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Papa Captain – sailor’s warning

We first see Papa Captain # 20141 in the 1982 Schleich catalogue wearing red trousers, white jacket with gold buttons, a white cap with a red trim and black brim. He is holding a gold telescope to his eye. Also in the same year Papa Captain was produced out of Hong Kong and was sold in the USA by Wallace Berrie. 

In the catalogues there are no versions of the Papa Captain with white trousers and a navy blue jacket with yellow buttons and holding a yellow telescope or a Papa Captain with red trousers with a navy blue jacket with gold buttons and holding a gold telescope. Both of these Papa Captain’s are considered quite rare and can often be found to be repaints.

When considering adding these rare Papa Captain’s to your collection there are a couple of things to keep an eye open for before making your purchase.

  1. The navy blue jacket, should be painted both on the inside and outside.
  2. The navy blue paint is dull not shiny
  3. If holding a yellow telescope, the navy blue jacket should have yellow buttons
  4. The markings are W.Germany Schleich S © Peyo 1981


Papa Captain has also be used as a promotional smurf by different companies in it’s time. Two of these companies used the more common version of Papa Captain, the one with the red trousers and white jacket. The first one was used to promote the German bank – Merkur and has the MB emblem (a balanced scale with wings and the letters M and B stamped in black ink on the back of the head. The second one was used to promote the diary company Petit Gervais – and has Petit Gervais CE printed in white under the feet.

The other company that used Papa Captain was OMO, that produced washing powder. In 1983 OMO produced little mini blue smurfs that came free inside a box of washing powder. A total of 16 were produced and each one has the markings OMO © 1983 Peyo.

Papa Captain was sold by Schleich between 1982 to 1994 and then in 1998 to 1999.  During this time different gold paint was used for the telescope and the buttons on the white jacket. I have at least one that was made in Hong Kong that has more of a bronze coloured telescope and tarnished coloured buttons, making them look green in colour. 

Papa Captain is also commonly referred to as Sea Captain and is worth adding to your collection. If you are looking to add the rarer version of Papa Captain, the ones with the navy blue jacket to your collection and would like a second opinion first – just let me know – happy to help

Keep on Smurfin

Kath B



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