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Jokey with Trick Box

Without a doubt Jokey with Trick Box is the most sought after Smurf by the majority collectors. For me, it took close to 20 years to add one to my own collection. Even then its latch on the box was broken and the Super Smurf came with no box. But this didn’t phase me at all, I finally now could say I have my own Jokey with Trick Box.

So what makes Jokey with Trick Box so collectible?  Is it the adorable Jokey making fun of Gargamel? Is it that fact it was released for such a short period of time. But is it perhaps a bit of both. 

Made in Hong Kong W. Berrie Co. Schleich S © 1983 Peyo 

Jokey with Trick Box #40247 was first released in 1985 by Applause. Jokey with Trick can be found with a Smurf wearing his white trousers while holding a yellow plastic trick box with a red ribbon around it. Inside the box is Gargamel’s head on a metal spring. On the box there is a small latch on it, that allows you to close the box. Typically this is painted in darker colours. They used the same mould for Apple Smurf #20160. 

The Applause version of Jokey with Trick Box can be found (if you’re lucky) with a light blue Super Smurf Applause box. Only six Super Smurfs were ever sold with this box. 

W.Germany Schleich S © 1982 Peyo

Like the Applause version, Schleich also produced a Jokey with a Trick Box around 1985. Schleich sold Jokey with Trick Box between late 1985 and 1986. For a short time Schleich re-released it in 1994 with a hand etched CE marking. It was painted in lighter colours and can be found with the Super Schlumpf Smurf !! box. Schleich also used the same mould for Apple Smurf #20160.

Because Jokey with Trick Box is highly collectible, it is best to keep your wits about yourself when considering to add this one to your collection.  When inspecting the Smurf ensure the Trick box is connected to the Smurf by a small piece of a red piece of plastic. This is inserted into a hole on the Smurf’s stomach.  Also Jokey with Trick Box was never sold with a paint dot or has Made in Portugal markings.  

I adore my Jokey with Trick Box and can’t wait to get another, just to compare the two. But this time I am going to make sure that the trick box closes or comes with its box! 

Keep on Smurfin

Kath B

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  1. Hi kath
    Thankyou for your posts I learn so much from them. I have been collecting smurfs from the very beginning when they were sold with national petrol in the late 70s (UK).
    I have two judo smurfs in my collection one with a black belt and one with a red belt. I have had both since the 80s. Black belt has the markings of schleich, 1980 peyo made in Hong Kong. Red belt is painted in a lighter blue with only a red paint dot under his left foot. I have seen many black belts over the years but have never seen another red belt. I’ve looked closely at red belt and he is not a repaint. Do you have any knowledge of red belt.
    Once again I enjoy your posts and look forward to hearing from you.
    Kind Regards
    Dean (UK)
    I do have pictures but can’t see how I can send them with the email

    • Hi Dean, Thank you for taking the time to tell us a little bit about your smurf collection. Judo can be found with either a red, yellow, green or more commonly a black belt. These are typically found with W.Germany Schleich S © 1981 Peyo markings or were produced by Comic Non Toxico (CNT) out of Spain with no markings.

      The Judo Smurf was released by Schleich in 1981/2 and in the USA in 1982. I cannot see any records of Judo ever being sold by National in the UK. If Judo was sold in the UK it was after National stopped selling Smurfs in 1982. So it’s quite possible you have a very rare Judo with red belt. This is even more special since it’s from your childhood.

      Keep on Smurfin

  2. I own a Jokey with Trick Box. The box is connected to the Smurf by a red piece of plasticat the stomach. The latch works perfectly and the figure is in perfect condition because it has been kept in a case out of sunlight. As far as a box is concerned I am not sure. I would jave to go through my containers of “Smurf Stuff” to find out.

    • Hi Joan, Thanks for telling us about your Jokey with Trick Box. It is great to hear that the latch works on the box. I have also made a note about keeping it from direct sunlight and have moved mine to a cabinet away from the window.
      Keep on Smurfin