I can’t wait for the 2022 Smurfs

I can’t wait! Schleich has finally released information on the 2022 Smurfs due out in July. There are six new designs, which is exciting to see. So far the names are only in German. The English translation used by Schleich come July could be quite different to mine.

#20833 Feuerwehr Schlumpf – Fire Department Smurf
#20834 Speedy Schlumpf – Speedy Smurf
#20835 Schlumpf Madchen Blossom – Smurf Girl Blossom
#20836 Griesgram Schlumpf – (Google translated this into something in Welsh!)
#20837 Farmer Schlumpf – Farmer Smurf
#20838 Fauli Schlumpf – Lazy Smurf

Like any new announcement, there has been a mixture of responses from collectors. Some say they look like Lego friends or that the designs are unimaginative. But I don’t care because I love the fact that Schleich is still making Smurfs in 2022.

However, I bet you the collectors who complain about the 2022 Smurfs will still buy them. These are the same collectors who have no new ideas on what Schleich should try to create.

Did I tell you? I can’t wait

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Kath B

2021 Smurfs revealed

Photos shared online this week has given us the first look at the 2021 Smurfs. Up until now all we knew was that there would be six new Smurfs with a classic theme. There has been a mixed response from those online which is not surprising.

So far Schleich has announced that the new Smurfs will be available from July 2021. Good news, online stores like Toydreamer will have them. Wow! http://toydreamer.com.au/search1.asp?searchword=2021+sm&toytype=searching

My thoughts

I am always aware that Smurfs in my collection were not created to be items of display that they have been for me. They were created for children to play with. Though it is disappointing to see Good Luck Smurf looks like Smurf with Sign #20823 from 2020, but I will be still keen to purchase them all. In short, I can’t wait to get my hands on them!

In conclusion, it really doesn’t matter what others think of the 2021 Smurfs but what do you think?

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Kath B

Sneak peak of the new 2021 Smurfs

Any idea on the new 2021 Smurfs? There will be six new Smurfs due out in July. Sorry, I can’t show you any pictures as there is an embargo. Reading a cryptic email like this at 6 am is never wise.

Part excited, part wanting a bit more information one knew one had to ask is there a theme for the new Smurfs. Half a day later, a response came: the new smurfs are classic themed. Have a guess?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Without a picture, I began to think of all the classic smurfs. The definition of classic-themed Smurfs is not an easy thing to define. In 2005 Schleich released eight Classic Smurfs. Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Grouchy, Brainy, Vanity, Jokey, Harmony and Baby. Was Schleich going to reproduce six of these again? If so, which ones would they select.

On the other hand, would the new Smurfs be a remake of the first eight Smurfs they released. Papa Smurf, Normal, Astro, Shiver, Gold, Brainy, Angry and Spy. Unlikely as this did not include Smurfette or Vanity.  

I grew up when Smurfs were sold by BP Australia in the early 1980’s. For me, classic themed Smurfs would be Smurfs that I first remember. These would include ones like Clown, Hiker, Chef, Roller Skater Smurfette and many more. Understandably we can’t do every Smurf that we all first remember.

Part of me is happy to hear we are going to release more classic themed Smurfs. I always thought the Indian and Halloween Smurfs were a strange theme. In my opinion they didn’t really look like Smurfs. I was also getting a tad tired of the football Smurfs, because the newer ones lacked character.

Most importantly do you have any ideas?

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Kath B

2020 Smurfs – wait and see!

It is difficult to write this blog about the 2020 Smurfs when I have no pictures to refer to, just their names but here goes. Don’t worry once we have pictures, I will add them to this blog. 

20818 Smurf with butterfly
20819 Smurf with good luck charm
20820 Smurf with tooth
20821 Smurf with Champagne bottle
20822 Smurf with medal
20823 Smurf with sign
20825 Gargamel* 
20826 Azrael

The odd thing is that this week I was given the article numbers by two different sources, one has 20824 listed as Gargamel and the other one has not used 20824 at all. Like I say without any pictures to refer to it is hard to know for sure.

