Collecting Coin Smurfs

There is a good chance if you collect Smurfs, you probably collect other things as well. So if you collect coins you may be interested in adding these 13 different Smurf themed coins produced by Monnaie de Paris. Each coin depicts well known Smurf characters such as Brainy, Postman, Smurfette along with Gargamel and Azrael. Like all good things to collect, there is a limited number produced.

For many of us, your first Smurf may have been Coin #20029. Coin Smurf was first released by Schleich in 1976/77 until 1986. During this time there were at least two different moulds. The Coin Smurf was also sold throughout many countries.

The first Coin (also known as Money) had the coin held more forward and is a much smaller mould. This version only has © Peyo marking on the arm. I think it was only available for one or two years.

Coin Smurf with wider face

When I first started collecting Smurfs, I was curious to know when Schleich changed some of the figurines from a small mould to a larger mould with a wider face. I always thought that the large moulds were created in Hong Kong around 1978. This was because a lot of Bully Smurfs had smaller faces and the Smurfs made in Hong Kong were sold by BP Australia. However, it was to do with major changes implemented by Schleich in 1977.

When Schleich changed the mould for Coin Smurf, they changed the position of the coin to be held sideways. The coin can be found either in light or dark orange colour and shiny or matte colours. The feet were also no longer joined together.

When they started to produce the larger moulds, they also displayed their new Schleich S marking and © Peyo signature. The markings were added to under their feet. The theory behind this was that if someone picked up a Smurf, they could see that it was made by Schleich.

In Australia, the Coin Smurf was first sold in 1979 by BP. This was made out of Hong Kong and was very popular. It is not unusual to find this still today especially in rediscovered collections. They may not be in mint condition but they hold a special nostalgic memory.

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Kath B

American Footballer Smurf

Can anyone tell me why Schleich choose the number 3 on the front of the American Footballer Smurf? #20132 I have always been curious why certain sports themed Smurfs were given particular numbers on their tops or bibs. Any ideas?

The American Footballer Smurf is holding the football close to his chest in one hand, while his other arm is stretched out – ready to defend himself. First released in 1981 by both Schleich and Wallace Berrie, the American Footballer wasn’t just popular in America but the rest of the world. It was sold between 1981 to 1986, 1992 to 1994 and 1998 to 2000 and made in Hong Kong, W.Germany and Portugal.

Made in Hong Kong

I have two from Hong Kong, one with W.Berrie markings and the other with just Hong Kong markings. With the Hong Kong variations the number 3 is always painted yellow on a shiny red shirt. The paint used on both of them are dark colours. Sometimes their blue skin can be described as extreme to really dark. It’s probably not surprising that in the Wallace Berrie catalogues they just to this Smurf as Football.

Wallace Berrie also used the American Footballer on promotional triangle pedestals, promoting places in the USA. These included Dallas and San Francisco.


It appears only W.Germany marked ones have the number 3 unpainted but you can still the outline. Both the helmet and the football is painted in lighter colours compared to the Hong Kong made ones. I have an American Footballer that has W.Germany markings with a mustard paint dot, which tells me it was painted in Portugal. 

Made in Portugal

The ones from Portugal can be found with the number 3 painted and not painted. The yellow paint on the helmet can vary as well. It’s also possible to find ones with Portugal markings with a red paint dot, which tells us it was painted in Sri Lanka.

Around 1992 Schleich made changes to the paint they used on their Smurfs, to a lighter, fresher blue colour. The markings also now included a CE marking. In the beginning the CE mark was quite small but overtime this has changed to a larger size.


Due to the popularity of American Footballer Smurf, fakes were also produced out of countries like Polland and Spain. The Spanish ones are still highly collectible due to the high quality piantwork and craftsmanship.

So if you are like me, you don’t have to understand the rules of a particular sport, to appreciate the Smurf that was made in it’s honour.

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Kath B

Are you fan of King Smurf?

The King Smurf appeared both in the comics and in the television cartoon series. In the comics he was referred to as the Smurf who in Papa’s Smurf absence competed against Brainy for leadership of the village. However in the television cartoon it was Brainy who in Papa’s Smurf absence decided to make himself King of the village. Natuarally things didn’t go quite to plan both in the comic or television cartoon version.

