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Diver Smurf

If you like to collect colour variations Scuba Diver is a great one to have in one’s collection. For this article I will be calling this one Scuba Diver #20466 not to be confused with Diver #20120. Wearing a fluorescent diving suit with a matching flippers and a grey snorkel. The Smurf is also wearing white googles with fluorescent pink edging. Very cool! The different fluorescent colours from green to yellow are endless.

In 2000, the Smurf Collectors Club International report that there will eight New Generation Series Smurfs. Within the same newsletter, they confirm that three of new Smurfs produced for 2000, are similar in theme to previously issued figurines. “Don’t be alarmed by this, you will find that they are real up-to-date ‘with it’ Smurfs and have a distinctively ‘New Generation’ appearance”. Of course one of these was in reference to Diver Smurf.

Later in the same year, SCCI readers voted Diver as their ‘Favourite Smurf for 2000’.

Back in 2000, the Smurfs were made out of China. Some were also painted with a shiny blue paint. I was never big fan of the shiny blue paint, I prefer the matte paint colours. Fortunately, Schleich only sold Scuba Diver like this for a couple of years.

It was also a time, when a blue paint dot was added to the markings to indicate a new pvc formula was used. For some collectors, having a paint dot can add to the value of their Smurfs but for others it’s not such a big deal. Schleich stopped using the blue paint dot around 2003.

I have always thought the green fluorescent colour is harder to find compared to the yellow ones. Especially with the Scuba Diver made before 2009.

In 2009, Schleich changed their markings

Between 2000 and some time in 2008 Scuba Diver had the markings under it’s flippers: Made in China Schleich S Germany 99 Peyo CE. However sometime in 2009 Schleich changed their markings. Like anything new, this created some excitement amongst collectors.

My theory is if Schleich changed the markings on a Smurf then what else may have they changed. In this case I believe it was the fluorescent paint on the wetsuit & flippers and also the white paint used for the smurf hat was changed. The white hat has a waxy white colour and feel.

The markings were added to under it’s flippers: Made in China Am Limes 69 D-73527 Schw. Gmund Schleich S 99 Peyo CE with a time stamp. These markings were used right through to Scuba Diver’s retirement in 2015.

What do you like about Scuba Diver?

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