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Gardener Smurf – is it a Regular or Super Smurf?

What do you know about Gardener Smurf? The regular version or Super Smurf version? What’s the difference between the two versions of Gardener Smurf. I am no expert, but is it just the wheelbarrow that makes the difference? So many questions !!

Regular Gardener Smurf

The Gardener Smurf #20028 was produced as a small and large mould. In 1976/77 Schleich released the small mould version. This can be found wearing a dark green apron and with W.Germany © Peyo markings on the back of the arms. Some even have unpainted eyebrows. Also his right foot is upturned, as if he is in a walking position.

In the USA, Wallace Berrie shows the small mould variation of Gardener in their 1979 catalogue. I don’t think this was never made out of Hong Kong. By 1981 they showed the large mould variation of Gardener, which has a wider, fuller face and both feet are on the ground. This was made out of Hong Kong.

One of the interesting things about that the first version of Gardener Smurf, there are collectors out there that believe he should be carrying two white buckets. In one sense this makes sense due to the position of his arms but in another sense I have never seen any pictures from catalogues or posters with Gardener carrying anything.

Gardener was sold by Schleich from 1977 to 1986 and then again 1993 to 1995. So it’s possible to find the large mould with a CE marking. I also have a couple with a blue paint dot, which for a long time had no idea where they came from.

There are many different green colours on the apron on both the small and bigger versions. Of recent times many Gardeners have been appearing with different coloured aprons, most likely to be hand-painted by collectors.

Super Smurf Gardener

The Super Smurf Gardener #40206 was released in 1978 to 1984 by Schleich and in 1982 to 1983 by Wallace Berrie.

But before this Schleich released a wheelbarrow with the Smurf Garden Playset around 1977 in Europe and in 1980 in the USA by Wallace Berrie.

When Wallace Berrie sold the Gardener Super Smurf they only used the small mould variation. This was never made out of Hong Kong. So the Regular Gardener and Super Smurf Gardiner was never sold at the same time by Wallace Berrie.

The Gardener Super Smurf can be found both in a small or large mould variation, though only with a brown wheelbarrow. I think that the green wheelbarrow was only included in the Garden Playset.

In 1998 Schleich created a new playset that combined two old Playsets, the Fence and the Gate and the Gardener Super Smurf to make the Garden Playset. This was sold between 1998 to 2004, which may explain why I have ended up with Gardener with a blue paint dot. Like many Gardeners he has escaped !

Lots of Smurfs

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