Retro Review: Champion Smurf #20058

Champion Smurf would like to shake your hand, to congratulate you on your Smurf collection. Wearing white trousers and hat with a gold laurel wreath to represent victory, success and achievement.

Schleich first sold Champion Smurf between 1980 to 1986. BP also used Champion as a promo to celebrate their 75th anniversary in 1984. But to complement BP the wreath was green not gold. Some also had the BP symbol painted on his hat. Others had BP on hat and 75 printed in white on his stomach.

If you like to collect promo’s, the BP 75 set could be worth sussing out. Standing on a yellow base, Champion Smurf is shaking his hands with Congratulations Smurf. When looking out for this, ensure that the Champion Smurf has BP on hat and 75 on stomach. The price can also vary, depending where you are purchasing from.

Some collectors have also noted that their green wreath was repainted gold. Was this done intentionally by Schleich or someone else? I have ten Champion Smurfs, however none have this. Though I have seen photographs from other collectors, so I can confirm it exists.

In 1996 and 1997 Champion Smurf was sold again by Schleich with a gold laurel wreath. The gold paint used is more a brighter colour than the early versions. The blue used for the Smurf is also slightly brighter.

Would you shake Champion Smurf’s hand or would you give him a hug? We all have different ways to show our appreciation and the Smurfs are no different.

Keep on Smurfin
Kath B

Retro Smurf Review: Teacher Smurf #20059

We can learn a lot from Teacher Smurf. Teacher Smurf holds a book in one hand and makes his point with his other hand. The Smurf Collectors Club in newsletter 9 published in 1988 tells us there are three different versions. What do you think?

  • Red book with black lettering
  • Brown book with red lettering
  • Brown book with black lettering

Though there is so much more to add when comparing Teacher Smurfs. Firstly, the texture of the pages can vary. The earlier ones have a ribbed texture whereas more recent ones have a smoother feel. 

Also the style of the lettering can vary from thin to thick. Depending on the photo, this can be hard to see. On both the Schleich and W. Berrie versions of the letters are ABCD. But the CNT version has more of a black scribble on the pages. 

As well as that, there are also books that are completely blank. however I am not sure whether it was intentional or not. Mostly these seem to be red books. 

Lastly, the thickness of the yellow bookmark can vary. Yet not all collectors mention this when comparing their Teacher Smurfs. In my opinion it’s worth noting because it’s a point of difference between Smurfs. Others refer to it as something to do with the mould used to make the Smurf.

Regardless of how you measure differences with Smurfs, I recommend Teacher Smurf is worthy for every collection. Mainly, because we all remember a teacher who used to demonstrate their knowledge or make a point of something.

Keep on Smurfin
Kath B

In case you are interested in Teacher Smurfs, here are some found on the toydreamer website