Hang Glider Smurf

Like a lot of the early smurfs produced by Schleich and Bully, most come from characters out of the original comic books written by Peyo. The origins of Hang Glider figurine possibly come from Flying Smurf who is a character that only appears in the smurf comic books. Flying Smurf only ever wanted to fly. 

Hang Glider was only ever made by Schleich, from 1978 to 1992 and then again from 1996 to 2001. It was sold by Wallace Berrie in the USA from 1980 to 1984.

One of the early releases of Hang Glider (which I don’t have yet) included three painted patches on the back of the wings. These patches were painted yellow, brown and white. As this version of the Hang Glider is considered extremely rare, ensure you inspect the paint colours carefully before buying it. If you find that the paint colours used on the wings and patches don’t match or look different – beware! This is because they were painted at the same time so they match accordingly. After this all Hang Glider figurines were sold without the painted patches on their wings. 

It is considered Hang Glider is one of a few smurfs made in multiple countries during it’s 29 years. These countries include W.Germany/Germany, Portugal, Hong Kong, Brazil and China. There are very little differences with the moulds and paint colours used.  Where the differences lie are more to do with the type of paint used. For example the Portugal made ones tend to have matte paint colours, the Hong Kong ones are painted with darker shiny paint colours. If you like your paint colours, keep an eye open for two different ones made out of China. 

Hang Glider was also used for triangle pedestals during the early 1980’s. Even in Australia we had own pink triangle pedestal sold by BP Australia with the words Get Well Soon on it. 

The appeal of a flying smurf is still happening today. In the film The Lost Village  released in 2017, a flying smurf is seen in the opening scene and during the credits he is shown in a picture of him getting stuck in a chimney. I guess no one is perfect.

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40202 Chimney Sweep

This weekend a cold snap of weather has been predicted in some parts of Australia. With this in mind, perhaps it is time to snuggle near open fire to keep warm. But before you do, perhaps you should look at your Chimney Sweep smurfs. 

We first see Chimney Sweep in 1980 Schleich catalogue carrying his tools – ladder and chimney brush while wearing grey pants, black jacket and a red handkerchief around his neck. Though in actual fact Chimney Sweep was first sold in the UK in December 1978.

Chimney Sweep was sold between 1978 to 1998 as described in Der Schlumpf Katalog IV and Gian & Davi Collezioni – The Smurfs Official Collector’s Guide. In both books they list four variations.

The first version we can find has the markings W.Germany Peyo ©. This © marking can also be found on Trumpeter (20047) which was released in 1974. The © marking is larger than normal, probaly best described as a capaital C in a circle. I don’t think there any any other smurfs with this marking. The Chimney Sweep has a ladder with four rungs and has a red handkerchief around his neck. His pants are also a dark grey colour. Sadly my version is missing it’s brush.

The UK version has the markings W.Germany Peyo © and a mustard paint dot. The Chimney Sweep has a ladder with four rungs and has a yellow handkerchief around his neck. 

The most common of the Chimney Sweep Smurfs has the markings W.Germany Schleich S © 78 Peyo. I also one of these with a red paint dot under the foot. Both have a red handkerchief around their necks, light grey pants and carry a ladder with seven rungs.

The last one that was released has the markings W.Germany Schleich S © 78 Peyo CE. This version can be found with smurf head logo and dancing smurfs pattern box. The Chimney Sweep has a red handkerchief around his neck, light grey pants and carries a seven rung ladder.

Chimney Sweep was never made in Hong Kong was never sold in the USA or Australia. Perhaps someone thought Australia always had sunny, hot weather and didn’t require the services of a Chimney Sweep.

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Basketball Smurf

I have always been skeptical of things promoted as limited editions or collector series. So back in 1985 when Applause announced that they were going to sell  the 1985 Smurf Limited Collector Series, I have often wondered if any smurf fans were a little wary this could be the end of the smurfs in the USA? But perhaps they were thinking that a limited collector series, is only limited to as many times as Applause wishes to make it one. 

Basketball Smurf was one of the last smurfs sold in the USA by Applause in 1985. It was scheduled to be released with Golf Smurfette in April but according to the Smurf Collector Club International newsletters it was actually released in May.  

