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BMX Bike Super Smurf

What do you know about BMX Bike Smurf? Released from 1999 to 2015 by Schleich, BMX Bike Smurf #40252 is also referred to as Biker. Wearing light purple pants, with a lighter purple zipped jacket, with green knee and shoulder proctive pads and a white helmet, while riding a red bike with yellow wheels.

Like many of the last Super Smurfs produced by Schleich there are only a couple of different markings to be found with BMX Bike Super Smurf. There also appears very little changes made to the figurine and the bike over the years.

The first version can be found with lighter colours and with the markings under the feet. There are no markings on the bike. The box used has a Smurf logo with a dancing smurfs pattern.

Made in China CE under the right foot.
© Peyo 98 Schleich S Germany under the left foot.

Around the second half of 2009 Schleich changed the markings on their Smurfs. For BMX Bike Super Smurf it was painted in slightly darker colours. They continued to use the same bike. The box used has a Peyo Creations logo with a dancing smurfs pattern.

Made in China CE under the right foot.
© Peyo 98 Schleich S with a timestamp under the left foot
Am Limes 69 D-73527 Schw. Gmund on the back

Voted 1 by SCCI Members

In 1999 the Smurf Collectors Club International (SCCI) asked their members to complete a survey to vote for their favourite Super Smurf from 1999. In 1999 there were five new Super Smurfs released and this included:

#40252 BMX Smurf
#40253 Motor Scooter Smurf
#40254 Motor Scooter Smurfette
#40255 Red Racing Driver
#40256 Silver Racing Driver

Voted 1 by SCCI members was BMX Bike and runner up was Motor Scooter Smurfette. By reading the newsletters it is unclear how many people actually voted. But still it is interesting to see what Smurf collectors voted for back in 1999.

As a result, this could explain why Schleich continued to sell BMX Bike well longer than the other Super Smurfs from 1999. The other good news is it is still easy to find today and it makes a great display piece.

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Kath B

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  1. I thank you for the time and effort you put into this I am a smurf collector and I have learned a lot from your info. Thanks

    • Jack, you have no idea how happy this this makes me feel. Please let me know if you have a particular Smurf or topic you would like me to write about it.

      Keep on Smurfin
      Kath B

  2. I was a member of SCCI for many years. I have the special Smurfs that were made especially for the club like Smurf holding a golden pig or seated Smurf with a dove.

    • Hi Joan, Thank you for reading my blog and telling us that you were a member of SCCI. This is extra special, as for those that don’t know SCCI (Smurf Collectors Club International) was a smurf club that started pre internet back in 1986 in the USA and continued through to 2001. During this time, the Club offered members to buy special limited edition Smurfs, each with their own certificate of authentication. So Joan, to meet somone who was part of such a special club, is truly a honour.

      Keep on Smurfin
      Kath B