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Classic Smurf Question: Spy Smurf #20008

Spy Smurf wears a red cape and a black mask to hide his identity. He has his finger over his mouth, in a shushing motion. Like a lot of early figurines made by Schleich, the origins of Spy was from the comic The Smurf King.

Today instead of reviewing a Smurf, I would like to ask collectors a question about Spy Smurf. I am no expert when it comes to collecting but I do have over 50 Spy Smurfs. That kind of makes me some what knowledgeable or a freak!

Do you consider the Spy Smurf with the pink inside the cape a variation?

I have some Spy Smurfs with a pink shade inside of the cape. Is this a variation or discolouration?

Some say it’s the red paint that discoloured the pvc material. Similar to the Postman’s mail bag or underneath the Drummer. But some think it’s impossible for paint to go through think plastic and discolour it. So is it more like an undercoat of paint?

Highly sought after by collectors is the Spy with red inside of the cape. It is thought Bully started this between 1973 to 1977 to some Spy Smurfs but not all. Typically Spy has white inside of the cape but some have a pink tinge inside.

One theory is that the pink colour is from undercoat of the red paint. Later removed by Schleich painters around 1977/78 who were removing the red paint inside of the cape. In my opinion, I call this a variation even if it wasn’t intentional.

What are your thoughts on Spy Smurf?

Keep on Smurfin
Kath B

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