This was possibly one of the last smurfs made out of Hong Kong and is worth hunting down as it is different to the German made one. Both have Basketball smurf wearing white shoes, orange socks, a red singlet with an orange 1 on the front and a light caramel coloured basket ball in it’s right had. Though the Hong Kong version also includes a thick red stripe on both shoes. This is also a little harder to find, so the price can be a little higher than the German made one. 

It was first sold in Europe around 1987 until 1990 then in 1992 & 1993. So it is possible to find without W.Germany markings without CE marking and then with Germany markings with a CE marking. There is very little difference between the Hong Kong and German moulds.

In 2003 Schleich released the New Generation set which New Basketball #20518. This was sold by Schleich right up until 2009. So like football but to a lesser degree basketball has always been popular theme for Schleich.

Then out of no where in 2013 Schleich re-released the smurfs they sold in 2011 as part of the decade display smurfs along with Basketball and Cake smurfs. Each smurf was sold on a blue card with the year of production displayed.  In places like the USA and Sweden these were also sold with a Toys R Us sticker on the card.

I prefer the first Basketball smurf due to the expression on his face and its stance. It’s hard to believe that back in 1985 Applause delayed its release but luckily for us it was  sold. Both Basketball and Golf Smurfette may have seemed like an odd couple at the time of their release but they are truly worth adding to one’s own collection. 

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Papa Captain – sailor’s warning

We first see Papa Captain # 20141 in the 1982 Schleich catalogue wearing red trousers, white jacket with gold buttons, a white cap with a red trim and black brim. He is holding a gold telescope to his eye. Also in the same year Papa Captain was produced out of Hong Kong and was sold in the USA by Wallace Berrie. 

In the catalogues there are no versions of the Papa Captain with white trousers and a navy blue jacket with yellow buttons and holding a yellow telescope or a Papa Captain with red trousers with a navy blue jacket with gold buttons and holding a gold telescope. Both of these Papa Captain’s are considered quite rare and can often be found to be repaints.

When considering adding these rare Papa Captain’s to your collection there are a couple of things to keep an eye open for before making your purchase.

  1. The navy blue jacket, should be painted both on the inside and outside.
  2. The navy blue paint is dull not shiny
  3. If holding a yellow telescope, the navy blue jacket should have yellow buttons
  4. The markings are W.Germany Schleich S © Peyo 1981


Papa Captain has also be used as a promotional smurf by different companies in it’s time. Two of these companies used the more common version of Papa Captain, the one with the red trousers and white jacket. The first one was used to promote the German bank – Merkur and has the MB emblem (a balanced scale with wings and the letters M and B stamped in black ink on the back of the head. The second one was used to promote the diary company Petit Gervais – and has Petit Gervais CE printed in white under the feet.

The other company that used Papa Captain was OMO, that produced washing powder. In 1983 OMO produced little mini blue smurfs that came free inside a box of washing powder. A total of 16 were produced and each one has the markings OMO © 1983 Peyo.

Papa Captain was sold by Schleich between 1982 to 1994 and then in 1998 to 1999.  During this time different gold paint was used for the telescope and the buttons on the white jacket. I have at least one that was made in Hong Kong that has more of a bronze coloured telescope and tarnished coloured buttons, making them look green in colour. 

Papa Captain is also commonly referred to as Sea Captain and is worth adding to your collection. If you are looking to add the rarer version of Papa Captain, the ones with the navy blue jacket to your collection and would like a second opinion first – just let me know – happy to help

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Bride & Groom Smurfs

If someone had asked me what I would do at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Royal Wedding to make it different to previous royal weddings, I would advise them to add a Bride & Groom Smurfs on the top of their wedding cake so the whole world could see.

In 1992 Schleich released, eight new smurfs which included Bride and Groom. All these smurfs were made in Germany. The Bride Smurfette, #40412 can be found holding her bouquet of pink flowers, wearing a white wedding dress with pink flowers around her hat. The Groom, #40213 can be foundwearing a blue bow tie, red flower on his chest and a white top hat. 

Both were sold by Schleich from 1992 right through to 2014 and didn’t change much during this time. Some collectors questioned why the Groom was not wearing a pink flower and bow tie to match with Smurfette’s flowers. But overall both Bride and Groom are still very popular with collectors, especially those about to be married. 

