Lucky Smurf on holidays

Today in Melbourne, the weather forecast is mostly sunny with a tempearture 31 centigrade degrees. So what better Smurf to talk about than Smurf on Holidays.

First released in 2001 by Schleich and sold right through to the end of 2015. Sunbathing on a yellow towel, under a plam tree, Smurf on Holidays #40261 can be found. Wearing red budgie smugglers (bathers) with a small , white ‘S’ on the front, with arms resting behind his head. The Smurf is also wearing blue wrap around sunglasses and is sporting a huge smile of satisfaction.

When looking to add Smurf on Holidays to your collection, ideally you want to get one with it’s corresponding box. In order to fit everything into the box, the palm tree comes in three parts. Don’t let this put you off, as it is easy to put together. It should also come with a yellow towel and not red. The red towel was included in the Super Smurf – Smurfette on Holidays.

During the time, Smurf on Holidays was produced there were very little changes made. But if you are looking, you can find Smurf on Holidays with shiny dark blue skin or matte, lighter blue skin.

It was also produced with two different markings. Only the figurine and the sand base have markings. The towel has no markings just a circle pattern on the back.

First version markings – 2001 to 2008

Smurf markings: Made in China Schleich S Germany © 2000 Peyo CE markings, with a blue paint dot.

Accessory markings: Made in China Schleich S Germany © 2000 Peyo CE markings.

Second version markings – 2009 to 2015

Smurf markings: Made in China CE Schleich S Am Limes 69 D-73527 Schw. Gmund © 00 Peyo CE, with a date stamp.

Accessory markings: Made in China Schleich S Germany © 2000 Peyo CE markings.


  1. Circular Smurf logo with a dancing Smurfs pattern box.
  2. Peyo Creations with a dancing Smurfs pattern box.

Therefore should you want to add Smurf on Holidays to collection, to make your search easier I have added a link to the Toy Dreamer

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Super Smurfs Racing Cars

Back in 1999 Schleich released two different Racing Cars, one red and one silver. This was during a period which has been referred to as the ‘New Generation Smurf Series’.

Both Racing Cars Super Smurfs may look the same to the ordinary person but upon closer inspection they are not. Both car chassis were designed the same way, but have been painted differently. There are also no Schleich markings on the car, only a large cavity number.

The Smurf’s markings can be found under the feet – Made in China Schleich S Germany © Peyo 98 and a CE marking under bottom. It was produced with and without a blue paint dot.

Typically the ones with a blue paint dot, indicates that the Smurf was made out of a new pvc formula and can also be found with shiny blue paint.

Red Racing Car

The Red Racing Car #40255 was sold by Schleich from 1999 to 2005. The racing car is made out of a red plastic with the grill plates and exhaust pipes painted silver.

The Smurf should also be wearing a matching red racing outfit, with brown gloves and shoes. Along with a white racing helmet with racing goggles. The goggles have a brown strap and silver lens.

It was also sold as a bonus figurine with the French magazine, Je Collectionne les Schtroumpfs in 2005. This one is typically found with matte blue skin.

Silver Racing Car

Strangely, the Silver Racing Car #40256 was only sold until 2002. The racing car is made out of a silver plastic with the grill plates and exhaust pipes painted black.

Like the Red Racing Car Smurf, the Silver Racing Car Smurf should also be wearing a matching silver racing outfit.

Both Racing Car Super Smurfs are highly collectible and make a great display statement. This is possibly because once you take them out of their box, they are possible to put back into the box.

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P.S I hope you enjoy reading this blog post. If you would like to add your thoughts on the Racing Car Super Smurfs, please feel free to add a comment.

Laughing Smurf bringing happiness

Which Smurfs do you always mix up? I often find myself mixing up the Laughing Smurf with Jolly Smurf. I don’t know why they don’t look anything alike.

Laughing Smurf #20011 can be found with one hand pointing out sideways and the other hand covering his red mouth trying to contain his laughter. Both of his eyes are also closed. First released by Schleich in 1970 to 1973. Then by Bully from 1974 to 1977. Then again Schleich 1977/78 to 1985.

