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Smurf says Have a Heart for kids

No one can doubt the power of advertising, especially when it features the smurfs. I recently came across this one from the New Idea magazine, 2nd October 1982.

Have a Heart for Kids is an international organisation, founded back in 1978 in Germany. One of it’s early campaigns was for more traffic lights, more zebra crossings, limited traffic zones and play zones. The number of children killed in traffic accidents has been greatly reduced since this campaign. Eversince the organization has continued to fight for children’s needs and requirements.

Have a Heart figurine

Have a Heart smurf is unique, as there are three different versions. Each one carries a sign with a heart emblem with a saying in English, German & French written in black text. It appears there is no difference to the actual figurine.

Have a Heart ! – English

Ein Herz Für Kinder – German (A heart for children)

De Tout Mon Coeur – French (Of all my heart)

This smurf can be hard to smurf to buy because of it’s likeness to Congratulations Smurf (#20067). The difference lies with how the hands have been made. The Heart smurf should have the inside of the hands more flat compared to the Congratulations smurf where they are more contoured and shaped. This is to do with how the heart shaped sign is slotted into the hands. Whereas Congratulations smurf is reaching out to another smurf to shake its hand.

The same figurine used for Heart smurf was also used for Traffic Crossing smurf (#20155). Heart smurf was made by Schleich between 1981 to 1986 and was never made in Hong Kong. I don’t think it was never sold in the USA by Wallace Berrie. But as you can see by the advertisement from 1982 there is a high chance it was sold in Australia.

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Kath B

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  1. I’m a US collector and yeah they are VERY hard to find. I started buying smurfs in 1980 and I don’t remember ever seeing them for sale. My husband gave me the German version for Christmas and he says he had a heck of time finding one for sale. Still it is a precious little smurf!

    • Thanks for sharing your own experience with us. I am lucky enough to have all three versions. Though this was probably more by luck than intentional.
      Keep on Smurfin
      Kath B

  2. Would you be able to post a picture of the two different smurfs? I never even knew about this smurf! (Probably because I live in the US.) But I don’t want to get mixed up between the congrats smurf if I ever see one. Thank you so much for these posts! Also, do you know if Schleich is going to ever make any more smurfs?

    • Hi Jenna, Please find a link to a post wrote back in 2018 in regards to the differences between Congratulations and Heart Smurf. Within the post you will find some pictures as requested.

      In regards to Schleich making any more smurfs – I honestly don’t know. I hope so as I get a huge amount of enjoyment from collecting and writing about smurfs.