In 2013, Schleich released Bride & Groom, #20746 which was one of the first times Schleich combined two figurines. The Groom is wearing a black top hat and tails and is carrying his bashful Bride who is wearing a long white wedding gown. This was part of the 2013 Celebration theme series and was sold up until 2016.

The last Bride and Groom smurfs released by Schleich was in 2017 as part of the Occasion theme series. In my opinion these are the most disappointing ones, as they are seriously lacking any cuteness or personality. The Groom, #20796 looks like he is sleep walking which is a never good sign especially when your wedding day is meant to be one of the biggest days of your life. It was displayed in the catalogues wearing a black top hat tails but was actually sold wearing a grey top hat and tails and the Bride, #20799 just looks bored. 

So if you are looking to get some smurfs to be displayed  on your wedding cake, stick to the Bride and Groom produced back in 1992, I highly recommend them as people just adore them. Well, at least from my experience they did. 

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Smurf Referee

They are there to make sure everyone is playing within the rules of the game. The sports referee is someone I have always admire as not only do they have to deal with the players but also their fans.

Over the years Schleich has been producing smurfs there have been at least three different sports referees. These include: #20191 Brainy Referee released in 1985, #20472 Referee released in 2001 and most recently #20809 Football Smurf Referee in 2018.

Today I just wanted to concentrate on one, Brainy Referee as in my opinion this is the most interesting one out of the three. Not only because of it’s markings but also on the different bases that can be found. By knowing something about each of the different bases used can help you roughly determine when it was released. 

When Brainy Referee was first made in Hong Kong around 1984, the figurine was glued to the base and not attached to the base with a plug like the others. The oval shaped base used appeared to be half the thickness of the standard base. It is thought that this base was only produced like this for a short period of time as it was deemed unstable.

This was later changed to a thicker base with a grass pattern oval base. If you are lucky enough to have both, you can clearly see this when inspecting both bases. 

There was also a Hong Kong version of Brainy Referee that was released that had no markings except for a cavity number. This is typically found with a more green mound base. 

In Europe, a smooth light green oval base was used and duller paint colours were used. Markings can be found on both the figurine and the base: W.Germany Schleich S © 84 Peyo. 

Brainy Referee was sold by Schleich between 1985 to 1989 and then again from 1993 to 1996, so it is possible to find it with a CE marking. There was also version made in China that was sold with the French magazine Je Collectionne les Schtroumpfs. This magazine was sold between 2004 to 2006.

I hope this has helped resolve some of the unknowns of Brainy Referee that you may have come across. By having a little bit of information about your smurfs, will not only help your collection grow but also allow you to have an appreciation of those who make the smurfs. 

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Smurfette with Tea Set

I can’t stand when people try to flog incomplete Super Smurfs. A couple of good examples of this is Smurf in Bathtub #40235 where people try to sell just the smurf without the bathtub or Smurf on Raft #40246 without the raft. However back in 1990 Applause did just this as they sold the Smurfette with Tea Set without the table.

Smurfette with Tea Set was first sold in the USA in 1984. Around 1984 Wallace Berrie had also rebranded itself with the new name of Applause. So this possibly why you can find Smurfette with Hong Kong W. Berrie Co markings but sold in an Applause box. From my understanding only six Super Smurfs were sold with this Applause box. So this is considered extremely rare especially outside the USA.

Like a lot of smurfs made out of Hong Kong, Smurfette is a dark blue colour. She is wearing a light pink apron, and is holding a lavender cup and teapot. It comes with a light pink table top, lavender cup, dark brown bread. The under side of the table is brown. 

Markings on Smurfette: W.Germany Schleich S © 84 Peyo CE. No markings on table.

It wasn’t until 1986 that Schleich started selling their version of Smurfette with Tea set. In the end it was sold by Schleich right through to 1993, so it is possible to find a version with a CE marking. Smurfette can be found painted in a lighter blue colour, pink apron, pink cup and teapot. The table cloth is a darker pink colour compared to the Hong Kong version and underside of the table is same colour. 

Smurfette markings: China Applause ™ Peyo CE

In 1990 Applause released their last smurfs in the USA. In the SCCI (Smurf Collectors Club International) newsletter they called them ‘The Eleven Figurines’. All eleven smurfs are old releases with new markings China Applause ™ Peyo CE. As part of the release they included Smurfette with Teapot (without a table).

