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Are you fan of King Smurf?

The King Smurf appeared both in the comics and in the television cartoon series. In the comics he was referred to as the Smurf who in Papa’s Smurf absence competed against Brainy for leadership of the village. However in the television cartoon it was Brainy who in Papa’s Smurf absence decided to make himself King of the village. Natuarally things didn’t go quite to plan both in the comic or television cartoon version.

The King Smurf was the second comic book adventure of the Smurfs written and drawn by Peyo and Yvan Delporte as co-writer. It was first published by Dupuis in French in 1965. Due to the popularity of the comics, this may explain why King Smurf was one of the first figurines produced by Bully in 1974.

King Smurf made by Bully.

King Smurf was made by Bully between 1974 through to 1979. Wearing a yellow a yellow hat with a crown and trousers along with a royal red gown while holding a red mushroom sceptre. During the period Bully made King they changed the mould at least a couple of times.

King Smurf made by Schleich

When Schleich started to produce Smurfs again in 1980, the King Smurf continued to be made until 1994. During this time very little changes were to mould but more to do with the paintwork. A good example of this is the back of the red gown where black paint dots were replaced with stripes. Also on the King Smurfs painted by Bully they always have the neck painted blue. On the newer Smurfs painted by Schleich they never painted the neck blue. Schleich reintroduced the King Smurf in 1998 and 1999.

King Smurf made by Wallace Berrie

The King Smurf was also made in Hong Kong for Wallace Berrie. The odd thing is that I cannot locate the King Smurf in any old Wallace Berrie toy catalogues. I also don’t recall the King Smurf growing up in Australia, as BP tended to sell the Emperor Smurf instead.

In places like the UK, the Emperor with the white hat and gold crown, was known as King, when it was first released in 1979 by National Bemzole. This was changed in 1981 to Emperor upon the release of the Bully King figurine. By 1982 the Emperor had a face lift and was sold with a gold hat, with a yellow crown.

So are you fan of the King Smurf that appears in the comics, tv cartoon series or the figurine? For me, I just adore the figurine because of his expression on his face while trying to look regal.

Keep on Smurfin
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