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History Smurfs markings

I know what you are thinking does anyone really care about a Smurfs markings. But if you are like me the answer is yes. The History Smurfs were a series of six smurfs all based on historical explorers/inventors of the United States of America. These included the following: 

#20501 Paul Revere

#20502 Benjamin Franklin

#20503 Christopher Columbus

#20504 Thomas Edison

#20505 George Washington

#20506 Abraham Lincoln

Hong Kong marking

The History Smurfs were first sold in the USA in 1985 and were one of the last Smurfs made out of Hong Kong. When they were sold they also included a small leaflet detailing each one. This leaflet was titled – The Untold Story of HISTORY according to the Smurfs – Volume 1. 

One of the odd things is that they never included a Wallace Berrie or Applause marking. By 1986 they stopped using the Hong Kong marked ones and started to mark them Macau. 

Macau marking blocked out Hong Kong

In 1986, the History Smurfs were also sold in Europe. These ones were made out of Macau. If you look close enough under the feet where the markings are located, you will possibly see where the Hong Kong marking has been blocked out. This was not the first time for markings to be blocked out and replaced with something else. 

When the History series were released Schleich also produced a postcard explaining a bit about each historical Smurf. This was written in German. I don’t think it was ever produced in English. 

New Macau markings

At some stage possibly at the end of 1986 they started to mark the History with new, cleaner Macau markings. Some say that the Hong Kong made ones are harder to find as they were only sold for one year whereas the Macau made ones were sold for two years.

In my opinion you should never feel ashamed to enquire about a Smurf’s markings. If it is something that you are passionate about it, just go for it!

Keep on Smurfin

Kath B

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