It is unclear exactly why Applause decided to do this, one suggestion is that it could have been a child safety issue with the small loose items such as the teacup and bread that previously would be displayed on the table.  

This is a very cute Super Smurf and is well worth collecting whether it be with a table or without. Displaying Smurfette can be a little tricky especially if you have one that leans to the left, like I do. Lucky for me I have been able to find a little wooden box to display her which helps her from falling over. 

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Cowboy & Cowgirl smurfs

Do you recall the song ‘ I wanna be a Cowboy’ by artist Boys Don’t Cry released back in 2002. In the song it had infamous line – ‘I want to be a cowboy and you can be my cowgirl’. Don’t worry too much if you don’t as it is not really considered a classic song to most, but for some reason I always think of this line when I think of Cowboy smurf #20122 and Cowgirl Smurfette #20147.

Surpisely Cowboy was first released in Europe in 1981 and then in the following year it was released in Australia and America in 1982. There are at least three different variations to be found with Cowboy.  This may have something to do with Cowboy being made W.Germany/Germany, Portugal and Hong Kong.

  1. Brown shoes, red pants, black belt, brown gun, white rope, brown vest, red bandanna, brown hat, white injected mould. Typically found with shiny paint colours. 
  2. Brown shoes, red pants, black belt, silver gun, tan rope, brown vest, red bandanna, brown hat, blue injected mould. Commonly found with dull paint colours.
  3. Light brown shoes, red pants, black belt, silver gun, tan rope, light brown vest, red bandanna, light brown hat, blue injected mould.

Cowboy was also released as a boxed pen set being a horse’s head. Wallace Berrie #7905

In both the Schleich and Wallace Berrie catalogues from 1983 the Cowgirl looks the same as both are wearing brown cowgirl boots and vest, white ruffled dress, a white cowgirl hat with a red strap tied under her chin. In her right hand is a raised plastic brown lasso.

The thing you can’t see is whether it is a triple or single knot in the lasso. The one with the W.Germany markings tends to be a triple knot and the one with the Hong Kong markings tend to be a single knot. 

In 1989 Schleich released  Special Smurfs Box Sets and both Cowboy and Cowgirl were included in Box 4: The Smurfs Aventures in the Far West theme. The other smurfs included in this set include Indian #20144, Violin #20159 and Indian Smurfette #20167. This was given the Schleich article number 20853 and is on my ‘most wanted list’. 

Both can still be found easily today, though I tend to find the Cowboy with a mustard paint dot (painted in Portugal) the blue paint used for the arms look like they have stretch marks. This isn’t really shouldn’t be surprising considering their age and is only noticed when you closely examine the smurf that you see this.

So do you want to be a Cowboy?

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Still looking for the 2018 Football Smurfs?

For the past week I have been eagerly waiting for a special delivery of smurfs. These are not any ordinary smurfs these are the highly anticipated 2018 Football Smurfs released by Schleich. I first heard about them was back in August and have been counting down the days ever since. That’s approximately 230 days no more no less!

#20804: Football Papa Smurf Trainer
Something has happened to Papa Smurf’s head as it seems to be bigger than in the past. Wearing his customary red hat, navy blue suit with a white shirt and matching red tie. While wearing red and white shoes, with the left leg forward and the foot on the ground and the right leg is back and the foot rests on tips of his toes with the heal raised. Both of his hands are clenched into fists. 

#20805: Football Smurfette
When I first heard about this one, I was really excited by the news as I have fond memories of playing football  when I was younger. Sporting her white hat and blonde hair, while wearing a dark pink shirt with black shorts. The right foot is resting on top of the ball and the left foot on the ground. I really like this one but I wish they had painted her hair with shiny yellow paint instead.

#20806: Football Smurf with Ball
This one is probably the one I like the least as it looks like he is in trance with his arms stretched out in front of him. I think the concept was to display him in motion with his right leg back and his left foot resting to the ball. Wearing his white hat, yellow polo shirt, black shorts and black shoes with white strips on the sides and the cleats underneath.

