Classic Smurf Question: Spy Smurf #20008

Spy Smurf wears a red cape and a black mask to hide his identity. He has his finger over his mouth, in a shushing motion. Like a lot of early figurines made by Schleich, the origins of Spy was from the comic The Smurf King.

Today instead of reviewing a Smurf, I would like to ask collectors a question about Spy Smurf. I am no expert when it comes to collecting but I do have over 50 Spy Smurfs. That kind of makes me some what knowledgeable or a freak!

Do you consider the Spy Smurf with the pink inside the cape a variation?

I have some Spy Smurfs with a pink shade inside of the cape. Is this a variation or discolouration?

Some say it’s the red paint that discoloured the pvc material. Similar to the Postman’s mail bag or underneath the Drummer. But some think it’s impossible for paint to go through think plastic and discolour it. So is it more like an undercoat of paint?

Highly sought after by collectors is the Spy with red inside of the cape. It is thought Bully started this between 1973 to 1977 to some Spy Smurfs but not all. Typically Spy has white inside of the cape but some have a pink tinge inside.

One theory is that the pink colour is from undercoat of the red paint. Later removed by Schleich painters around 1977/78 who were removing the red paint inside of the cape. In my opinion, I call this a variation even if it wasn’t intentional.

What are your thoughts on Spy Smurf?

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Kath B

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Review: Handy Smurf #20832

Handy Smurf rushes to help in an emergency. He swings his hammer like a pro and easily solves any problem! – Schleich online catalogue.

Jack of all trades is possibly the best way to describe Handy Smurf. Wearing blue overalls with a pencil tucked behind his ear while carrying a mallet over his shoulder. In my opinion, Handy is the best one out of the 2021 Smurfs and is going to be a very popular Smurf.

Though Schleich has made other tradesman Smurfs before, I like how they created a new version of Handy. It proves that Schleich can still be imaginative and not rely on old moulds to create a new Smurf.

I would love to see Schleich create a tradesman Smurfette because more diversity we have with the Smurfs the better it is for everyone. Lego can do it with their minifigures why can’t Schleich do it with their Smurfs?

Overall the 2021 Smurfs received mixed reviews. Most found Smurfette with Flower disappointing because she was unstable, preventing her from standing upright unless supported. On the positive Chef and Handy were well received.

Time will tell what collectors will think of the 2022 Smurfs. Maybe it will depend on what type of collector you are; a nostalgic one or someone new to collecting.

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Kath B

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Review: Chef Smurf #20831

Back in 1978, Schleich released their first Chef Smurf. It was and continues to be extremely popular amongst collectors. I wonder why it has taken until 2021 to release a new variant of a Chef?

There is always an interest when a new Smurf variant is released. If you are like me, you probably could not wait to compare the two Chef Smurfs. However, today I am not going to do this. I will leave that for others.

Wearing a white apron and Chef’s hat, the Smurf is taste-tasting the contents in his spoon. The Smurf is showing his approval by pinching his fingers and thumb together. Some call this the Chef’s kiss.

As cute as this Smurf is, in my opinion Schleich could have added more colour to this Smurf. For example, by adding some colour to the apron or to the spoon to represent ingredients he is cooking. A bit of red for tomatoes or yellow for egg yolks.

In summing up, Chef Smurf must be doing something right for Schleich because it’s on their homepage. I find this surprising, one would have thought they would shown one of the new 2022 Smurfs.

Thanks for reading my review on Chef Smurf #20831! What do you think of Chef Smurf, do you like or dislike it?

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Kath B