The King Smurf was the second comic book adventure of the Smurfs written and drawn by Peyo and Yvan Delporte as co-writer. It was first published by Dupuis in French in 1965. Due to the popularity of the comics, this may explain why King Smurf was one of the first figurines produced by Bully in 1974.

King Smurf made by Bully.

King Smurf was made by Bully between 1974 through to 1979. Wearing a yellow a yellow hat with a crown and trousers along with a royal red gown while holding a red mushroom sceptre. During the period Bully made King they changed the mould at least a couple of times.

King Smurf made by Schleich

When Schleich started to produce Smurfs again in 1980, the King Smurf continued to be made until 1994. During this time very little changes were to mould but more to do with the paintwork. A good example of this is the back of the red gown where black paint dots were replaced with stripes. Also on the King Smurfs painted by Bully they always have the neck painted blue. On the newer Smurfs painted by Schleich they never painted the neck blue. Schleich reintroduced the King Smurf in 1998 and 1999.

King Smurf made by Wallace Berrie

The King Smurf was also made in Hong Kong for Wallace Berrie. The odd thing is that I cannot locate the King Smurf in any old Wallace Berrie toy catalogues. I also don’t recall the King Smurf growing up in Australia, as BP tended to sell the Emperor Smurf instead.

In places like the UK, the Emperor with the white hat and gold crown, was known as King, when it was first released in 1979 by National Bemzole. This was changed in 1981 to Emperor upon the release of the Bully King figurine. By 1982 the Emperor had a face lift and was sold with a gold hat, with a yellow crown.

So are you fan of the King Smurf that appears in the comics, tv cartoon series or the figurine? For me, I just adore the figurine because of his expression on his face while trying to look regal.

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40th Anniversary McDonald’s Sport Themed Smurfs

McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys are not the same as they used to be made. One only has to look at the Smurfs made to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Smurfs in 1998.

In the Summer of 1998 the McDonald’s Corporation in Germany teamed up with I.M.P.S (Brussels) – to release eight sports themed Smurfs. These were completely new moulds, made out of China. Each figurine had the ‘M’ embossed onto their back of their head. A smaller black printed ‘M’ was also added onto the front of the figurine. The Smurfs are also painted in bright shiny colours.

The promotion took place in Germany, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Series 1 consisted of four Smurfs which included Skateboarder, Inline Skater, Inline Skater Smurfette and Snowboarder. Series 2 consisted of Basketball Smurf, Basketball Smurfette, Baseball Pitcher and Baseball batter.

Skateboarder – Series 1

Riding a yellow skateboard, with his baseball cap turned sideways and wearing green protective gloves.

Inline Skater – Series 1

Wearing orange skates with yellow blades, with corresponding orange shorts and yellow gloves. Can be displayed standing on his skates or on his hands.

Inline Skater Smurfette – Series 1

Smurfette looks more tentive than her skating companion. Wearing yellow skates with orange blades. Orange shorts with white top.

Snowboarder – Series 1

Standing next his yellow snowboard, while wearing wrap around sunglasses, orange shoes, green pants and an orange jacket.

Basketball Smurf – Series 2

Dribbling the basketball in his left hand, while wearing a white with blue edging basketball shorts and singlet top.

Basketball Smurfette – Series 2

Dribbling the basketball in her right hand, Smurfette is wearing a white with an orange edging basketball shorts and singlet.

Baseball Pitcher – Series 2

Pitching the baseball in his left hand, while his right hand has a baseball glove on. Wearing orange baseball pants with a white shirt.

Baseball Batter – Series 2

Wearing orange pants, yellow short sleved top and green under top. Has the bat lifted ready to strike the ball.

In 2007 a series fake sports themed Smurfs tuned up on eBay. These were made out of a very hard pvc material and had average paintwork. But the most interesting thing is that they included a Schleich tag. The original Sports themed Smurfs were never made by Schleich.

