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Hunting for another Hunter Smurf

The Hunter Smurf aims to shoot his silver gun when a yellow bird lands on the end of the gun. This is possibly the most comical figurine ever released.

This Smurf constantly brings a smile on my face. The confusion in his eyes says so much, without saying anything. I also like how the position of the head can vary depending on the mould. This is a very clever trick used by the makers that should have been used more.

Hunter Smurf #20106 was made between 1979 to 1989. It was first made by Bully, right at the end of their tenure. By 1980 Bully had lost the licence to make and sell Smurfs to Schleich.

As part of the agreement, Schleich was not able to remove the Bully markings from the figurines until around 1984. Hunter Smurf can be found with both Bully and Schleich markings.

In 1982 Hunter Smurf was also being produced out of Hong Kong. It was then sold by BP New Zealand and Wallace Berrie for the USA. It looks like the same mould was used in Hong Kong and Europe. But true to this period, the Hunter Smurf painted in Hong Kong is found with darker colours.

Sadly the Smurfs being produced in 2020, appear to lack imagination. Some of 2020 Smurfs have recycled ideas from past Smurfs. A Smurf hugging a bottle or a Smurf with a medal. However this is what makes Hunter Smurf so distinctive, possibly even quirky. There is no other Smurf like this or ever will be.

Keep on Smurfin
Kath B

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