Spring Gardening with The Smurfs

The outside of the carton box intrigued me:
Spring Gardening 23/08/2023.
Miniature Garden Figurine Collection
The Smurfs
Store in Cool, Dry Place

If the outside box was intriguing then the pink sticker attached amused me:
Place on show within 12 hours of receipt – Thank you

Then taking a closer look at the tag attached to the Smurf miniature figure was both intriguing and amusing for me:
Warning! Choking hazard – small parts. Adult Supervision required at all times. This is not a toy. For decoration use only.

Typically my weekly grocery shopping is never this fun. Today was a happy day collecting all nine of the Smurf figures, across three different Woolworths supermarket stores in my local area. I soon discovered there were two sets I needed to collect. I also quickly identified these have been officially certified – Peyo 2023 Licensed through I.M.P.S (Brussels) www.smurf.com

Set 1 included six miniature Smurf figures, each selling for AUD $8.00. Similar to the ones sold last year by Woolworths. But this year’s range included a Gargamel and Azrael.

Though in Set 2 each Smurf carries vegetables and wears a Woolworths apron. These are selling for AUD $12.00 each and only include three miniature Smurf figures.

Like any devoted Smurf collector, I have abided by the conditions stated:
Store in Cool, Dry Place
Place on show within 12 hours of receipt
For decoration use only.

Keep on Smurfin
Kath B

Can you spot a fake Smurf?

Can you spot a fake Smurf? We look at the differences between a genuine and fake #20541 Dracula Smurf, first sold in 2006. For example, we have listed 5 things to look out for with Dracula Smurf. Let me know if you of any other things to look out for!

  1. The genuine Dracula Smurfs have their eyes joined together. Where as the fake Dracula Smurfs have their eyes separated.
  2. Check the markings on the underside of the cape. The Schleich made ones are from Germany and not China.
  3. Inspect the quality of the paint colours. Genuine ones are painted with matte colours and not shiny colours.
  4. Similar to the paint colours above, check the edges of the moulding. If buying in person also feel the texture of the mould.
  5. Check if the cufflinks are silver, if not painted most likely it is a fake.

Recently I deliberately purchased a fake Dracula Smurf. It was very cheap and was in good condition. But what I like most is the misspelling of China. On these it shows as Chian. It’s a shame the markings aren’t on the back of head for everyone to see.

Keep on Smurfin
Kath B