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Papa Smurf Conductor

For some of you, this Papa Smurf is referred to as Band Leader not Papa Conductor. As this was the name used by Wallace Berrie in their catalogues. Regardless of what you call this Papa Smurf it’s a great one to have on display, so everyone can enjoy it. Whether it be facing other Smurfs, to give the impression he is conducting them, by itself looking outwards or in a group circle of Papa Conductors, they are all fun ways to appreciate Papa Conductor.


Papa Conductor #20092 was first produced and sold by Bully in 1978. Wearing a black waistcoat jacket, with a white bow tie, red hat and trousers while standing on a black square stand. In his right hand he is waving a baton around and with his left hand he is waving around. 

Some variances can be found with Bully marked ones such as the yellow paint used for the baton. Some of mine almost look orange in colour. The red pvc material used can vary, anything from cherry red to dull red. 

Made in Hong Kong

The ones made in Hong Kong are typically found with a shiny black jacket and stand. The blue paint is also a darker blue than the ones made by Bully. It was sold by Wallace Berrie from 1982 until 1984. I am not sure if it was ever sold in Australia or New Zealand by BP. 

If you like to collect Smurfs with different markings, the Papa Conductor with just Made in Hong Kong Schleich S © 1977 Peyo markings is considered rare by most. Maybe 20 to 1 to find compared with Made in Hong Kong W. Berrie Co Schleich S © 1977 Peyo markings. 


After Bully lost the licence to produce Smurfs, Schleich continued to produce Papa Conductor right up until 1990. So you are likely to find different paint dots such as mustard, red or green added to the markings. During this period Papa Conductor was also added to triangle pedestals and music boxes produced and sold by Schleich.  

Papa Conductor has also been popular in other parts of the world. In Spain, Comic Non Toxico produced their version referring to it as Director. Also many Papa Conductor fakes have also been produced out of places like Poland, Mexico and countless other countries. Then there is also the repaints by collector’s. 

Let’s all celebrate Papa Conductor genuine or fake!

Keep on Smurfin

Kath B


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