Due to the popularity of Laughing Smurf it was also made out of Hong Kong. This allowed it to be sold by BP and Wallace Berrie from 1980 to 1982. There appears to be no real difference between the ones made of West Germany and Hong Kong.

If anything, sometimes you may find a small difference in the height of the Smurf or the blue paint used. Generally the older ones can be found with lighter paint colours. Compared to the ones made out of Hong Kong that have darker paint colours.

Like many of older Smurfs that can be found, you will notice on the back of their heads that they appear quite scaled. This is quite common and is nothing to be concerned with. I have a few Laughing Smurfs like this and most appear to be painted out of Portugal. I can tell this by the mustard paint dot found under the foot.

However my favourite Laughing Smurf, is one made out of red pvc material. These are also sometimes referred to as Rohling (blank) Smurfs. In the Der Schlumpf Katalog IV book, they list there are three different coloured Laughing Rohlinge Smurfs; red, blue and lilac.

I have no idea where I picked it up but I do adore it. Which sounds just like the story of my entire Smurf collection.

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Kath B

P.S Don’t you think this would make a great Christmas tree decoration!

Toothbrush Smurf

There are many different markings of Toothbrush Smurf. First sold by Schleich in 1980 through to 1991, then 1993 to 2000 and 2004 to 2006. But there is more than just different markings to be found with Toothbrush Smurf.

Toothbrush Smurf #20064 stands brushing his teeth with a large yellow toothbrush and holds a red tube of toothpaste. Typically the red tube of toothpaste will have a white stripe on the front. The size of the stripe can vary in length and thickness. Also in the beginning the toothpaste was long and curvy in shape.

This mould was also made in Hong Kong and sold by BP and Wallace Berrie. There was very little differences between the W.German and Hong Kong versions. If anything the thickness of the white stripe on the toothpaste tube.

Not that surprising, Toothbrush Smurf was used as a Promotional Smurf but several different companies. I don’t own any of these, but I have seen ones promoting Colgate, Broxo, Fluocaril Bi Fluore 180, PDH-Dental, Oral B and others.

Keep an eye open for this one

However, there is an extremely rare one made by Wallace Berrie. It was made with a long blue swirled toothpaste, wide white stripe on a blue tube. It has the markings – Made in Hong Kong Schleich S © 1980 Peyo markings.

So there is a good chance this was made after 1982. This was around the time Wallace Berrie changed the year marking on Smurfs produced before 1979 and then changed it back. No idea why they did this?

Toothbrush Smurf with short toothpaste

It was until the early 1990’s when they changed to short toothpaste. These are typically found with a CE marking. First they added the CE on the german mould. Then they blocked made in Germany and marked it made in China. 

I also don’t believe you can find any Promotional Smurfs made with the short toothpaste. However, I am always happy to be prooved wrong….

Every now and then, you can find Toothbrush Smurf with different coloured toothpaste tubes. As pretty as they are, these are unlikely to be genuine. So if you don’t care about this, they could be nice to add to your collection. Good chance though, others might be thinking the same as you!

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Kath B

What do you know about Lover Smurf

Is it just me who gets excited when they find a Smurf with an unpainted tail? This weekend, I was lucky enough to find a Lover Smurf #20044 with unpainted tail. But this is just one of the many things that makes Lover Smurf worth collecting.

Lover was sold by Schleich between 1979 to 1992. Holding out a bunch of red flowers out to the side while looking bashful. A punched out heart can be seen on his chest. Some of the early releases were evan produced without eyebrows.

Between 1980 to 1984 Lover was also made out of Hong Kong. I have not been able to confirm if Lover Smurf was sold as a regular Smurf by BP or not. We do know that it was used on an orange triangle pedestal with the words – I Love You. However it was sold by Wallace Berrie to the USA as in the brochures it was referred to as Holding Flowers.

