly see where the Hong Kong marking has been blocked out. This was not the first time for markings to be blocked out and replaced with something else. 

When the History series were released Schleich also produced a postcard explaining a bit about each historical Smurf. This was written in German. I don’t think it was ever produced in English. 

New Macau markings

At some stage possibly at the end of 1986 they started to mark the History with new, cleaner Macau markings. Some say that the Hong Kong made ones are harder to find as they were only sold for one year whereas the Macau made ones were sold for two years.

In my opinion you should never feel ashamed to enquire about a Smurf’s markings. If it is something that you are passionate about it, just go for it!

Keep on Smurfin

Kath B

2020 Smurfs – wait and see!

It is difficult to write this blog about the 2020 Smurfs when I have no pictures to refer to, just their names but here goes. Don’t worry once we have pictures, I will add them to this blog. 

20818 Smurf with butterfly
20819 Smurf with good luck charm
20820 Smurf with tooth
20821 Smurf with Champagne bottle
20822 Smurf with medal
20823 Smurf with sign
20825 Gargamel* 
20826 Azrael

The odd thing is that this week I was given the article numbers by two different sources, one has 20824 listed as Gargamel and the other one has not used 20824 at all. Like I say without any pictures to refer to it is hard to know for sure.

Romanian Smurfs?

Now this brings me to my next point that has me intrigued is that I have been told these Smurfs have been made out of Romania. This is a first for Smurfs! However this isn’t all that surprising considering Schleich confirms on their website that they produce figurines out of Germany, Romania, Moldova, Tunisia and China. 

According to Schleich the 2020 Smurfs won’t be released until July. In the past Schleich would release new Smurfs in January/February of the new year. Some collectors are hoping that Schleich will showcase the new Smurfs at the International Toy Fair in Nuremberg starting on the 29 January 2020. 

Let’s just hope that these will be all new Smurfs and not remakes of past ones. Nothing beats a new Smurf to show off when displayed with some tired looking old Smurfs. 

If they were to remake any Smurfs for 2020, I would like to suggest this fake to be used as Smurf with Champagne Bottle! 

Keep on Smurfin

Kath B

Update: 9 February 2020

This picture was taken from Facebook of the 2020 Smurfs. It’s interesting to note that there is no Papa Smurf or Smurfette as part of this release. 

What are your thoughts?

Ballerina Smurfette

Ballerina Smurfette #20098 was the second Smurfette figurine that was first produced by Bully in 1978. After Bully lost the licence to produce Smurfs at the end of 1979, Schleich continued to produce Ballerina Smurfette from 1980 right through to 1992. It was then rereleased in 2011 as part of the 1970 to 1979 Decade Box Display set.

Ballerina Smurfette was also produced out of Hong Kong from 1981 to 1984. It was sold by both BP Australia and BP New Zealand and also Wallace Berrie for the USA. From my opinion it looks like the same mould was used by Schleich and Wallace Berrie.

Sold by Schleich

In 1980 Schleich won the rights for producing Smurfs back from its rival company Bully. It appears part of this agreement included not changing the markings on the Smurfs until around 1983/84. So it is highly likely if you have a Ballerina Smurfette with Bully markings it was actually sold by Schleich.

After 1984 Schleich started to produce Ballerina Smurfette with their own markings. After 1991 Schleich started to produce Smurfs that included a CE marking. This version of Ballerina Smurfette is considered extremely rare.

In 2011 when Ballerina Smurfette was included in the 1970 to 1979 Decade Display Box it appears they made the base thicker. This was probably stop it falling over like some of the early ones tended to do.

Made in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong marked Ballerina Smurfette can be found with very strong paint colours. You will also sometimes find that the markings can be very faint or bold under the base. 

In the beginning as it was produced for both BP and Wallace Berrie. So you will be able to find Ballerina with just Made in Hong Kong Schleich S © 1977 Peyo markings. After 1982 they started to add W. Berrie Co marking to the base. This is because BP stopped selling Smurfs. 


Shade variations of Smurfette’s hair will be found from dark yellow to pale yellow. Shade variations of the green base will also be found.  

More recently coloured variations have been found with Smurfette’s ballerina outfit and base. These are not genuine variations and some say they are a copy of the Spanish fakes that were made in 1980s.

Ballerina Smurfette was also used on triangle pedestals and podium with cards. So it’s hard to imagine how many Ballerina Smurfettes have been actually produced over the years. I guess if you are onto a good thing why stop.

