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Little known variation of Winner Smurf

In 2012 Schleich released ten new Sporty Smurfs to coincide with the London Summer Olympic Games. But you will probably know them more by the name of the Olympic Smurfs. Each Smurf portrays a sport played at the Olympic Games, except for one Smurf admiring his gold medal.

Winner Smurf #20745 is wearing navy blue shorts and a singlet with white and red shoes. On his white hat is a laurel wreath. A gold medal on a red ribbon is worn around the Smurf’s neck. The gold medal also has the number 1 engraved into it.

Typically the Smurf has his eyes looking down, admiring the gold medal that he has won. However, recently another version has been found by collectors. A friend of mine summed it up perfectly – ‘Amazing how much a different eye position can change everything about how it looks’.

In my opinion, having two different versions of the Winner Smurf is gold. Displaying both next to each other creates a talking point because we have all seen images when someone receives a gold medal. First, I can’t believe this I have won a gold medal. Second, I am so proud of myself because I have won a gold medal.

In 2020 Schleich released a new Smurf with a Medal figurine #20822 to coincide with the Tokyo Summer Olympic Games. Like the Winner Smurf, it is wearing a medal with a red ribbon around its neck. But if someone can tell me why he has his left arm outstretched I would love to know.

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