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Cook Smurf

The Cook Smurf #20073 was one of the first Smurfs made by Bully in 1974. It can typically be found with a large yellow spoon in the left hand and a white pot in the right hand. The Cook Smurf is wearing a white chef’s hat, apron and a bow tie. The other notable feature is that the Cook’s red tongue is on display. This must be in appreciation of his cooking!

I adore the Smurfs made around this time. As they are made out of a soft pvc material and feel more organic. The ones made now days feel like they are made out of concrete.

Another interesting thing is that in the begining Bully would produce Smurfs with no markings. So its possible to find Cook with no markings at all. The chances are that Bully used these as promotional give aways in the beginning.

Cook was made by Bully until the end of 1979 when they lost the licence. Schleich sold Cook from 1980 to 1991 then again 1995 to 1999. Oddly enough it was never sold by Wallace Berrie.

Like many Smurfs made over a long period, paint variances can be found. Whether they are genuine or not is simply another matter. But the Cook Smurf can be found with a red bow tie instead of a white one. Or with a white spoon and a yellow pot. Genuine or fake, I have no idea. Then there are the many other fakes out there.

If you are thinking of giving Smurfs as presents to friends, I highly recommend Cook Smurf. Anyone who loves cooking will appreciate this Smurf without any doubt.

Keep on Smurfin
Kath B

No markings but well loved

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