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Schleich 2021 Smurfs Surprise of the year

Schleich has released six new Smurfs for 2021 once again made in Romania. The theme of each new Smurf is nothing new but I like them. In some cases, it is nice to see a remake on certain Smurfs. I understand some collectors won’t agree though coming up with new ideas for the Smurfs would be no easy task.

#20827 Vanity Smurf with mirror

Schleich hasn’t changed the concept of this Smurf for over the last fifty years. A Smurf is admiring himself in a mirror. However, this one is slightly different to past versions because of the pink flower on his white hat.

#20828 Smurfette with Flower

Sadly this one had so much potential but it failed for the simple fact that it cannot stand up on its own. A cute looking Smurfette is standing a big lavender coloured flower. Let’s hope Schleich remake this, so it doesn’t fall over because it’s quite pretty.

#20829 Good Luck Smurf

This Smurf may look familour to those that purchased the 2020 Smurf with a Sign. Actually on closer inspection you will see that they share the same markings. One could say that the makers were short of ideas when making this Smurf. It’s pleasant enough but not amazing.

#20830 Baby Smurf

Schleich has always had a fascination with Baby Smurfs. Eversince 1984 Baby Smurfs have been a feature with a new one being created regularly. I like this one, especially with the hand covering over it’s mouth and the rattle beside him. One can only imagine why is Baby Smurf looking so guilty.

#20831 Chef Smurf

The appeal of cooking is a global thing, one only has to see how many cooking shows are on television. It has been a while since Schleich has made a Chef Smurf. Like the other Smurfs from 2021, this one is going to make a pleasant birthday present for someone. If anything, a little bit more colour on this Smurf would have been good. For example a little colour representing some food or sauce on his apron would have been a nice touch.

#20832 Handy

Another option for a birthday present, Handy Smurf will appeal to many. It is little unclear what trade is Handy Smurf representing but that’s when the imagination can come into play. All we need now are some new mushroom cottages to complement Handy.

In my opinion, I like the Schleich 2021 Smurfs as they have given a fresh lease of life to some of the more popular Smurfs from the past. The 2020 Smurfs looked a little tired and weird but I cannot say that about the 2021 Smurfs. With a little bit of tweaking of the design and colour the Schleich 2021 Smurf may just surprise you.

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Kath B

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  1. Although the smurfs are quite nice, once again they are re-visiting similar smurfs from the past, albeit a slightly different look. The sign smurf was just produced in 2020 with smurf 20823 holding an “i love you” sign. A little bit lazy. The best smurf of the new bunch is the flower smurfette. As stated above, she can’t stand up. Of the 30 of them i received in store, only 5 stood up on their own. Yikes! Cute, but a miss.