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I have often wondered if people can recall what was their first Smurf. For many of us, we may have first started collecting Smurfs as a child then stopped and then started collecting again when they were older. Like me, I can’t recall exactly what my first Smurf was but it’s good chance it may have been Singer.

Singer #20038 is a likable Smurf that can be found holding a yellow song sheet music. The expression on his face is that he is cheerily singing a song, while his eyes are shut.

Made in Hong Kong Schleich emblem © Peyo

There is a good chance that Singer was one of the first Smurfs made out of Hong Kong by Schleich in 1978. In the beginning they only included the Schleich emblem © Peyo markings under the Smurf’s feet. They also experimented with using spray paint to paint the Smurfs for a short period. Later on they started to include Made in Hong Kong to the markings.

The Singer Smurf that was made out of Hong Kong was distrubuted throughout many parts of the world. It was sold by BP Australia, BP New Zealand, Wallace Berrie in the USA and also used as a bonus figurine with the Fix and Foxi magazine in Sweeden.

W.Germany Schleich emblem © Peyo

Schleich also produced Singer out of Germany (back then it was called West Germany). Both moulds look pretty much the same, but the differences are typically found with the yellow colour of the song sheet. Some collectors also make reference to the thickness of the music notes on the song sheets.

Made in China Schleich emblem © Peyo

Around 2004 a version of the Singer was produced out of China. This Singer was sold as a bonus figurine with the French magazine Je Collectionne les Schtroumpfs. It can also be found with a blank sheet without anything printed on it. The yellow sheet is also a very light lemon yellow colour.

In my opinion if you are looking at buying a Smurf for someone, Singer is serioiously worth considering. A timeless classic that won’t break the budget and a Smurf that many remember fondly from their childhood. 

Keep on Smurfin

Kath B

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