For whatever reason, Lover Smurf was never sold by National Benzole in the early 1980’s. Not sure why this was.

Due to the popularity of Lover Smurf it was used on many different triangle pedestals, music boxes and podium & cards made by Schleich right through its production.

It is also possible to find Lover Smurf with a painted red heart. In my opinion I don’t think it was ever produced like this by Schleich. But in saying this, there are some very nice fake ones to be found. The most sought after ones are from Spain because of the beautiful paint work. On some of these they have painted the flowers yellow instead of red.

Looking for a Christmas present for someone who adores their Smurfs, Lover Smurf could be just the thing. Hey, who knows you might be lucky like me and find one with unpainted tail.

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Kath B

The colours of Swimmer Smurf

Most Smurf collectors adore the colour variations that can be found with Smurfs. Swimmer Smurf is possibly the most popular one, due to the different coloured bathers and swimming rings that can be found.

The Swimmer Smurf #20025 was produced by Schleich from 1977 to 1986 then again from 1994 to 1996. It was during the first five years, where you can find the most colour variations, all with the markings W.Germany Schleich emblem © Peyo.

Swimmer was first made out of blue pvc material, with its red mouth visible. Different coloured bathers or swimming rings can be found. Typically using the colours of yellow, orange or red. With the early ones, the swimming ring’s valve was blue which was later changed to black. It is also possible to find the early version of Swimmer without eyebrows.

Around 1981 Swimmer was made out of Hong Kong for both BP and Wallace Berrie. The Hong Kong mould was quite different to the Schleich made one. It was a much bigger mould made out of white pvc material, its mouth was not visible and it was painted in darker colours.

All of mine Hong Kong verions have dark yellow bathers and a red swimmng ring with a black valve. Not sure if they ever made one with an orange swimming ring.

It wasn’t until 1983 when Schleich changed the mould on Swimmer to be more like the Hong Kong one. But the Schleich continued to be made out of blue pvc material.

When Swimmer was re-released by Schleich in 1994, this time it was made out of China. By now colour variations were considered a thing of the past by Schleich. The Chinese made Swimmer can only be found with yellow bathers and an orange swimming ring.

Swimmer mystery

Everyone likes a good mystery. In the book, Der Schlumpf Katalog IV published in 2003 they list a Swimmer with Macau markings. In my 20 or so years in collecting Smurfs I have never seen this. If does exist I would have thought we would have heard about by now. What do you think?

Or perhaps the Macau Swimmer drowned and is lying at the bottom of the ocean waiting to be discovered.

Keep on SmurfIn
Kath B

Head Chef Smurf

I wish I could lip read what this Smurf is saying. Head Chef #20099 is holding a raised large yellow rolling pin in his left hand. The Smurf is also wearing a white chef’s hat, apron and a light yellow bow tie. We can tell by his open mouth that he is yelling.

Head Chef was first made by Bully in 1978. It’s a wonderful piece of work by artist Irmingard Hieber – Neufischer. Her ability to bring Peyo’s characters to life, in the form of a toy figurine should never be taken for granted. Bully continued to make Head Chef until the start of 1980.

Schleich sold it first until 1986 and then later between 1991 and 1993. It was never sold by Wallace Berrie or BP. Strangely enough though it was made out of Sri Lanka.

Another odd thing, in the Der Schlumpf Katalog IV published in 2003, a version of Head Chef is listed with Hong Kong markings. To be honest I don’t think this actually exists. But as they say the proof is in the pudding!

There are countless fakes and repaints that have been made of Head Chef. Anything from Comic No Toxico (CNT), to Polish, to transparent Mexican ones and everything in between.

Should you be looking at adding Head Chef to your collection, there are a couple of things to look out for. Firstly the rolling pin is typically a darker yellow colour compared to his bow tie. If you like to collect Smurfs with different paint dots keep an eye out for green and red paint dots.

Lastly can someone tell me what he is yelling about?

