Looking Back at 2013: Party Smurfette #20753

Party Smurfette 20753

Hope you had a fantastic Christmas and new year. Like other new years, I always like to look back at what new Smurfs Schleich released back ten years ago.

Back in 2013 Schleich released the Smurfy Greetings Smurfs in January. A set of eight different new Smurfs, with each one marking an occasion. Schleich would promote these in their catalogues until 2016. 

One of my favourites was Party Smurfette. We find Smurfette lying on her back in a champagne glass while giving us a wave. She is wearing a pink dress and a purple Party hat with a gold tassel. One has to admit this is some cool party trick by Smurfette, relaxing in a champagne glass. 

For die hard collectors, Party Smurfette is a two piece mould. This will mean that there are markings on Smurfette and also on the plastic champagne glass. 

Alternatively if you like paint errors, keep an eye open for a Party Smurfette without eyelashes. A friend of mine in France found one and ever since I have been keen to find one.

I always thought the Smurfy Greetings Smurfs was for adults more than children. Especially Party Smurfette, but I like it more because of this. It would be good to see Schleich do this again sometime. What Smurfy Greetings Smurfs would you like to have seen made?  

Keep on Smurfin
Kath B

Another one from 2013 that has stood the test of time is Thank You Smurf.

If you click on Thank You Smurf, you’ll instantly jump to the corresponding review.

1980’s Smurf Review: Christmas Tree Smurf #51901

Do you embrace Christmas? This Smurf embraces Christmas like no other, by hugging a Christmas tree. There is a lot to like about this Smurf. Such as the decorations on the Christmas tree and the expression on the Smurf’s face. But I like the concept of a Smurf throwing his arms around the tree.

Wishing everyone a Smurfing Christmas

Made in both Hong Kong and Portugal between 1982 to 1984 by Schleich and Wallace Berrie. It also looks like the same pvc mould may have been in use.

During 1990’s, only Portugal produced Christmas Tree Smurf. Some of these appear to be from Hong Kong. You can tell by checking if they have blocked out the markings under the Christmas tree. In the late 1990’s the Christmas Smurfs were from China. Again it looks like the same pvc mould was used.

Like many Smurfs painted in different countries, paint colours varied creating nice variations. This is no different for Christmas Tree Smurf. But what is the most interesting variation is the style and the position of the metal loop. It is unclear why the position of the metal loop was moved during the years.

Made in Hong Kong  Schleich S © 1981 Peyo

The Hong Kong moulds were used a lot. Many of them have different loops which may have something to do with the year it was sold. Both flat and round loops on the Hong Kong ones. 

Made in Portugal Schleich S © 1981 Peyo

Metal loop is positioned between the Smurf’s head and Christmas tree.

Made in Portugal Schleich S © 1981 Peyo CE

When they added the CE marking to the mould they attached the cord to the head and also blocked Hong Kong. 

Made in China Schleich S Germany © 1981 Peyo CE

Typically found with the metal loop on the top of the Smurf’s hat. Or just with the remains of the metal loop.

Enjoy the holiday season! I will email you again in the new year.

Keep on Smurfin
Kath B

Review: Christmas Smurf with Candle #51905

With Christmas coming up, I thought I should review a Christmas Smurf. I like to call it Christmas Smurf with Candle. But you may know it as Christmas Carols Smurf or Smurf singing Christmas Carols. The Smurf is holding a candle in one hand and a music sheet in the other while singing. Wearing a matching red scarf to complement the red pom-pom on his Smurf hat. 

Here’s a quick review showcasing Christmas Smurf with Candle.

  • Made in Hong Kong Schleich S Peyo © 1981
    Sold by Wallace Berrie between 1982 to 1984. Painted in darker, strong paint colours.
  • Made in Portugal Schleich S Peyo © 1981
    Matte paint colours were used. Mine is missing the eyelet for the gold cord but it appears to be in the same spot as the Hong Kong variant.
  • Made in Portugal Schleich S Peyo © 1981 CE
    This is my favourite out of the three because of the lighter paint colours. Sold between 1992 to 1995.

Some say there is also one from China. It has the markings: Made in China Schleich S Germany © 1981 CE markings. Like many others, this is on my Christmas list.

It has been over 20 years since Schleich last produced any Christmas Smurfs. However the vintage ones are still as popular as ever. Though it would be nice if Schleich were to make new ones for the next generation of Smurf fans.

Keep on Smurfin
Kath B

If you like to learn more about your Christmas Smurfs – http://www.smurfs.com.au/smurf-figures/christmas-smurfs/