Smurf Review: #20217 Smurfette in Gown

You’ve hit jackpot if you find #20217 Smurfette in Gown among your Smurfs. Smurfette in Gown is wearing a long white gown with a red sash around her waist. To complement this she has a matching red flower in her hair.

Sold by Applause in 1985 with Smurf in Tux, part of the Limited Collector Series. Thought to be one of the last Smurfs made in Hong Kong. Schleich ceased operations in Hong Kong by 1986.

Between 1986 to 1989 Schleich sold Smurfette in Gown. Some collectors believe it was also available in 1991 due to the markings on one. But I am just referring to catalogues when referencing dates.

When Smurfs stopped selling in the USA, Schleich suffered, resulting in bankruptcy in 1987. No doubt, there were other factors in their bankruptcy. But in their book, they state 25 million Smurfs sat on their shelves in Herlikofen. I thought this may help explain why Smurfette in Gown is considered extremely rare.


There are three known markings:

  1. Made in Hong Kong Schleich S 1985 Peyo
  2. W.Germany Schleich S 1984 Peyo (with or without keyring)
  3. W.Germany Schleich S 1984 Peyo CE with a black paint dot

I have also seen her on a tree stump pencil sharpener with a collecting container. However it is hard to know if it is genuine or not.

Lastly the rarest version of Smurfette in Gown is in the 1989 Smurf Collector Series. A box set of five Smurfs with the name of ‘The Smurfs have a Big Party’. The boxed set contains: 20033 Clown Smurf, 20107 Carnival Smurf, 20114 Magician Smurf, 20216 Smurf in Tux and 20217 Smurfette in Gown.

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Rarity Review Guide

This Review/Rarity Guide is something new for my Smurf reviews in 2023. In my opinion, this is where you’ll find out how rare each Smurf is or isn’t! Here’s what the numbers mean.

  1. Not really rare – but still worth collecting
  2. Rare – not really difficult to find
  3. Extremely Rare – you’re lucky if you have this one
  4. Ultra Rare – Requires skill to collect
  5. Very Rare – a legendary Smurf

For Smurfette in Gown, I have given her a score of 4. Ultra Rare – Requires skill to collect.
Let me know what you think in the comments!

First Talk of 2023 Smurfs by Schleich

This week Joe Forkner on Facebook gave us details of the 2023 Schleich Smurfs. There’s not much known at this stage, other than there will be six new Smurfs.

#20839 Idiot Smurf
#20840 Cowardly Smurf
#20841 Wild Smurf
#20843 Smurfin Panel

It’s unclear if these are the official names or not. We also have no photos, just Smurfs hidden under a sheet or any other details of the other two. Most likely these won’t be released until July or August. But once more details are clearer, I will let know.

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Kath B