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Ice skating this Summer with Ice Skater Smurf

Looking for things to do over the holiday break, how about going ice skating! If you live in the Southern hemisphere like in Australia, ice skating during the Christmas/holiday period can be some kind of novelty especially if the beach doesn’t really take to your fancy.

Ice Skater Smurf was one of the last smurfs produced by Bully in 1979. Ice Skater smurf can be found on its back with it’s legs and arms up in the air. While wearing a red scarf, yellow gloves, his customary white trousers and ice-skates.

Ice Skater was also used as a promotional smurf. This promotional mmurf has the words “Holiday on Ice” written in black letters on the top of his hat. Holiday on Ice is a global ice-skating entertainment company. This was produced as a regular smurf and a keyring. 

The other strange thing I have come across was Ice Skater inside a smurf globe. From my understanding this was sold around in 1991 . As strange as it sounds there are about half a dozen smurfs that were sold like this. Though the smurfs inside are genuine and I am not completely sure if the snow globes were authorised smurf merchandise. 

Depending on how pedantic you are about finding variations within your smurf collection, some of you may be interested in knowing that the W.Germany made ones generally have thinner skates (2mm thick) and the Hong Kong made ones have thicker skates (3mm thick). I was just curious as I noticed the thickness of the ice skates are regularly mentioned on collector’s websites. No doubt there are other variations to be found such as the colour red used for the scarf and the yellow used for the gloves.

Schleich sold Ice Skater between 1979 to 1989 and then again 1991 to 1993. Surprisingly it was only sold by Wallace Berrie in the USA between 1982 to 1984. I also don’t believe it was ever sold by BP in Australia. Perhaps they thought no one in Australia would know what ice skating was. 

Keep on Smurfin

Kath B

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