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25th Anniversary McDonalds Smurfs

I rediscovered Smurfs as an adult back in 2001. It was the colourful bunch of Smurfs produced for McDonald’s in 1996. The occastion was to celebrate the 25th anniversary of McDonald’s in the Netherlands and Germany. In my opinion, these Smurfs are a great introduction to rediscovering and collecting Smurfs again.

The promotion took place in the Netherlands and Germany in September 1996. Series 1 took place in the first two weeks of the month and series 2 in the second half of the month. Due to the high demand both series 1 and 2 sold out both the end date. I guess we will never know how many were actually produced.

Each Smurf is loosely based on an existing figurine and can be easily identified by the McDonald’s M embossed into the back of the head. It should also be noted that Schleich did not produce the figurines. So the only marking to be found is 96 © Peyo on the Smurf.

To help identify the Smurfs, I have created a quick reference tool for you.

McDonald’s Guitarist

The mould is #20023 Guitarist.
Bright orange guitar with yellow strings

McDonald’s Cheerleader

The mould is #20149 Cheerleader
Bright orange pom pom’s white dress with gold dots to match her gold boots. The Cheerlaeder stands on a round green base.

McDonald’s Majorette

The mould is #20188 Majorette.
Wearing a bright orange outfit with a matching baton. Along with gold boots, feather in the hat and top of the baton. Standing on an oval shaped grass effect base.

McDonald’s Jester

The mould is based on #20090 Jester.
Orange clown outfit with yellow buttons while holding a yellow and orange candy cane. For gold stars on the back of the head.

McDonald’s Present

The mould is based on #20086 Present.
Carrying a bright yellow square present with an orange ribbon and bow.

McDonald’s Cake

The mould is based on #20100 Cake.
Bright orange cake with white frosting on a yellow plate.

McDonald’s Waiter

The mould is based on #20162 Waiter.
The Waiter is carrying a McDonald’s thickshake on a bright orange tray. On the thick shake container is a yellow McDonald’s symbol.

McDonald’s Baker

The mould is based on #20113 Baker.
This is a one piece mould. On the baker’s paddle is a round loaf of bread with white seeds on top. The Smurf is also wearing a white apron.

McDonald’s Big Mac Smurf

The mould is based on #20160 Apple.
Considered one of the most collectible Smurfs out of the 25th anniversary Smurfs. The Smurf is holding onto a Big Mac hamburger in front of him.

McDonald’s 25th Anniversary Smurf

This Smurf was especially made for the promotion and it is not based on any other existing Smurf. The Smurf is standing with his leg crossed over, leaning against a bright orange 25 with the McDonald’s ‘golden arches’ on top.

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