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2016 Smurfs – From Work to the Jungle

In 2015 the smurfs had a work like theme with each smurf representing a different occupation. The 2016 smurfs will have a jungle theme with each smurf representing jungle like activities. So I ask you what happened in 12 months to go from work to the jungle.



When the 2015 smurfs were released there was a real mixture of opinions about whether the majority of collectors liked them or not. There were some like myself that was just a little surprised on the chosen theme – jobs.

Don’t get me wrong I like them I just thought the theme was a little unusual. Though sometimes I have to remind myself I am an adult buying kids toys so my opinion is not as significant as a little kid or a parent buying smurfs for their children.

Now with 2016 Smurfs, Schleich has decided to release eight smurfs as part of a Jungle theme. I really like them however like any new releases there is always those who like them and those who don’t.

For those who love their classic smurfs, they maybe a little disappointed that none of them have white hats or trousers. But then there will be those who have fond memories of Jungle Smurf (20069) who is sometimes also referred to as Swoof.  See this for further information on Swoof

For others there has already been some who have commented on the similarities on Papa Smurf being a copy of Manager Papa Smurf (Schleich ref# 20769) first released in 2015 as part of the job themed smurfs.

The eight jungle themed smurfs will be all made in China like 2015 job smurfs. This is not major thing for me as 80% of toys are made in China. The interesting thing I find with both of these sets is that their eyes are joined together.

The list of the Jungle theme smurfs are:

20776 Jungle Smurfette
20777 Jungle Papa
20778 Jungle Brainy
20779 Exhausted Jungle
20780 Jungle Exploxer
20781 Jungle Nature Watcher
20782 Jungle Adventurer
20783 Jungle Native

It has also been announced that in 2016 Schleich will be releasing eight soccer themed smurfs around May for the EUFA Euro tournament taking place in France. These all appear to be repaints of Playmaker (Schleich ref# 20527). Though no doubt these will be highly collectible.

For those of you who are curious to know if they will be releasing new smurfs with the next smurf movie that was originally due to be released in August 2016. From my understanding the movie has now been rescheduled to be released in 2017. But hey who knows!

For those who can’t wait for the new release of smurfs, unfortunately you will have to wait until after Christmas as the 2016 Smurfs – jungle themed smurfs – are expected for release in January 2016.

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