Question: Sunbather Smurf

I’ve started reading the SCII letters on the Hidden in the Woods website.

The first one mentions under the Variations section in page 1.

#20014 Sunbather: Bathing suits in Yellow & Black, Red & Black, Green & Black, Maroon & Black, Blue & Black, Red & White

I have two questions:

– Does anyone have a maroon/black stripe one they believe to be genuine?

– Does anyone have a blue & black one (I can’t even recall seeing one of these)?

Also in the DSK they list one with orange & black bathers. Again I ask is this variant genuine?

I consider the DSK to be one of the best guides you can buy as a Smurf collector – DSK stands for ‘Der Schlumpf Katalog IV and it was last published in 2003. I still regularly use it to look up Smurf variants, even though it is in German.

In my opinion there are four genuine Sunbather Smurfs by Schleich.


Over time the paints used may create slight variations or interpretations. Maroon/black bathers could be the same Sunbather Smurf with red/black bathers.

So why is it with Sunbather Smurf whenever you think you’ve got all the variations possible, you find there’s another out one!! How many different colour variations are there? Real or fake?

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Did you know that Sunbather Smurf was first called Sleeping Smurf by Wallace Berrie in the US.

I give Sunbather a 1 Papa Smurf score rating. The yellow/black are extremely common in Australia but still worth adding one to one’s collection.

Review: Smurfette on Holidays #40262

What Smurf would you give a friend? I would recommend Smurfette on Holidays. Sold by Schleich between 2001 to 2015, it’s a classic Super Smurf that will always be popular. Though Schleich has stopped making Smurfette on Holidays it is still easy to find.

Besides it is also a simple Super Smurf to put together. Consisting of a beach towel, palm tree, the fronds of a palm tree and Smurfette. The only thing you need to put together is to attach the palm tree into the fronds of the palm tree. No instructions required. 

Relaxing with Smurfette

Schleich also made a Smurf on Holidays Super Smurf.  Pretty much the same, except for the colour of the towel. So if looking at buying Smurfette on Holidays make sure she has a red towel not yellow.  That’s because the yellow towel belongs to Smurf on Holidays. Not a big deal for some but for others it is.

But what I like the most with this Super Smurf is Smurfette. Wearing a pink bikini while sitting on her towel with a red starfish on her hat. Her friendly disposition makes you feel good. 

In summing up, whether you are an adult or child anyone can identify with Smurfette on Holidays. Most of us like to relax at the beach, especially in the Summer. And tell me who doesn’t like being on holidays?

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Kath B

Review/Rarity Guide

For Smurfette on Holidays, I will be giving it an 1 Papa Smurf score. Because it’s not really rare – but still worth collecting.

This Review/Rarity Guide is something new for my Smurf reviews in 2023. In my opinion, this is where you’ll find out how rare each Smurf is or isn’t! Let me know what you think in the comments!

Also for those of you who like some light reading:

Baby Smurf Review: Baby Smurf with Car #20215

A baby Smurf is wearing white pyjamas and is crawling along with his red toy car. The white pyjamas has two yellow buttons on his back flap. The red toy car has black and white wheels. Cute and adorable, like many of the baby Smurfs released around 1985.

In the beginning, like many other baby Smurfs from 1985 it had sky blue skin. Hong Kong made and painted the baby Smurfs were intended for the US market. By July Applause stopped selling Smurfs in the US and Canada markets.

However Schleich continued to make Baby Smurf with Car until 1990. Then again in 1994 & 1995 and finally from 1998 to 2002. The Schleich marked ones, typically have darker blue skin and the markings are located on different parts of the figurine. 

I have been lucky when collecting Baby Smurf with Car, because I have both the Applause and Schleich versions. From my understanding there are four different markings for Baby Smurf with Car. What do you think, can you think of any others?

  1. Hong Kong Schleich S © 1985 Peyo
  2. W.Germany Schleich S © Peyo 1984
  3. China Applause TM © Peyo CE
  4. Germany Schleich S © Peyo 1984 CE

My final thoughts

I always thought it was strange that Baby Smurf with Car only played with a red car. I wonder if Schleich or Applause ever planned to paint the car in different colours. Aside this it looks good displayed with other baby themed Smurfs.

For this review, I have given it a 1 Papa Smurf – Not really rare – but still worth collecting.

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Kath B

Rarity/Review Guide

This Review/Rarity Guide is something new for my Smurf reviews in 2023. In my opinion, this is where you’ll find out how rare each Smurf is or isn’t! Here’s what the numbers mean. Let me know what you think in the comments!

1. Not really rare – but still worth collecting
2. Rare – not too difficult to find
3. Extremely Rare – you’re lucky if you have this one
4. Ultra Rare – Requires skill to collect
5. Very Rare – a legendary Smurf