Romanian Smurfs?

Now this brings me to my next point that has me intrigued is that I have been told these Smurfs have been made out of Romania. This is a first for Smurfs! However this isn’t all that surprising considering Schleich confirms on their website that they produce figurines out of Germany, Romania, Moldova, Tunisia and China. 

According to Schleich the 2020 Smurfs won’t be released until July. In the past Schleich would release new Smurfs in January/February of the new year. Some collectors are hoping that Schleich will showcase the new Smurfs at the International Toy Fair in Nuremberg starting on the 29 January 2020. 

Let’s just hope that these will be all new Smurfs and not remakes of past ones. Nothing beats a new Smurf to show off when displayed with some tired looking old Smurfs. 

If they were to remake any Smurfs for 2020, I would like to suggest this fake to be used as Smurf with Champagne Bottle! 

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Kath B

Update: 9 February 2020

This picture was taken from Facebook of the 2020 Smurfs. It’s interesting to note that there is no Papa Smurf or Smurfette as part of this release. 

What are your thoughts?

Smurfs going into retirement in 2015

Every year Schleich introduces a new range of smurfs for us to enjoy. The flip side to this is that every year Schleich retires a number of smurfs from their production. 2015 is no exception to this, however this year it will be a large number of smurfs going into retirement.

By the end of 2015 there will be 29 smurfs going into retirement. This is made up of 22 regular smurfs and 7 Super smurfs.  This number far exceeds 2014 where only 4 smurfs went into retirement. So why so many?

Though these smurfs will no longer be made after 2015, the good thing is that you will still be able to find them without any trouble.

Regular Smurfs:

Smurfette with Baby20192 Smurfette with Baby

First  released: 1985




Baby Smurf with Teddy Bear20205 Baby Smurf with Teddy

First released: 1985





20421 Smurfette with flower

First released: 1993




sm2044920449 Lead Guitar

First released: 1998





20466 Scuba Diver

First released: 2000





20469 Bouquet

First released: 2001





20533 Classic Papa Smurf

First released: 2005





20534 Classic Smurfette

First released: 2005





20536 Classic Brainy

First released: 2005





20708 Champagne Bottle

First released: 2008





20729 Papa Smurf with Bag

First released: 2011





20730 Clumsy

First released: 2011





20731 Dreamy Smurfette

First released: 2011





20732 Gusty

First released: 2011





20733 Grouchy

First released: 2011





20734 Brainy with book

First released: 2011





20754 Papa Smurf

First released: 2013





20755 Dreamy Smurfette

First released: 2013





20756 Vanity

First released: 2013





20757 Vexy

First released: 2013





20758 Hackus

First released: 2013





20759 Gargamel & Azrael

First Released: 2013




Super Smurfs:



40226 Smurf in hammock

First released: 1985





40240 Smurf in bed

First released: 1984




40252 BMX Bike

First released: 1999






super4026140261 Smurf on Holidays

First released: 2001






40263 Smurf with Laptop

First released: 2001






40264 Wild in Leaf Car

First released: 2001





40265 Smurfette in Mushroom car

First released: 2001



The other good thing is that Schleich have now officially announced 2016 smurfs on their website http://www.schleich-s.com/en/US/new-products/2016-01/the_smurfs/

Keep on Smurfin

Kath B

Melbourne Cup Smurfs

The Melbourne Cup is watched by millions around the world and is the feature event for the Spring Racing Carnival. The Melbourne Cup takes place on the first Tuesday of November and is one of the few cities in the world which has public holiday for a horse race.
20432 Jockey
20433 Jockey Smurfette
20743 Horse Rider
40214 Rocking Horse
40221 Hobby Horse
Hobby Horse Smurf
The fashion on the field is a special event that takes place during the Spring Racing Carnival. This sounds like something for Smurfette.
20753 Party Smurfette
Party Smurfette 20753

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