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CB Radio Smurf

Yet again I have found myself wanting to know more about particular smurfs that make up my collection and today I found it was CB Radio Smurf that caught my eye.

From what I have been able to find with CB Radio Smurf is that appears the figurine has been the same mould but the variations are to be found with the radio or the antenna. So far I have been able to find about five different ones.

CB Radio Smurf was first sold in 1982 and in the beginning it was sold with a long silver antenna that was inserted into the radio between his fingers. I am not sure how long this version was sold but it was likely it was only for a short period due to the antenna being a safety concern. 

After this CB Radio Smurf was sold with a smaller silver antenna which appeared to be part of the mould. The smaller antenna can be found with or without a thickened end. 

When CB Radio Smurf was made in Hong Kong the antenna was painted black and was clearly part of the mould as it ran upside along the arm to the elbow and then extended up past the bent arm. The Hong Kong version also had a brown speaker radio. 

Around 1991 Schleich started marking all their smurfs with a small Ce marking. The Ce marking on the CB Radio Smurf is a little odd as it is not underneath the feet with the other markings but on it’s right leg. 

The last version of CB Radio Smurf was sold with the French magazine Je Collectionne les Schtroumpfs and was sold between 2004 to 2006. This version of the CB Radio Smurf has a very thick silver antenna and is parted lovely matte paint colours. 

The CB Radio Smurf is one of the few smurfs that catches the attention of a collector not because the colour variations that can be found but because of the changes made to the accessories. Obviously it was a popular smurf  during these years as Schleich were happy to make the neceassary changes to the antenna to ensure its sale. 

CB Radio Smurf was sold from 1982 right through to 1996. Perhaps it has become a thing of its time as the next generation of smurf collectors may not know or appreciate what a CB radio is. 

The other thing that I like about this smurf is the position of it’s pupils in it’s eyes. The pupils have been hand painted and appear as if they are looking up at you. It’s this kind of attention to detail that I love about the smurfs.

Keep on Smurfin

Kath B



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