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Nurse Smurfette

I like to collect smurfs with different markings and paint dots as I believe every smurf is unique and no two smurfs are the same. This one, Nurse Smurfette in particular has caught my attention.

The Gian & Davi – The Smurfs Official Collectors Guide & Der Schlumpf Katalog IV tells us Nurse Smurfette was produced between 1982 to 2000.

Firstly is this correct?

The Nurse was made in West Germany, Hong Kong, Germany and China. So far I have found no references to them being made in Portugal, Sri Lanka or Macau.

Is this correct?

Though we can find that it was painted in Portugal, Sri Lanka, Tunisia and Hong Kong. We can tell this by the different paint dots that can be found. Portugal – Mustard/Sri Lanka – Red/Tunisia – Green & Black

Is this correct?

The WG variations all have a blue dress, white apron. The other details people have noted is that she has a silver syringe & watch, small blue lines on the syringe. I also made a reference to her straight eyelashes.

This variation can also be found with different paint dots. These have included green, mustard and red. The version with the mustard paint dot as matte blue skin and the version with the red paint dot has more of satin shiny blue skin and eyelashes appear to be more curved. The green paint version is similar to the others though has fainter blue lines on the syringe and a lighter blue skin than the others.

The Hong Kong variation is quite different to the W.Germany ones.  The Hong Kong one has a white dress, blue apron, red lines on the syringe and a black syringe plunger & watch. Her skin is also quite often described as shiny. With the Hong Kong variation this can be found with and without W.Berrie markings.

It is also possible to find one without any country marking and instead just has the markings Schleich S © Peyo under it’s feet. I have seen this both with a red and paint dot. Not really sure why this was done or when. This nurse has a blue dress & white apron.

What is interesting is that Nurse Smurfette was sold in 1982 in Germany, UK and the USA. This must have been extremely busy and exciting time for Schleich.

In the 1990’s two different versions were produced out of China, with the markings Made in China Schleich S Germany © Peyo 1981 Ce. Once again the difference is with the size of the Ce marking. These look like the German made one as they have a blue dress and white apron.

Sometimes a version can be found with a small and medium sized Ce markings under the feet. This was the case for the promotional one Nurse Malteser that was produced around 2004.

It always amazes me that from one smurf mould how many different variations were made. The attention to detail added in by the painter is one of the most beautiful aspects of the smurfs and this is what makes them so unique. 

Keep on Smurfin

Kath B






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