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Comparing the 2017 Smurf with Bouquet to the 2001 original

Do you know difference between Smurf with Bouquet #20798 and Smurf with Flowers #20469 (also known as Bouquet Smurf)?

In 2017 Schleich released the Occasion themed Smurfs, that included Smurf with Bouquet. Holding out with one hand a bouquet of flowers while the other hand is behind his back.

Back in 2001 Schleich released Smurf with flowers. A Smurf carries a huge bunch of flowers, hiding his face.

The biggest and most striking difference between the two Smurfs is their faces. On Smurf with Bouquet his eyes are joined together, whereas Smurf with Flowers has two separate eyes. I really like Smurfs painted with two eyes compared to their eyes painted together. This gives the Smurf more character because of their pupils.

Also in 2017, Schleich changed the design of the Smurfs body to a more scrawny shape. By doing this, it gives you the impression the head is really big and his ears stick out. Even the Smurf’s tail appears to have dwindled in size. It’s at least half the size it was back in 2001. Like many, I was not a fan of this change.

Lastly at least both Smurfs are wearing their customary white trousers and hat. Thank goodness some things haven’t changed.

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Kath B

Smurf markings

Smurf with Bouquet #20798
1. Made in China Am Limes 69 D-73527 Schw. Gmund Schleich S © 2016 Peyo CE markings with a date stamp

Smurf with Flowers #20469
1. Made in China Schleich S Germany Peyo © 00 CE
2. Made in China Am Limes 69 D-73527 Schw. Gmund Schleich S © Peyo 00 CE markings with a date stamp

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    • Totally agree with you Helen.
      I am not sure if it’s nostalgic thing that I like the older Smurfs or if it’s because the newer Smurfs lack personality.