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25th Anniversary McDonalds Smurfs

I rediscovered Smurfs as an adult back in 2001. It was the colourful bunch of Smurfs produced for McDonald’s in 1996. The occastion was to celebrate the 25th anniversary of McDonald’s in the Netherlands and Germany. In my opinion, these Smurfs are a great introduction to rediscovering and collecting Smurfs again.

The promotion took place in the Netherlands and Germany in September 1996. Series 1 took place in the first two weeks of the month and series 2 in the second half of the month. Due to the high demand both series 1 and 2 sold out both the end date. I guess we will never know how many were actually produced.

Each Smurf is loosely based on an existing figurine and can be easily identified by the McDonald’s M embossed into the back of the head. It should also be noted that Schleich did not produce the figurines. So the only marking to be found is 96 © Peyo on the Smurf.

To help identify the Smurfs, I have created a quick reference tool for you.

McDonald’s Guitarist

The mould is #20023 Guitarist.
Bright orange guitar with yellow strings

McDonald’s Cheerleader

The mould is #20149 Cheerleader
Bright orange pom pom’s white dress with gold dots to match her gold boots. The Cheerlaeder stands on a round green base.

McDonald’s Majorette

The mould is #20188 Majorette.
Wearing a bright orange outfit with a matching baton. Along with gold boots, feather in the hat and top of the baton. Standing on an oval shaped grass effect base.

McDonald’s Jester

The mould is based on #20090 Jester.
Orange clown outfit with yellow buttons while holding a yellow and orange candy cane. For gold stars on the back of the head.

McDonald’s Present

The mould is based on #20086 Present.
Carrying a bright yellow square present with an orange ribbon and bow.

McDonald’s Cake

The mould is based on #20100 Cake.
Bright orange cake with white frosting on a yellow plate.

McDonald’s Waiter

The mould is based on #20162 Waiter.
The Waiter is carrying a McDonald’s thickshake on a bright orange tray. On the thick shake container is a yellow McDonald’s symbol.

McDonald’s Baker

The mould is based on #20113 Baker.
This is a one piece mould. On the baker’s paddle is a round loaf of bread with white seeds on top. The Smurf is also wearing a white apron.

McDonald’s Big Mac Smurf

The mould is based on #20160 Apple.
Considered one of the most collectible Smurfs out of the 25th anniversary Smurfs. The Smurf is holding onto a Big Mac hamburger in front of him.

McDonald’s 25th Anniversary Smurf

This Smurf was especially made for the promotion and it is not based on any other existing Smurf. The Smurf is standing with his leg crossed over, leaning against a bright orange 25 with the McDonald’s ‘golden arches’ on top.

Tennis Player Smurf #20049

Like many of you, I have a ‘Most Wanted’ List of Smurfs that appears to never shrink in size but to only grow in size. The one piece mould Tennis Player was one of the early ones added to the list and still remains to be found.

The Tennis Player was first made in 1979 by Schleich. In the beginning it was produced as a one piece mould with an orangey red tennis racquet with a yellow tennis ball attached. It is also the one that is shown in the Schleich catalogue between 1979 to 1984. Though I don’t believe it was ever made this long as otherwise there would be hundreds of these out there.

Typically you will find the Tennis Player with a red plastic removable racquet. Due to the popularity it was made in W.Germany, Portugal, Hong Kong and also in China. Tennis Player was produced between 1979 to 2000.

BP Australia also sold Tennis Player in 1980. It is unclear exactly when it was sold but it can be found on Collecting Smurfs is Smurfy poster that appeared in the TV Week in June 1980. Tennis Player was also sold in New Zealand by BP.

Coloured variations

Over the years, I have seen the Tennis Player with different coloured shirts and shorts. Now I am no expert but I don’t believe these were actually produced like this and are genuine. The coloured shirts definetly adds colour to the Smurf but the price tag also associated with them is just crazy. Beware of ‘rare’ coloured variations!

This also brings me to the coloured variations that can be found with the tennis racquet. From my understanding the Tennis Player was only sold with a red plastic tennis racquet. The racquet produced by Schleich has smaller holes compared to the Bully ones with larger holes. So if you happen to find a Tennis Player with a yellow, white or some other coloured tennis racquet, it is more than likely this is from another Bully figurine.