Keep on Smurfin

Kath B

Windsurfer Super Smurf

Does anybody know how to get the Windsurfer Super Smurf to stand up? I can’t get them to do it unless I have them leaning against something. Even though I constantly have this battle with the Windsurfer, I just adore this one.

There are many different styles of stitches on the sail, a different size of the printed number or without printed number, harder and softer boards. There is so much to look for when looking to add the Windsurfer to your collection. Or then you have the different markings and paint dots to look out for!

Schleich version

The Windsurfer Super Smurf (#40215) was first produced by Schleich in 1980 and sold between 1980 until 1993. Both the figurine and board can be found with markings. The Schleich version was only produced out of Germany and was typically made out of blue pvc material. However, it is possible to find one with a mustard paint dot which indicates that it was painted in Portugal. These were typically sold to the UK. 

As the Windsurfer was produced after 1991 it is possible to find with a small CE marking on the figurine and board. 

Hong Kong version

The Windsurfer was also produced out of Hong Kong from 1981 to 1984. In the beginning it was sold by BP Australia, BP New Zealand and also Wallace Berrie for the US market. So the Windsurfer can be found with Hong Kong markings and also Hong Kong W. Berrie Co markings. The Hong Kong Windsurfer was only ever produced with a white pvc material. 

One thing that intrigues me about this Super Smurf what does the S71 on the sail represent? If someone out there know, please let me know as I am sure I am not the only one who has often asked this question. 

The Windsurfer Super Smurf is still considered very popular by most collectors. This is good news if you are looking to add this one to your collection as it means that it is not hard to find one complete and with its box. Amazing – as there aren’t many Super Smurfs that have this claim to flame. 

Keep on Smurfin

Kath B

Smurf in Cage

It’s 2020! Let’s get excited! Smurf in a Cage, #40212 is one of my favourite Super Smurfs but to be honest I know very little about it. I also find it one of the most frustrating ones to put together. Getting the top on before one of the bars pops out – very annoying. It also one of the few Super Smurfs that I have been able to collect without its corresponding box. 

The Smurf in Cage can be found wearing his customary white trousers and hat while the Smurf stands behind a square shaped cage with bars. The Smurf also has an anxious look on his face. This Super Smurf has also been referred to as Prisoner Smurf in Cage in some catalogues and posters.

Smurf in Cage was sold by Schleich from 1980 to 1986. I have two different Schleich versions, with only markings found on the Smurf figurine. 

  1. W.Germany on the inside of the left foot and © Peyo underneath the left foot. This one also has a small mustard paint dot under the right foot. This is painted with dull blue paint. 
  2. W.Germany Schleich S on the inside of the left foot and 1980 © Peyo on the inside of the right foot.  This is painted with a more shiny blue paint.

Smurf in Cage was also produced out of Hong Kong and sold in Australia by BP Australia and in America by Wallace Berrie. It was produced between 1981 to 1984. There are two Hong Kong versions that can be found. 

  1. The first version only has the markings on the Smurf figurine – Hong Kong Schleich S © 1980 Peyo. These markings can be found on the arms. 
  2. The second version has the markings on both the Smurf figurine and on the cage. The Smurf’s markings are Hong Kong Schleich S © 1980 Peyo and the cage’s markings are Hong Kong W. Berrie Co Schleich S © 1980 Peyo. 
Super Smurf Boxes

There are only four boxes that can be found with the Smurf in Cage. Like any Super Smurf that can be found with its original box it can be considered quite rare. The picture on the box with the Smurf in Cage with the ring attached to the cage, is considered extremely rare. I have seen this one in anyone’s collection. To be honest, it may not even exist!

  1. Front: Super Schlumpf. Back: Schtroumpfs a Schtroumpfs
  2. Front: Super Smurf Schlumpf. Back: Schtroumpfs a Schtroumpfs
  3. Super Smurf (UK box)
  4. Super Smurf!!


Je Collectionne Les Schtroumpfs magazine 

In 2006 the French magazine Je Collectionne Les Schtroumpfs also included a Smurf in Cage. This version was made in China and is painted in lovely matte paint colours.

For 2020 one of my Smurf resolutions is to find a Smurf in Cage with its box and if I am lucky in mint condition. Actually any Super Smurf with its corresponding box in mint condition. 

Keep on Smurfin

Kath B