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National Smurf

One of the more interesting Smurf products released by Schleich was the National Smurf with the petrol pump. This was a special release produced for National Benzole back around 1979. National Benzole was a petrol company that launched the Smurfs in the UK between 1978 to 1982. 

National Benzole in conjunction with Schleich produced a petrol pump with National branding on the pump. This was released in its own unique box. I think this may have been the only box that included the word ‘National’ on the front of the box. It is also the only Playset that included a Smurf figurine.

As stated on the box the pack included – National Smurf, Pump & Hose with nozzle, plus pump base.  

The pump includes blue and white stickers on the front and back. It says ‘National’ on the top and ‘Premium’ on the bottom. Under the petrol gauge it displays the word ‘Gallons. They used the colours blue and yellow on the pump to match with the National Benzole colours. 

The hose is made so it attaches to the top of the pump and the hose’s trigger has been created to fit into the Cleaner’s hand. The pump base is made out of a light grey plastic material and is oval in shape. The markings can be found underneath – W.Germany Schleich S © 1979. The base has been given the look to appear like cobblestones.

National Cleaner Smurf

The Cleaner figurine (#20052) has a National emblem on the front of the white overalls. If you have the chance to look at any Schleich catalogues from 1980 to 1984, you will see they displayed the National Cleaner. 

The markings can be found under its feet – W.Germany Schleich S © Peyo with a mustard paint dot. 

There are also a small hole under each foot. This may have made like this with the intention for the Smurf to stand on some kind of platform or base. 

Consider this

So when considering adding this one to your collection, the temptation may be to buy just the petrol pump and the figurine without the box. Don’t! In my opinion the box is just as valuable as the petrol pump and the National Cleaner figurine. For this reason alone, this is one of the few Smurf items that I have decided to keep in its original box. 

Keep on Smurfin

Kath B

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