Tennis Player can also be complemented when on display with two other tennis themed Smurfs. Tennis Player #20093 produced by Bully and Tennis Smurfette #20135 produced by Schleich.

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BASF Dr Dinch Smurf

Back in 2008 a special promotional Smurf was created by Schleich for BASF, referred to as Dr Dinch. The Smurf can be found wearing protective glasses, a white lab while pouring a test tube into a beaker. BASF is a large international chemical company based in Germany.

But what makes this Smurf a little usual, is that it is one of the few promotional Smurfs produced by Schleich since 2000. This special smurf was given away at a trade show in 2007 and was never sold directly to the public. So when it first sighted for sale on eBay there was much excitement about this new promotional Smurf.

BASF explains

This was also one of the few promotional Smurfs that was given it’s own special name – Dr Dinch. BASF explains the name like this:

Dinch: Di-Iso Nonyl-Cycle-Hexane.

Every Smurf contains Hexamoll DINCH, the unique plasticizer manufactured by BASF for sensitive applications.

Each Dr Dinch Smurf also comes with a coloured tag. The tag attached to his leg reads, BASF The Chemical Company / SMURF © Peyo – 2007 – I.M.P.S (Brussels). BASF does research for the real world. The tag can be found in six different colours: light blue, dark blue, light green, dark green, orange and red.

The markings fortunately can be found under his feet not on the back of his head. Made in Germany Schleich S Germany © Peyo 2007 CE.

So if you had the opportunity to buy a Dr Dinch promotional Smurf without it’s coloured tag, would you buy it? Or do you feel that without its tag it is less valuable and not worth collecting? Also without its tag, how would you know this was a promotional Smurf made for BASF. These are questions only you can answer, as it comes down to how you collect.

For me, I don’t think it really matters. But I have kept the tag on him so people can see it was a special Smurf made for BASF.

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Kath B

BMX Bike Super Smurf

What do you know about BMX Bike Smurf? Released from 1999 to 2015 by Schleich, BMX Bike Smurf #40252 is also referred to as Biker. Wearing light purple pants, with a lighter purple zipped jacket, with green knee and shoulder proctive pads and a white helmet, while riding a red bike with yellow wheels.

Like many of the last Super Smurfs produced by Schleich there are only a couple of different markings to be found with BMX Bike Super Smurf. There also appears very little changes made to the figurine and the bike over the years.

The first version can be found with lighter colours and with the markings under the feet. There are no markings on the bike. The box used has a Smurf logo with a dancing smurfs pattern.

Made in China CE under the right foot.
© Peyo 98 Schleich S Germany under the left foot.

Around the second half of 2009 Schleich changed the markings on their Smurfs. For BMX Bike Super Smurf it was painted in slightly darker colours. They continued to use the same bike. The box used has a Peyo Creations logo with a dancing smurfs pattern.

Made in China CE under the right foot.
© Peyo 98 Schleich S with a timestamp under the left foot
Am Limes 69 D-73527 Schw. Gmund on the back

Voted 1 by SCCI Members

In 1999 the Smurf Collectors Club International (SCCI) asked their members to complete a survey to vote for their favourite Super Smurf from 1999. In 1999 there were five new Super Smurfs released and this included:

#40252 BMX Smurf
#40253 Motor Scooter Smurf
#40254 Motor Scooter Smurfette
#40255 Red Racing Driver
#40256 Silver Racing Driver

Voted 1 by SCCI members was BMX Bike and runner up was Motor Scooter Smurfette. By reading the newsletters it is unclear how many people actually voted. But still it is interesting to see what Smurf collectors voted for back in 1999.

As a result, this could explain why Schleich continued to sell BMX Bike well longer than the other Super Smurfs from 1999. The other good news is it is still easy to find today and it makes a great display piece.

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Kath B

Gardener Smurf – is it a Regular or Super Smurf?

What do you know about Gardener Smurf? The regular version or Super Smurf version? What’s the difference between the two versions of Gardener Smurf. I am no expert, but is it just the wheelbarrow that makes the difference? So many questions !!

