2022 Smurfs Review: Lazy Smurf #20838

Today I feel really slack, you could say I feel like Lazy Smurf. With a pillow tucked under his arm and covering his mouth to yawn this Smurf looks bored. However, do you think it is rude when Smurfs yawn in public?

Brainy Smurf’s response “Yes, it is bad manners! Papa Smurf didn’t teach this Smurf any basic Smurf manners. Papa Smurf should be ashamed of himself”.

Vanity Smurf was also quite vocal about yawning in public, “No one wants to smell your bad breath or see the inside of your mouth especially if it’s full of food”.

Smurfette only thinks it looks cute when a little baby yawns but not a grown up Smurf yawning.

Not surprisingly Grouchy Smurf has an opinion on this ‘It’s absolutely rude, and you must cover your mouth. Go to bed you lazy Smurf………..”

Lazy Smurf is known as constantly sleepy and gets annoyed when he lacks sleep or gets rudely awaken from a nap. Nevertheless, Lazy Smurf is still a popular Smurf in the The Smurfs television series from 2021.

Though for Schleich to portray Lazy Smurf, would be challenging. Creating figurines on personality traits would never be easy. To be honest, I am not a fan because I would like to have seen the Smurf playing trumpet wearing sunglasses. Maybe SmurfStorm or Papa Smurf or another 100 other Smurfs.

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Back in early 2022 I reviewed the new Schleich Smurfs. It’s always fun to look back at reviews before getting your hands on an actual Smurf


2022 Smurfs Review: Farmer Smurf #20837

Farmer Smurf looks just like he was in the comics, cartoons, movies and 2021 television show. He even gets listed as a main character on Wikipedia. Typically he was seen with a piece of wheat between his teeth or leaning on a rake. But Schleich decided not to portray him like this. Instead, he wears a straw hat and green overalls with heavy duty brown shoes.

Most collectors I have spoken with are happy with the new Farmer Smurf. It’s a simple design but easily recognisable Smurf. I wish Schleich would include something he could hold in his hands. For example, a spade or carrying a bag of grain over his shoulder.

Alternatively, Schleich could produce different colour variations of his overalls and shoes. How about navy blue or purple overalls with red shoes?

In my opinion, collecting different colour variations is one of the most enjoyable things about Smurf collecting. Though Schleich doesn’t seem interested in doing that, now that Smurfs are painted in one country. Maybe we could start a campaign with Farmer Smurf as an example.

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What did you think of the new Farmer Smurf and the 2022 Smurfs?

2022 Smurfs Review: Grouchy Smurf #20836

Grouchy Smurf is one of the most liked characters of the Smurf Village. While the other Smurfs are cheerful, Grouchy Smurf is the complete opposite. Perhaps this is why he is popular amongst collectors and fans of the Smurfs.

For me, it’s the clever design of Grouchy Smurf’s face. Like all Smurfs, the eyes are the focal point of a Smurf. But it’s the eyebrows that affect Grouchy Smurf’s facial expression. Just by looking at him, you can tell he is unhappy. His upside-down smile also tells you this however, it is not as effective.

Schleich has now created four different figurines based on Grouchy. Each one, has him wearing white trousers and his Smurf hat. It’s a tad boring considering how much other Smurfs have progressed. At least give him a prop in his hand, for example a burst balloon.

In my opinion, I wish Schleich would make more happy Smurfs not ones that are always grouchy.

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Which 2022 Smurf are you planning to get this year?


P.S Have you seen Grouchy Smurf at your local Woolworths store? Check it out in the garden decor section, but you will have to be quick!

2022 Smurf Review: Smurf Girl Blossom #20835

Smurf Girl Blossom has short dark blue hair divided in half. She wears a pink dress, hat with a flower attached and white shoes. Blossom also wears a necklace and bracelet, made out of stone.

The character of Smurf Girl Blossom was introduced in 2017 Lost Village film. For the film, she wore a sandy coloured dress. Schleich also included her in the Movie set 2 – #20801, wearing the sandy coloured dress.

In the 2021 cartoon series, Smurf Girl Blossom is a regular character. However, her dress is now dark pink, with a matching dark pink flower on her hat. I found the colour of her hat and shoes odd. It’s like a nicotine yellow colour. Can someone tell me if this was intentional or is it just mine that looks like this. However, it’s good to see Schleich created a new version of Smurf Girl Blossom.

In my opinion, not everyone is going to like the new Smurf characters like Smurf Girl Blossom. Some say Smurf Girl Blossom looks like a Lego minifigure. Or that she looks to gimmicky or too girly. But I like the fact Schleich has created a new figure for 2022.

Let me know in the comments what are your thoughts of Smurf Girl Blossom!

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