#20807: Football Smurf with Trophy
When trying to take a picture of this smurf, I found that because of his stance with his left foot resting on his heal and the right foot resting on the toes that it was a tad wobbly.  Wearing a white hat, with a red polo shirt and black shorts while waving the trophy in his right hand and his left hand clench in fist; you can tell that this smurf is excited due to his big open smile.

The trophy is gold in colour, with engraved laurel wreath pattern.

#20808: Football Smurf Goalkeeper
Eyes open, looking down towards the ball he is hugging close to his chest. His mouth is closed in a smile. Wearing his customary white hat, a long sleeved green shirt with an orange collar and matching orange gloves and brown shorts. Like the others he is wearing black shoes with two white strips on each side and cleats underneath.

#20809: Football Smurf Referee
It was no surprise to discover that Brainy is the Football Smurf Referee as we can tell by his black glasses. Holding a red card out in his right hand while blowing on a silver whistle. Wearing his white hat, black long sleeved shirt and grey shorts. 

My thoughts…….
This isn’t the first time Schleich has produced football smurfs. It would be fair to say that not all collectors were thrilled by more football smurfs being produced. One of my dear friends summed up the sentiment with saying ‘seriously, how often do we need football smurfs’. Though this did not stop him or me buying the new football smurfs. Secretly I think he was quite impressed with them as he ending up getting two sets. Recently he sent me a picture of his football smurfs displayed around his desk at work with the comment – Go the Soccer Roos!

For this blog to continue to thrive, I would really appreciate you taking the time tell us your thoughts on the new football smurfs. I have told you mine, so now it’s your turn.

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Policeman Smurf


An Austrian man faces a €160 fine for describing police officers as “smurfs” in a warning about speed checks posted on Facebook. The man maintains the term “smurfs” was meant as a harmless joke rather than an insult, and plans to defend the charge.  

So if you like to collect different colour and marking variations then Policeman smurf is one to look out for. First released by Schleich in 1981 until 1989 and then from 1993 to 1998. Policeman was also released in the USA from 1982 to 1984 by Wallace Berrie.

The first version of the Policeman can be found wearing a white jacket and helmet, black pants and blowing a red whistle and waving his brown baton in the left hand. This one typically can be found with the markings: W.Germany Schleich S © 1981 Peyo. It is also possible to find this one with a mustard paint dot which indicates that it was painted in Portugal. Most likely this one was originally sold in the UK. 

Around 1985 Schleich decided to change the colour of the baton from brown to white. Most likely around the same time the Policeman was also being made out of Portugal as well W.Germany. 

The Policeman smurf was also made out of Hong Kong and was sold in Australia & New Zealand by BP and also in the USA by Wallace Berrie. Wearing a shiny black jacket and helmet, white pants while blowing a silver whistle and waving a brown baton in the left hand. This can be found with three different Hong Kong markings. First with just Hong Kong markings then after 1982 W.B.CO. were added and then the markings were changed completely with the W.Berrie Co markings. 

  1. Made in Hong Kong Schleich S © 1981 Peyo
  2. Made in Hong Kong W.B.CO. Schleich S © 1981 Peyo
  3. Made in Hong Kong W.Berrie Co Schleich S © 1981 Peyo

In the beginning I only ever thought that the black jacket and helmet version of the Policeman was only ever made out of Hong Kong. This appears not to be the case, as only more recently I discovered this was also made out of Portugal. I don’t have this version but have seen pictures of this. Most collectors considered this Policeman as extremely rare. 

In 1985 Schleich released their Jubilee smurfs celebrating 20 years association with producing the smurfs. Both the white and black jacket versions of the Policeman can be found stamped in gold on the back of it’s head with a design consisting of leaves, date of issue (1981) and Peyo’s signature.

In 1993 when the Policeman was re-introduced it was made wearing a white jacket and helmet, black pants and blowing a red whistle and waving a thicker white baton in the left hand. The blue paint that was used is also a brighter blue than previously used. This was made out of Portugal and can be found with a CE marking on the side of his foot. 

The Policeman smurf was also used as a promotion for OMO, made out of blue pvc material and measuring about 2cm tall. A total of sixteen smurfs were  made like this and were included in a packet of OMO washing powder.

Obviously the man who called the police officers ‘smurfs’ didn’t really know his Policeman smurfs afterall.  https://www.standard.co.uk/news


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