Regular Gardener Smurf

The Gardener Smurf #20028 was produced as a small and large mould. In 1976/77 Schleich released the small mould version. This can be found wearing a dark green apron and with W.Germany © Peyo markings on the back of the arms. Some even have unpainted eyebrows. Also his right foot is upturned, as if he is in a walking position.

In the USA, Wallace Berrie shows the small mould variation of Gardener in their 1979 catalogue. I don’t think this was never made out of Hong Kong. By 1981 they showed the large mould variation of Gardener, which has a wider, fuller face and both feet are on the ground. This was made out of Hong Kong.

One of the interesting things about that the first version of Gardener Smurf, there are collectors out there that believe he should be carrying two white buckets. In one sense this makes sense due to the position of his arms but in another sense I have never seen any pictures from catalogues or posters with Gardener carrying anything.

Gardener was sold by Schleich from 1977 to 1986 and then again 1993 to 1995. So it’s possible to find the large mould with a CE marking. I also have a couple with a blue paint dot, which for a long time had no idea where they came from.

There are many different green colours on the apron on both the small and bigger versions. Of recent times many Gardeners have been appearing with different coloured aprons, most likely to be hand-painted by collectors.

Super Smurf Gardener

The Super Smurf Gardener #40206 was released in 1978 to 1984 by Schleich and in 1982 to 1983 by Wallace Berrie.

But before this Schleich released a wheelbarrow with the Smurf Garden Playset around 1977 in Europe and in 1980 in the USA by Wallace Berrie.

When Wallace Berrie sold the Gardener Super Smurf they only used the small mould variation. This was never made out of Hong Kong. So the Regular Gardener and Super Smurf Gardiner was never sold at the same time by Wallace Berrie.

The Gardener Super Smurf can be found both in a small or large mould variation, though only with a brown wheelbarrow. I think that the green wheelbarrow was only included in the Garden Playset.

In 1998 Schleich created a new playset that combined two old Playsets, the Fence and the Gate and the Gardener Super Smurf to make the Garden Playset. This was sold between 1998 to 2004, which may explain why I have ended up with Gardener with a blue paint dot. Like many Gardeners he has escaped !

Lots of Smurfs

Kath B

Papa Smurf Conductor

For some of you, this Papa Smurf is referred to as Band Leader not Papa Conductor. As this was the name used by Wallace Berrie in their catalogues. Regardless of what you call this Papa Smurf it’s a great one to have on display, so everyone can enjoy it. Whether it be facing other Smurfs, to give the impression he is conducting them, by itself looking outwards or in a group circle of Papa Conductors, they are all fun ways to appreciate Papa Conductor.


Papa Conductor #20092 was first produced and sold by Bully in 1978. Wearing a black waistcoat jacket, with a white bow tie, red hat and trousers while standing on a black square stand. In his right hand he is waving a baton around and with his left hand he is waving around. 

Some variances can be found with Bully marked ones such as the yellow paint used for the baton. Some of mine almost look orange in colour. The red pvc material used can vary, anything from cherry red to dull red. 

Made in Hong Kong

The ones made in Hong Kong are typically found with a shiny black jacket and stand. The blue paint is also a darker blue than the ones made by Bully. It was sold by Wallace Berrie from 1982 until 1984. I am not sure if it was ever sold in Australia or New Zealand by BP. 

If you like to collect Smurfs with different markings, the Papa Conductor with just Made in Hong Kong Schleich S © 1977 Peyo markings is considered rare by most. Maybe 20 to 1 to find compared with Made in Hong Kong W. Berrie Co Schleich S © 1977 Peyo markings. 


After Bully lost the licence to produce Smurfs, Schleich continued to produce Papa Conductor right up until 1990. So you are likely to find different paint dots such as mustard, red or green added to the markings. During this period Papa Conductor was also added to triangle pedestals and music boxes produced and sold by Schleich.  

Papa Conductor has also been popular in other parts of the world. In Spain, Comic Non Toxico produced their version referring to it as Director. Also many Papa Conductor fakes have also been produced out of places like Poland, Mexico and countless other countries. Then there is also the repaints by collector’s. 

Let’s all celebrate Papa Conductor genuine or fake!

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