Inline Skater Smurfette

Collecting Smurfs can make you feel like a child again. Firstly you will look for any variations, whether it be colour, markings or paint dots. Secondly, especially if you have two of the same kind you will closely examine each one, taking notes of the tiniest differences.

Although by the 1990s these things become harder to find. But just like any canny collector I was determined to find differences with Inline Smurfette #20443. Made between 1997 to 2009 by Schleich.

Inline Smurfette wears a white hat with an orange bandana tied around the hat. Along with blue knee pads, orange shorts, light green shirt, orange and blue gloves. Wearing a pair of black and white rollerblades with silver blades.

Colour variations

Firstly, the orange paint used for the bandana and gloves was a lot darker. Sometimes, the blue paint can also vary but thisn’t as obvious as the orange paint. I have also noted differences with her eyes having eyelashes.

Marking variations

Not all sellers, tell or show a Smurf’s markings. Most likely this is because some collectors don’t care or that the markings are on different parts of the figurine. Traditionally the markings were under a Smurf’s feet which is effective and simple. This is no longer the case which can be annoying when wanting to know the markings.

The first marking was: © 96 Schleich S – located on the back of the shirt. Peyo Germany CE – located on the shorts.

Between 2005 to 2008 Schleich added Made in Germany to the inside of the right rollerblade. Lastly in 2009 Schleich added a date stamp to the figurine, next to the tail.

Paint Dots

In addition to the markings, Inline Smurfette can be found with a white or blue paint dot. Such as a white paint dot was used between 1997 to 1998 to indicate a new pvc material. Then between 2001 to 2004 a blue paint was used.

As a consequence of looking for any differences between my Smurfs, this has created much discussion amongst my friends. Trying to show a non collector the differences can be like hitting your head against a brick wall. If it wasn’t for these slight differences, I am not sure I would collect Smurfs.

Keep on Smurfin
Kath B

Chimney Sweep Super Smurf

We first see the Chimney Sweep Super Smurf #40202 in the 1980 Schleich catalogue. Carrying his tools, ladder and chimney brush while wearing grey pants, black jacket and a red handkerchief around his neck. However in actual fact Chimney Sweep with a yellow handkerchief was first sold in the UK in December 1978.

Sold between 1978 to 1998, there are at least four variations.

First version

The first version we can find has the markings W.Germany Peyo (C). This (C) marking can also be found on Trumpeter #20047 which was released in 1974. I don’t think there any any other smurfs with this marking. The Chimney Sweep has a ladder with four rungs and has a red handkerchief around his neck. His pants are also a dark grey colour. Sadly my version is missing it’s brush. 

Second version – UK special release

The UK version has the markings W.Germany Peyo (C) and a mustard paint dot. The Chimney Sweep has a ladder with four rungs and has a yellow handkerchief around his neck. In my opinion this is the most sought after Chimney Sweep.

Third version

I have two Chimney Sweep Smurfs that have the same markings W.Germany Schleich S © 78 Peyo. Although one of these has a red paint dot under the foot. Both have a red handkerchief around their necks, light grey pants and carry a ladder with seven rungs. 

Fourth version

The last one that was released has the markings W.Germany Schleich S © 78 Peyo CE. This version has a red handkerchief around his neck, light grey pants and carries a seven rung ladder. I don’t have this one.

Recently I was able to get my hands on the UK version. What made extra special it also came with it’s original UK box. Not sure if National Benzole had them separate from the other smurfs for some kind of promotion, along with Skateboard, Bobsled and Nightwatchman. But I don’t care as I now have one.

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Kath B

Basketball Super Smurf

My first Basketball Super Smurf had Bohan written on his back. I became so convinced that this genuine. Using various resources I tried to find out who Bohan was and his connection to the Smurfs. The reality was that someone had written the name Bohan on the Smurf.

There is more than cardboard box to look out for when considering adding Basketball Super Smurf to your collection. Just because it comes with a box doesn’t mean it’s complete. Like many toys with accessories, it’s easy for pieces to go missing.

Basketball Super Smurf #40512 comes with four detachable accessories that make up a stand-alone basketball hoop. The four parts are a backboard, a hoop net, support pole and base. Furthermore, there are variations to be found within the four parts.

The figurine is portraying a slam dunk. A slam dunk in basketball is a shot that requires a player to jump high and slam the basketball through the basketball hoop. On the bottom of the Smurf’s shoe is a connection pin that connects to the base. The Smurf also has a ball.

Points of difference

Backboard – The colour can vary from light olive to a dark green colour. The thickness can also vary.
Basketball Hoop – Fine to a course net mesh. The yellow can can also differ from an orange-yellow to dark to light yellow.
Base – the shape and size varies depending where it was made. For example the base made in Hong Kong is shorter in length.
Ball – From red-brown to dark brown.
Smurf – can be made out of blue or white pvc material.
Smurf – the yellow singlet, red shorts and black shorts will vary depending where it was painted.

Collecting is all about learning from ones mistakes. I learnt a lot about Basketball Super Smurf because I was stubbon enough to think I found a variation no one else had. I’d love to know what you think of Basketball Super Smurf?

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Kath B

Digger Smurfs

Did you know there are two versions of Digger Smurf #20043? Both share the same name but are quite different to each other. Schleich never sold the small Digger because they already had their own version of Digger in 1978.

Bully – Digger

The Bully Smurf is small, arms are crossed in front of his chest and appears to be sleeping on his shovel. Sold from 1974 to 1980.

  • The mouth is painted red or black.
  • Both eyes are closed
  • The legs are together
  • The shovel is small like the Smurf and has a dark yellow blade with a red handle.

Early versions were made without any markings or with just a © Peyo marking on the arm. Later W.Germany Bully © Peyo markings were added under his feet.

In addition the Bully Digger was used as part of the Waldbauer chocolate promotion. It was made out of a solid dark blue pvc material.

Schleich – Digger

Schleich’s version of Digger Smurf is large and is leaning on angle onto the shovel. Sold from 1978 to 1986, 1994 to 1996 and 1999 to 2000.

  • The mouth is painted black
  • Both eyes are closed
  • The legs are apart
  • The shovel is large like the Smurf has a light yellow blade with a red handle

National Benzole never sold the Digger Smurf in the UK. Despite this, Digger was made in Hong Kong. It was distributed into Australia and the United States.

My favourite is the Bully version of Digger because it looks cute and adorable. I also like the early version of Bully Smurfs which are made out of a softer pvc material. However the good news both can still be easily found. What’s your favourite?

Keep on Smurfin
Kath B