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Confusing Easter Smurfs

Do you find that you get confused by some smurfs that share the same name? I know I do and this Easter was no exception especially when browsing over the Easter themed smurfs released by Schleich.

The first Easter themed smurfs released by Schleich was in 1984. Like a lot of seasonal smurfs these were made in Portugal and sold in Europe and USA. 

If you like to smurfs with different markings, #20489 Smurfette with Chick is a good one to add to the collection as they misspelt the marking Applause on Smurfette. With this it only had one ‘p’ in Applause!

Like Smurfette with Chick, Smurf with Easter Egg also has the Applause marking misspelt on the figurine. In my opinion this is my least favourite one as seems rather bland compared to the others. 

When Baby in Easter Egg was first produced, it was always considered this was a girl because of the pink outfit. For the reissue it was painted in white pyjamas. 

Perhaps Easter is the wrong time of year to look out for rare smurfs like Smurf Painting Easter Egg. The first version was produced in 1993 and was released with Baby in Easter Egg. Both were sold by Schleich until 1995 and then in 1996 Schleich produced new colours for some of the Easter Smurfs.

In 1997 Schleich produced my two favourite Easter Smurfs. These were both brightly coloured and had a mischief look and feel about them. 

In around 2004 fake Easter smurfs were starting to appear on the market. This has always made me a bit cautious when looking to buy these smurfs. It’s bit like eating chocolate over Easter it is always best to buy the best quality!

Keep on Smurfin

Kath B


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