2021 Smurfs revealed

Photos shared online this week has given us the first look at the 2021 Smurfs. Up until now all we knew was that there would be six new Smurfs with a classic theme. There has been a mixed response from those online which is not surprising.

So far Schleich has announced that the new Smurfs will be available from July 2021. Good news, online stores like Toydreamer will have them. Wow! http://toydreamer.com.au/search1.asp?searchword=2021+sm&toytype=searching

My thoughts

I am always aware that Smurfs in my collection were not created to be items of display that they have been for me. They were created for children to play with. Though it is disappointing to see Good Luck Smurf looks like Smurf with Sign #20823 from 2020, but I will be still keen to purchase them all. In short, I can’t wait to get my hands on them!

In conclusion, it really doesn’t matter what others think of the 2021 Smurfs but what do you think?

Keep on Smurfin
Kath B

Pointing Smurf – 20050

I never understood the point of this Smurf. No pun intended. Schleich sold Pointing Smurf from 1979 to 1986 and 1999 to 2000. Pointing Smurf just like Normal Smurf is rather ordinary. White trousers and hat while pointing at something in the distance. Perhaps the point of him was to remind people what Smurfs were. 

Like many toys, the Smurfs would mimic activities that we enjoyed so children could create make-belief stories. From soccer to singing to cooking and many others, the Smurfs portrayed our lives. Pointing Smurf was the exception to this rule, just like Normal Smurf was.

Oddly it was never sold by National Benzole in the UK or by BP in Australia and New Zealand. Perhaps there was no point selling him those countries because they knew what Smurfs were. 

Wallace Berrie version

In addition Wallace Berrie also sold Pointing Smurf for two years, made in Hong Kong. I cannot see any point of difference between Schleich and the Wallace Berrie versions. 

Between 1983 to 1985 an assortment of ten different Smurf magnets were sold by Wallace Berrie, including Pointing. The magnet was made out of plastic and looks like the Smurf has been cut in half. No doubt this was for the figurine to sit flat onto the surface, e.g fridge. Schleich used the half figurines but inserted a clip on the back instead.

Made in China Schleich S Germany © Peyo 79 CE

In 1999 they released a China-made version of Pointing Smurf, painted in a brighter blue. As a result, there is no need for me to point out the difference because it is obvious.

OMO Promotion

Lastly, a series of 16 mini blue figurines were produced for OMO washing powder company. Each one had Peyo 1983 embossed onto the back of their head.  It has not been verified if the figurines were included in a single box of washing powder. Another mystery to be solved. 

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Kath B

Favourite Smurfette?

Which is your favourite Smurfette? Mine would be Flirting Smurfette and Trendy Smurfette. In short a simple but good question to start the weekend.

The Smurfs would be very different without Smurfette. Just like any collection without Smurfette. Your choice may depend if you prefer classic or modern versions of Smurfette

Classic versions of Smurfette

First produced in 1971 by Schleich this petite version of Smurfette is as popular as ever. Not only with older but new collectors. On ther hand perhaps it has something to do with the many different variations of her high heeled shoes or the expression on her face, that people like to collect. 

Bully only produced two versions of Smurfette. Their first version of Smurfette in 1975 is known as Flirting Smurfette.  Smurfette is touching her long blonde with her right hand. Long eyelashes appear to be flirting.

Ballerina was the other Smurfette created by Bully in 1978.

Modern versions of Smurfette

Between 1980 to 2019 there was at least one Smurfette produced every year. Except for the years 1988 and 1991 when no new Smurfs were released. 

Close to 40 years, Smurfette portrayed many of her different attributes. These have often reflected popular hobbies of that time.  For example in 1980 Smurfette was roller skating. In 1990 Smurfette was hula dancing. And by 2012 out of the ten Olympic Smurfs, three of them were Smurfette. Relay Runner, Gymnast and Beach Volleyball.

One of my favourites is Trendy Smurfette sold between 2003 to 2006. For me, she displays self-confidence and looks more grown up.

Despite this in 2020 Schleich decided not to release a new Smurfette. However, they also didn’t release a new Papa Smurf either. Was this a missed opportunity by Schleich?

In other words it really doesn’t matter what I think is my favourite Smurfette. But what is your favourite Smurfette?

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Kath B

Sneak peak of the new 2021 Smurfs

Any idea on the new 2021 Smurfs? There will be six new Smurfs due out in July. Sorry, I can’t show you any pictures as there is an embargo. Reading a cryptic email like this at 6 am is never wise.

Part excited, part wanting a bit more information one knew one had to ask is there a theme for the new Smurfs. Half a day later, a response came: the new smurfs are classic themed. Have a guess?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Without a picture, I began to think of all the classic smurfs. The definition of classic-themed Smurfs is not an easy thing to define. In 2005 Schleich released eight Classic Smurfs. Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Grouchy, Brainy, Vanity, Jokey, Harmony and Baby. Was Schleich going to reproduce six of these again? If so, which ones would they select.

On the other hand, would the new Smurfs be a remake of the first eight Smurfs they released. Papa Smurf, Normal, Astro, Shiver, Gold, Brainy, Angry and Spy. Unlikely as this did not include Smurfette or Vanity.  

I grew up when Smurfs were sold by BP Australia in the early 1980’s. For me, classic themed Smurfs would be Smurfs that I first remember. These would include ones like Clown, Hiker, Chef, Roller Skater Smurfette and many more. Understandably we can’t do every Smurf that we all first remember.

Part of me is happy to hear we are going to release more classic themed Smurfs. I always thought the Indian and Halloween Smurfs were a strange theme. In my opinion they didn’t really look like Smurfs. I was also getting a tad tired of the football Smurfs, because the newer ones lacked character.

Most importantly do you have any ideas?

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Kath B