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Gargamel with Net

How does a villain catch a Smurf? With a net of course. I’m not sure where the idea came from, whether in the comics or cartoon series. But it’s a great way to portray Gargamel the figurine. Without delving too much into details, in my opinion there are three versions of Gargamel with a net #20181.

Variations of Gargemel with net

  1. W.Germany Schleich S 1983 Peyo
    Black PVC, yellow handle and net, smooth oval green base
  2. Portugal Schleich S 1980 Peyo
    Skin colour PVC. brown handle and a yellow net, smooth oval green base
  3. Hong Kong W.Berrie Co. Schleich S Peyo

Each one three different things to be aware of when considering adding to one’s collection. For example, the one with a brown handle and a yellow net can be in a curved shape. It was manufactured like this and was no accident. Sadly, though I have found this causes Gargamel to become unsteady and can fall over if not supported.

I also found that the base can vary; smooth to grass pattern base.

So what makes Gargamel with net worth collecting? In my opinion, it captures the image of a baddie really well. Like a lot of villains portrayed in comics and cartoons, Gargamel is not the most intelligent. To be able this into portray this into a figurine is no easy feat. – Well done & thank you Schleich!

Keep on Smurfin

Kath B

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