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Kath B

Cook Smurf

The Cook Smurf #20073 was one of the first Smurfs made by Bully in 1974. It can typically be found with a large yellow spoon in the left hand and a white pot in the right hand. The Cook Smurf is wearing a white chef’s hat, apron and a bow tie. The other notable feature is that the Cook’s red tongue is on display. This must be in appreciation of his cooking!

I adore the Smurfs made around this time. As they are made out of a soft pvc material and feel more organic. The ones made now days feel like they are made out of concrete.

Another interesting thing is that in the begining Bully would produce Smurfs with no markings. So its possible to find Cook with no markings at all. The chances are that Bully used these as promotional give aways in the beginning.

Cook was made by Bully until the end of 1979 when they lost the licence. Schleich sold Cook from 1980 to 1991 then again 1995 to 1999. Oddly enough it was never sold by Wallace Berrie.

Like many Smurfs made over a long period, paint variances can be found. Whether they are genuine or not is simply another matter. But the Cook Smurf can be found with a red bow tie instead of a white one. Or with a white spoon and a yellow pot. Genuine or fake, I have no idea. Then there are the many other fakes out there.

If you are thinking of giving Smurfs as presents to friends, I highly recommend Cook Smurf. Anyone who loves cooking will appreciate this Smurf without any doubt.

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Kath B

No markings but well loved

Hunting for another Hunter Smurf

The Hunter Smurf aims to shoot his silver gun when a yellow bird lands on the end of the gun. This is possibly the most comical figurine ever released.

This Smurf constantly brings a smile on my face. The confusion in his eyes says so much, without saying anything. I also like how the position of the head can vary depending on the mould. This is a very clever trick used by the makers that should have been used more.

Hunter Smurf #20106 was made between 1979 to 1989. It was first made by Bully, right at the end of their tenure. By 1980 Bully had lost the licence to make and sell Smurfs to Schleich.

As part of the agreement, Schleich was not able to remove the Bully markings from the figurines until around 1984. Hunter Smurf can be found with both Bully and Schleich markings.

In 1982 Hunter Smurf was also being produced out of Hong Kong. It was then sold by BP New Zealand and Wallace Berrie for the USA. It looks like the same mould was used in Hong Kong and Europe. But true to this period, the Hunter Smurf painted in Hong Kong is found with darker colours.

Sadly the Smurfs being produced in 2020, appear to lack imagination. Some of 2020 Smurfs have recycled ideas from past Smurfs. A Smurf hugging a bottle or a Smurf with a medal. However this is what makes Hunter Smurf so distinctive, possibly even quirky. There is no other Smurf like this or ever will be.

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Party Pigs Ice Hockey Smurfs

It’s funny how things happen. In 1999 a special limited edition pair of Ice Hockey Smurfs were released in Canada. The story goes that the Ice Hockey Smurfs were distributed by Party Pigs, the Canadian division of Schleich. Approximately 2000 were thought to have been made until they were pulled by Schleich as they were not properly licensed. 

Ice Hockey Player 1

This Smurf is made out of blue pvc material. Is wearing a white helmet, with white and black uniform and red details. Initially given article number 20458 by Party Pigs.

Ice Hockey Player 2

This Smurf is made out of blue pvc material. Is wearing a navy blue helmet, with red and navy blue uniform and white details. Initially given article number 20459 by Party Pigs.

In the Smurf Collector’s Club International Newsletter Issue #54 they make mention of the special release. However, there is no mention in future newsletters of the special release being pulled.

It’s hard to resist these Ice Hockey Smurfs even if you know nothing about the sport. I was to lucky enough to buy mine as a pair over ten years ago. But as time goes on, the pair of Ice Hockey Smurfs are getting harder to find.

Watch out for coloured ice hockey sticks

What most people don’t realise is that the Ice Hockey Smurfs were never actually sold like this. The coloured sticks were made for Sniks and feature the puck on the right hand of the stick. The Ice Hockey Smurfs were only ever made with a brown stick with the puck on the left hand side.

Do you know something about the Party Pigs Ice Hockey Smurfs, let us know?

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