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Review: 2023 Schleich Smurfs

It’s been a long and excruciating wait for 2023 Schleich Smurfs, but they have finally arrived. Schleich released six new Smurfs for 2023. Like the others made in 2022 these are also from Romania. Firstly, does anyone know what is the theme for the 2023 Smurfs?

I have decided to keep the Schleich tag on each new Smurf. Not sure why as it doesn’t increase their value or improve the look. Or perhaps it’s because it adds a splash of colour when displayed. For now, I am going to write a quick review for each Smurf. These are only my thoughts, which will most likely change over time.

#20839 Dimwitty Smurf

Dimwitty Smurf, is a character from the 2021 cartoon series. But to be honest I am not a fan of these kinds of characters. Just because he takes a little to understand things doesn’t mean he is dimwitty.

Back in early 2023 when I first revealed the name of the new Smurfs to my friend, he thought I was being insensitive. However, once I explained the character it helped put it into context.

Schleich has created a good portrayal of Dimwitty Smurf. A simple design, with nothing outlandish about it. Would I buy another one, probably not.

#20840 Scaredy Smurf

My first impression of Scaredy Smurf is that portrays a frightened Smurf. With his hand held up to his face and his mouth wide open. Again not a big fan of Scaredy Smurf, probably for the same reasons of Dimwitty Smurf.

However, if I was a kid perhaps I would find the character more interesting. With one day wanting Scaredy Smurf to show the others, how brave he is.

#20841 Wild Smurf

On face value, Wild Smurf is close to a perfect Smurf. Great detail with his leaf like helmet, the angry expression on his face, clenched fists and lion cloth. Nothing like any other new Smurfs released of recent times. Yet Wild Smurf is not a new creation, it was first created by Sbabam from Italy in 2016.

#20842 Vanity Smurf

I was pleasantry surprised with Vanity Smurf. Some are referring to Karl Lagerfeld, a German fashion designer with this Vanity Smurf. Unlike previous versions of Vanity Smurf, this one depicts style and confidence.

Wearing black glasses, fingerless gloves and a matching flower on hat, though it’s the hand on the hip that I adore the most. Sometimes called a power pose. Well done Schleich, bring us more Smurfs like this.

#20843 Smurf with Sign (Keep on Smurfin’)

The markings confirm that this one is exactly the same as the 2020 series (#20823 Smurf with Sign). Just a different saying on the board. A little disappointing, though not a complete surprise. In fairness to Schleich, I would imagine they probably sell lots of these. A perfect Smurf for a work desk or a small thank you present.

#20844 Sustainability Smurf

Some are also calling this one – Taking care of Earth Smurf. Likely considered the most popular 2023 Smurf by collectors. From my understanding, it was produced as part of Sustainable Development Goals campaign.

Only last week it was also used on a pedestal for the recent Belgian Smurf Fair. Though it was not official release by Schleich, the pedestal will be highly collectible.

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Keep on Smurfin
Kath B

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