Quack Smurf we need you

The world is far from business as usual right now. So what better Smurf to discuss than Quack first released by Bully and sold in 1974. It was supposedly the first Smurf made by Bully in 1973.

The Quack Smurf #20075 can be found wearing a black robe with a white muscot, a large black hat with a white hat-band. Quack holds up a white synringe in one hand while he has raised his other hand as if making a point. Many believe Quack is Brainy Smurf wearing black glasses.

When it was first produced it was only sold with a © Peyo marking on the arm. This was quite common for a number of Smurfs first made by Bully. It also has a thicker synringe compared to the other versions of Quack. Around 1976 Bully changed the markings to under the feet and this time they included a printed Bully marking – W.Germany Bully © Peyo.

Also with this Bully version you can find different size connections between their feet. Not a big deal for some collectors but for others it is another variation to be found.

After Bully lost the licence to manufacture Smurfs at the end of 1979 Schleich continued to produce Quack right up until 1986. However it was only between 1984 to 1986 that it could include the Schleich marking. It’s also possible to find Quack with a mustard, green or red paint dot.

Strange but true

Oddly enough Quack was never sold by Wallace Berrie in the USA. But there is a version of Quack with Hong Kong markings. This version is considered extremely rare. I don’t think it was ever sold in Australia but may have been sold in New Zealand.

Who is a Quack?

A quack is often considered a person who dishonestly pretends to have medical skills. Now why would a Smurf pretend to have these skills……

Keep on Smurfin

Kath B

Special 2000

At what point does a Smurf become vintage? Some say that an item should be at least 100 years old to be defined as an antique. If an item is no older than 100 years old but not less than 20 years it falls into the category of vintage. Others say anything 50 years or older is vintage. So does that make 2000 Millennium Smurf vintage?

Back in late 1999 Schleich released a special Smurf to coincide with the   new millenium. A Smurf happily riding on a red and yellow ‘rocking’ 2000. There were two different versions released, one measuring about 7cm in height and one 4cm in height. The smaller version was also a keyring.

At the time there was a lot of interest in both, especially since they were promoted as a limited edition of just 10,000 for worldwide distribution. There was also the thought that anything released especially for the year 2000 would become highly collectible. 

In my opinion, though both versions of the Millenium Smurf are not common like a Postman Smurf  they are also not all that rare. This may also have something to do with the fact that collectors do not think the year 2000 as vintage. Or perhaps the new generation of smurf collectors don’t give a hoot of something displaying the year 2000.  

My definition of a vintage Smurf, is one made before 1970 so to call the Millenium Smurf vintage is just wrong !!! Anybody who does this, really doesn’t appreciate Smurfs and their origin. 

Keep on Smurfin

Kath B

Hammer Smurf

If there’s one thing I have learnt from collecting Smurfs is don’t believe everything you are told. Just becuase someone tells you a Smurf is rare, doesn’t always mean it is. The Smurf they were referring to was Hammer #20083 first released by Bully in 1974.

Hammer is unique as it is one of the last Smurfs produced by Bully that can be found with no markings or only © Peyo marking. This version is also typically found with no eyebrows and are made out of a softer pvc material.  I have soft spot for these early Bully Smurfs!

In 1975 Bully used hand etched markings under the feet. I have one with this marking which has no eyebrows but though the pvc material is soft it’s different to the first version. 

In 1976 Bully changed the mould for Hammer, added eyebrows and changed the markings again. It also appears they changed the blue paint to a slightly darker blue.  

Hammer was also produced by Schleich between 1980 to 1986. There was even a version of Hammer made out of Sri Lanka. As there were only 23 Smurfs made out of Sri Lanka, this Hammer version is highly sought after by collectors. 

Promo Hammer Smurfs

For Hammer it was used as a promotional smurf by at least three different companies. Though be wary of buying promotional smurfs that only bare the printed mark. Sadly there are sellers out there who attempt to replicate the company’s name or logo. 

  1. Bree Tonix
  2. Betonix 
  3. Sparkassen
Waldbaur Hammer Smurf

The Waldbaur Smurfs always create much discussion amongst collectors. Waldbaur is a chocolate company from Germany. The promotion inluded some of their chcolate with a solid coloured Smurf in a special box. There were only six Smurfs included in this promotion. Hammer was made out of orange pvc material with black pupils and a white bead of sweat. 

With so many repainted Smurfs around at the moment, when looking for the Waldbaur Hammer keep in mind it is made out of soft orange pvc material and has no markings. 

Hammer might not have the glitz and glamour of other Smurfs but makes up for it with the expression on his face and the portal of wiping away the sweat from his brough. Cute and adorable is how I would explain Hammer not rare!

Keep on Smurfin

Kath B