Nostalgic Smurf Review #20031 Mailman Smurf

What Smurf best reminds you of your childhood? For many, Mailman Smurf is one that often comes to mind. Mailman toots his yellow horn and holds a letter up high. While carrying a satchel full of envelopes over one shoulder. In my opinion, this is what nostalgia looks like.

Most envelopes have a love heart on the envelope, others have Christmas holly and others are blank. Though even with the Christmas holly and blank envelopes, you can still see the outline of a heart. 

Sold between 1978 to 2000 then again in 2011 by Schleich. Wallace Berrie also sold Mailman Smurf throughout it’s entirety, 1979 to 1984. Nobody knows how many were produced but it must have been a lot. 

I had no idea Mailman Smurf with Christmas holly on the envelope, was first sold in the UK. In December 1978 by National Benzol. It wasn’t until February 1979, that Mailman Smurf with the heart on the envelope came available in the UK. I would love to know which one sold the most. (No pun intended)

Keep on Smurfin
Kath B

Rarity Guide

In my opinion, I am going to give Mailman Smurf with a heart on the envelope a score of 21 Papa Smurf. Not really rare but still still worth collecting.

But Mailman Smurf with Christmas holly on the envelope a score of 3 Papa Smurfs.
Extremely Rare – you’re lucky if you have this one

1 Papa SmurfNot really rare but still worth collecting
2 Papa SmurfsRare – but not too difficult to find
3 Papa SmurfsExtremely Rare – you’re lucky if you have this one
4 Papa SmurfsUltra Rare – requires skill to collect
5 Papa SmurfsVery Rare – a legendary Smurf