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Celebrate with Champagne Bottle Smurf

Nothing beats a good mystery, especially when it comes to the release of the 2020 Smurfs. Not only has it taken until September for the 2020 Smurfs to become available in most parts of the world. But there has been a delay with Smurf with Bottle #20821. So far no explanation has been given by Schleich. So while we wait patiently for the arrival with Smurf with Bottle, let’s go back in time and celebrate Champagne Bottle Smurf, #20708.

Champagne Bottle Smurf was released in 2008 as part of the Celebration set made by Schleich. Licking his lips at the oversized bottle of Champagne that reads Happy Birthday. Sometimes this Smurf was just referred to as Bottle. This may have something to do with the rights and using the word ‘Champagne’.

The first version that can be found has lighter golden colours and has the markings: Made in Germany Schleich S Germany © 07 Peyo CE.

The second version that can be found has darker golden colours and has the markings: Made in Germany © 07 Peyo Schleich S Am Limes 69 D-73527 Schw. Gmund CE + date stamp. It was last produced in 2014.

There is also a Chinese fake version of Champagne Bottle Smurf. These are easily identifiable fakes, as they are poorly painted and are made out of very hard pvc material. Around the same time (I think it was 2011), the Halloween and Indian series were also produced out of China as fakes.

I have always liked Smurf with Champagne Bottle, because of it’s cheeky disposition. The good thing is that it can still be easy to find and makes for a good cake topper Smurf.

What we know about Smurf with Bottle

If we can go off the photo from Schleich, this Smurf looks a little different to Smurf with Champagne Bottle. To begin with, the Smurf has a shy little smile (no tongue licking his lips) and the bottle reads ‘The Smurfs’. This is the blurb from Schleich about Smurf with Bottle – You should open the bottle the Smurf is bringing you on a very special occasion.

Let’s and wait see shall we………..

Keep on Smurfin
Kath B

P.S If you know what has happened to Smurf with Bottle, please let me know. The suspense is killing me…………

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