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Review: #20530 Fan Smurf

Back in 2004 Schleich released eight new Smurfs with a soccer (football) theme. What I liked most about these Soccer Smurfs is that they included a trainer, president of the club and fans. Today, I wanted to bring to your attention Fan Smurf also known as Supporter, only sold for three years. 

Wearing a novelty hat and scarf, and waving the team’s flag and blowing on his horn. The team colours are orange and yellow, as can be seen with the scarf and some face paint on the right cheek.

There are two different versions of the face paint. One with the face paint stamped onto the cheek and one with the face paint hand painted onto the cheek.

The face paint is not always easy to spot. But zooming in can help. When the face paint is stamped onto the check, the stripes are more rectangular in shape. Though when hand painted, the stripes have brushstroke effect.

Keep on Smurfin
Kath B

I am going to give Fan Smurf, a score of 2 Papa Smurfs.
Rare – not too difficult to find.

What is your favourite soccer (football) Smurf?

Rarity Guide

1.  Not really rare, but still worth collecting

2.  Rare – not too difficult to find

3. Extremely Rare – you’re lucky if you have this one

4. Ultra Rare – requires skill to collect

5. Very Rare – a legendary Smurf

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