Review: #20449 Lead Guitar Smurf

Cast your minds back to 1998 when Lead Guitar Smurf was first sold by Schleich. Everyone wanted to be in a rock and roll band with Lead Guitar Smurf.

Wearing blue overalls with a black patch over one knee and green wristbands while playing red electric guitar. The red electric guitar has black details, silver strings with black details. Lead Guitar Smurf was not your average Smurf.

In 1998 Schleich celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Smurfs, with the release of a rock band. On the front and back cover of The Smurf collector’s booklet from Schleich both Singer and Lead Guitar from the rock band are strutting their stuff. 

From the 40th Anniversary Set, Lead Guitar Player is wearing silver overalls and fluorescent yellow wristbands, while playing a mauve electric guitar. The soft muted purple electric guitar has black details and silver strings.

The biggest difference between the two, are their shoes. White shoes for the regular Smurf and black shoes for the 40th anniversary set. 

The Smurfy playworld 1998 – from Schleich

This year we are celebrating our 40th anniversary.

The Hit of 1998. The limited edition Smurf Anniversary Set (1998). The Smurfband (specially painted) with stand, loud speaker, steel microphone and anniversary sticker. All in a high quality sensation pack. 

Who’s your favourite from the Anniversary Band Set? I really like Lead Guitar, from his expression on his face to his stance playing his electric guitar. 

Keep on Smurfin
Kath B

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